Singin’ In The Rain

First time I’ve seen it! It was brilliant! I’m going to cut straight to the notes because I’m incredibly tired and feel like I could sleep for days! I’ve got to get up early if I’m to watch 14 films by Saturday night!! So this might mean that a lot of my ‘reviews’ will be short as I’m INCREDIBLY tight on time.

  • I love the opening shot of the three main characters having their backs to the ‘audience’ in trench coats and black umbrellas and their names appear on their umbrellas.
  • I loved that this movie pretty much says that anything that actors or publicists say is scripted and lies. Biggest example of it is when Gene Kelly’s character, Don Lockwood, told the story of how he became famous but the audience sees how it really happened and discover that everything he’s saying is a complete lie.
  • I loved Jean Hagen and her voice! I remember reading somewhere that some silent movie actors and actresses lost their jobs because their voices where actually quite silly. Also, I just love comedic actresses from ‘the past’.
  • “Call me a cab.” ‘Ok, you’re a cab.”
  • (more…)


    This Is Spinal Tap

    I’d only heard of this movie thanks to another movie, Juno, where the character mentions Spinal Tap and because Juno mentioned it, I though “its got to be good” and it is. It’s a mocumentary [a comedic documentary] about the fictional band Spinal Tap and their American tour.

  • Before the movie even started, when we were on the menu screen on the DVD, dad was already cracking up and it gave me a good idea of what to expect. Very funny and almost realistic dialogue that makes this mocumentary work. The more real it sounds, the funnier it is.
  • The hair is fantastic. They have characters of their own. I half expected one of the hairs to suddenly jump up and attack everyone.
  • I wondered whether this was scripted or improv and, according to Wikipedia, its mainly improv which is the only way to go when you’re doing a mocumentary. I suppose you tell the actors to get from point A to point B of the plot and they just make their own way there.
  • The songs are awesome, I really like them! Its great that the actors and director wrote and performed all the songs. In my notes, I wrote down two specific songs, Big Bottom and Stonehenge. Very funny songs, especially when you link the Stonehenge song to the dwarfs.
  • There is something hilarious about fully grown men acting all diva-ish. Loved it when the brunette guy has a fit about the food and that he can’t fold the bread and there’s nothing in some olive but something in other olives.
  • (more…)


    This movie isn’t in Empire’s Top 500 as I think the movie was released a few months after the list was made. Its just such an amazing movie, its definitely in my top 10 favourite films ever. I almost know all the words, very close! Just a few more watches and I’ll know them! Its such a magical film that leaves me feeling so happy! For those who don’t know, this movie is about Giselle [a soon-to-be (Disney) princess] movie from 2D Disney world to real world New York. It kind of makes fun out of the classic Disney movies with the princesses [which I still love at 19] but at the same time is almost like a tribute to them. It points out the flaws in them but also highlights what’s so awesome about them.

  • It begins with the ultimate happy-film actress, Julie Andrews as our narrator. She tells us the classic plot of a wicked step-mother who wants to keep her crown from her step-son. Its all in fabulous 2D in all its beautiful 2D glory! I don’t mind the 3D that every movie is shown in now-a-days but there’s just something magical about Disney 2D, it makes me feel like a little kid again.
  • Giselle is such a sweetheart! A lovable, ignorant soon-to-be princess. Its all about finding her one true love and true love’s kiss for her. She breaks into instant song about True Love’s Kiss with the help of the classic woodland creatures. There is one line of the lyrics to the song that already take a little stab at the Disney movies; “For lips are the only things that touch.” Aha. Ahahahahahahahahaha.
  • “Oh, it’s you.” “Yes, it’s me. And you are?” “Giselle.” “Oh, Giselle! We shall be married in the morning!” My favourite line of this entire movie. It just sums up the ‘romance’ in Disney movies perfectly.
  • The Evil Queen looks just like Susan Sarandon! The animation of them looking like their actors is spot on.
  • Our non-Disney leading man is a lawyer which is just genius! Disney is all about love, marriage and happily ever after! There’s never divorce! Its just so perfect!
  • (more…)

    Cannibal! The Musical

    If you’ve been reading my reviews or know me personally, you’ll know I love South Park and I’m huge fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Cannibal! The Musical is an independent movie that the pair made in college with their friends who were also in film class. Its about the infamous ‘cannibal’ Alferd Packer who is huge in Colorado [they even have Alferd Packer Day.] Packer takes a group of men from Utah to Colorado which eventually ends with all but Packer dead and partially eaten. I know, it’s a typical black comedy musical.

  • The comedy in this is just amazing, its so witty and clever and something most comedies lately have been lacking. Its so original! Obviously, its similar to South Park but minus fart jokes. No… wait… now thinking about it, there are two fart jokes but they are at the expense of Trey Parker’s ex-fiancé so its funny. Its goofy and smart at the same time. I’ve watched this movie over 10 times and I’m still laughing.
  • There is some gore in this movie so be prepared for blood and tongues and feet and arms and brains.
  • I think I found this movie really funny because I know the background stories and I know the cast. I laugh at the judge because he’s played by Randy Parker [Trey’s dad] and therefore I think of Randy from South Park and I’m like “oh my God, he is actually like that!” I’ll share some more behind-the-scenes stuff with you as the review goes on.
  • Like I said, the movie is made by Parker, Stone and their film student friends. This was before their South Park fame so they had to raise the money for funding themselves, everyone worked for free and if you weren’t in front of the camera acting, then you were doing something behind the camera. For example, Robert Muratore plays Frenchy Cabazon on screen but whenever he wasn’t, he was the cameraman/director of photography. I doubt you’d be able to get any Hollywood actor to do that. I can see why they all chose to be the cast and crew because, lets face it, you can’t trust actors. Anyways, Parker is one of my heroes and I really look up to him because not only does he star in this, he wrote it, directed it, was the sound designer, and wrote all the songs. I just love the teamwork!
  • Parker decided to make this film after he caught his fiancé Liane with another guy. He then named Packer’s horse after her. Knowing this makes a lot of the dialogue about Liane hilarious because you know they’re stabs at the woman; “everyone’s ridden your horse, Packer…”
  • Shpadoinkle. Not only a great word but also a great song. Parker wrote such fantastically catchy and hilarious songs for this movie [all but 1 I have on my iPod]. I can assure you that you’ll be humming the tunes for days after watching this. Oh, and Trey Parker has suuuuuuuch a nice voice!
  • One of the characters is Mormon so there are a few underlining jokes about Mormons. Which are funny. And knowing Mormons, you guys will probably laugh too.
  • Tehehe, Stone’s hat is the same as Kyle’s in South Park. Tehehe, that makes me smile every time. Then I crack up when he finally takes the hat off and Stone is wearing this huge red afro.
  • That’s All I’m Asking For is another great song, all about what they want to do with the gold that they dig in Colorado. There is a reprise later in the movie when they’re dieing and its not such a cheery tune anymore but hilarious all the same.
  • The characters are brilliant. They’re all either a bit slow or just too kind and ignorant which makes them great for comedy. We also have Frank Miller [Jason McHugh who is a co-creater with Stone and Parker] who is kind of the audience and realizes that they’re just weird people. We have Shannon Wilson Bell who wants to be a Mormon priest, James Humphrey [Stone] who is just a bit thick, George Noon who’s horny, Israel Swan who’s the nicest man on Earth and then Alferd Packer who is also nice and a bit slow.
  • The landscape shots are surprisingly beautiful, Parker really took full advantage of his surroundings. To future filmmakers, film outside with landscape because it makes your film look like a bigger budget than it is.
  • Naked guys around a fire is still funny. “Just do what I’m doing. Just pretend like you’re laying next to a nice soft woman.” “What?” “I’m just imagining old Mr. Miller here as a nice tall blonde-” “Oh, goddamn it! I want another partner!”
  • When I Was On Top of You is probably one of the best songs for obvious reasons. I want this to be my wedding song.
  • “Fudge, Packer?”
  • Love that the Native Americans are Japanese people. Genius. And, little fact, they were Japanese students that were at Parker’s college and Parker actually dubbed them over with his own voice [he took Japanese as one of his majors]. Also, the translations for their Japanese is incredibly funny and it’s a shame they don’t do subtitles for them.
  • Trapper Song! Another great song! My favourite part is… I think its called the bridge but I’m not sure but I just love the melody to is, its almost Middle Eastern, very pretty. Also, its not Robert Muratore [which is pretty obvious] but its Parker. Again. That man could of just made the whole thing himself.
  • The only downside to this movie is Polly’s song which just bores me and I felt it slows the film down but I can see why its in there.
  • The movie has some pretty gross parts but the worst is the Cyclopes with his eye juice. Ewwwww! Its so gross!!! Funny but gross! I find myself hiding behind my pillow!
  • The dream sequence is great because it looks like its totally taking the piss out of what serious film students would do. Also get to see Parker and Muratore in tights.
  • IKE!
  • The makeup is incredibly good for a student film! The knife really looks like its in his head, the twig really looks like its in his eye and the pick really looks like its pierced the skin and ripped his heart.
  • Hang the Bastard! is a great ending number, especially the lyrics ‘it’s the end of the show and we all can go home!’
  • I know I did loads of quotes for Anchorman but this movie is filled with them so shut up and read!



    It’s a movie that is loosely based on the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. Its very good, I really enjoyed it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple of minutes, as soon as F. Murray Abraham as Salieri starts talking, it becomes amazing,

  • F. Murrary Abraham as Salieri when he’s an old man is fantastic. I love that the film is a story being told by him. He talks with such love and enthusiasm that you just get completely roped into the story. Its very interesting to watch him talk about Mozart’s work with incredible admiration and yet hate him for being so irresponsible. He portrays Salieri’s love for music quite beautifully, you can really tell that music is his life and how much he appreciates it. He’s just fantastic when he’s OLD!Salieri, totally deserved the Best Actor at the Academy Awards.
  • I love the editing, the way it goes to and from the ‘present day’ of OLD!Salieri telling the story and the past [the story visually]. They could of just done that at the beginning but Abraham’s acting was so magnificent as the OLD!Saileri that I ‘m so glad they did it the whole way through.
  • Ok, I did have one little problem with this film… the accents. I hated Mozart having a strong, American accent, and the rest of the cast didn’t seem to be able to decide if they had an English accent or American, it kept wavering and it was just too damn annoying. I read that the director wanted everyone to have American accents because he thought that English ones would be ‘too distracting’ for American audiences. Well he buggered that up because I was distracted by their accents, wondering where the hell they were supposed to be from. However, it doesn’t help that I feel that if I movie is set in a country, in should be in the country’s native tongue and have subtitles but then alas, we’d have very few English-speaking movies. I did love Mozart’s childish laugh. At first it was annoying but then it became contagious.
  • The costumes! My God, the dresses are huge and the hair was even bigger! Even the little girls who look 6 were dressed in big dresses and sky-high hair. Did love Mozart’s pink wig though!
  • If you’re a Sex in the City fan, like myself, you’ll squee when you see this movie as it has TEENAGE!Miranda in it!
  • Tehehe, I giggled when Mozart said “sh*t” in front of the Emperor and they all had spazzy fits about it. I don’t think I could swear in front of Queen Elizabeth II but I can imagine myself accidentally swearing in front of another royal >.<
  • As I watched the movie and hear Salieri’s side of the story, I can see where he is coming from and I understand his hatred towards Mozart yet I, like I guess most of the audience, fell for him and adored him. It makes ‘act 3’ quite heartbreaking to watch.
  • The chemistry between Tom Hulce [Mozart] and Elizabeth Berridge [Mozart’s wife] is brilliant, I could totally feel their love for each other.
  • The make-up towards the end is fantastic, he looks so ill. I won’t say who. You have to watch it.
  • It’s a truly brilliant film, you should watch it whether you like classical/opera music or not.



    All That Jazz

    I didn’t really feel anything for this movie to be honest. I guess I have to really love musicals and want to be in them to like this movie. Like my mate Sarah, I think she’d like this. Only wrote a few notes; the music is good, I feel fat & unfit, the dancing is extraordinary, I hated hearing that comedian do the routine over and over again when it wasn’t funny the first time and the surgery is gross!!

    I don’t know… it would be great for Broadway but doesn’t quite work on film for me.



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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    This is the first time I’ve seen this movie the whole way through. And I have only one word; huh. Its awesome and all but… y’know… huh…

  • I know they did it all the time back then but the opening credits being so long was just boring.
  • I love that the story is told like those investigation shows.
  • Richard O’Brien’s voice as Riff Raff is funny, me and mum were chuckling away. Also, he’s the dude from Crystal Maze, one of the many shows I grew up watching!
  • Time Warp is such a classic song, everyone knows the dance and it’s a party-favourite!
  • Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is oddly attractive. And wears the best heels ever!
  • I loved that the 4th wall was broken down for this movie as we had some of the characters look at the screen in acknowledgement to the audience.
  • Its Meat Loaf!
  • The silhouette scenes with Frank-N-Furter with the couple [individually] was quite funny and very well shot, I must say.
  • You can totally tell this was on stage before film because the acting is so wonderfully over the top.
  • Magenta and Columbia’s scene where they’re watching Susan Sarandon Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me made me think of me and my best friend in England Sarah, she would be Columbia and me Magenta. Aw, that would have been fun to do.
  • I know the review is short and crap but honestly, I did love it but just couldn’t find the words to describe the movie!



    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Hmmm… I love Tim Burton’s style, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter but… aside from that I didn’t really like it but I think that’s the Broadway writer’s fault, not the filmmakers.

  • Its all about blood, unfortunately the blood doesn’t look like blood and totally ruins it for me. I know its supposed to be a tribute to the old horror movies but it just looks crap compared to everything else. And its pink.
  • Some kid sings one line about London then suddenly Johnny Depp comes into shot and you can just sense that when this was in the cinema, a few people went “SQUEE! ITS JOHNNY DEPP!!”
  • I loved the over the top make-up. I read that its [again] a tribute to the old silent films.
  • The flashbacks are in bright, golden colours which is a great contrast to the grayish-blue of the rest of the film.
  • SNAPE! Sorry, I’m a Harry Potter nut so it was hilarious for me to see Snape sing.
  • I loved it when the camera sped around London and showed all the different depressing aspects of London. And no, Americans, it doesn’t actually look like that.
  • Helena Bonham Carter is awesome as always. The way she played this character made me think of my very good friend Sarah and I started thinking of her and that she would be absolutely perfect for the role of Mrs Lovett. Anyways, I watched this film with my mum who worked and teaches cooking and she was at her wit’s end, cringing “she’s making the pie wrong!!!!” Oh, and Helena Bonham Carter’s boobs should have their names in the credits on their own!
  • His knives are his friends. Seriously, think only works because its Johnny Depp and its Johnny Depp singing.
  • Sweeny Todd’s daughter, Joanna, looks kind of like my mate Jess. Anyways, she sings far too high pitched for me because I didn’t understand a sing word she sung.
  • ITS SACHA BARON COHEN!!! Loved him as Borat and loved him even more as Ali G [hated him as Bruno, felt like he was trying too hard]. Now, as much as I love him, the Italian accent was far too strong and I didn’t understand anything he said or sung and I didn’t know he could sing! I knew he could rap [lol]. And then he turns his accent back to his normal, British accent which was awesome! I half-expected him to suddenly go all Ali G on us. Then he dies but his death is a great death but the blood was crap.
  • Cute little ginger boy gets sentenced to hanging. Sad even if he is a ginger and gingers don’t have souls. [Damn you South Park!!]
  • Ew. Snape- I mean, the Judge wants to marry his adopted daughter. Ew. Ewwwww.
  • I loved the scene where Sweeny Todd is singing about his revenge and is talking ‘at’ people who don’t know he’s there. I don’t know why but I thought that was brilliant. Also loved when Todd and Mrs Lovett dance and she’s got a rolling pin in her hand and he’s got a knife in his hand; their roles.
  • The songs get too damn repetitive! Yes, we know her name is Joanna! GET ON WITH IT!
  • When Todd kills them, that bit is gross but when the body crashes on the floor, that’s when me and my mum hid behind a cushion.
  • Laughed at the seaside clothes, especially Todd’s.
  • Its probably in the musical but I loved that someone sent Wormtail- I mean, Snape’s- I mean, the Judge’s right-hand man to check health and safety of the baking room. In England, its all about health and safety to the point of it not helping people but pissing them off so I found it funny.
  • 69/212


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    The Wizard of Oz

    8.20pm – The last time I watched this I was 5 & I hated it because it scared me. And I’m missing out on watching Blades of Glory [for the 3rd time] for this so it had better be good!

    11.41pm – I can see why its such a classic and why so many people like it. I enjoyed it and it felt a bit like panto to me! I wouldn’t say I loved it but I can definitely see why its people’s favourite.

  • I loved the use of colour and I think this is one of the best uses of colour I’ve seen in this challenge [just wait till I watch Schindler’s List, I may write the whole review on colour!] I thought it was incredibly clever to have the real world as a sort of sepia tone and then have the Land of Oz all in bright colours. It makes a great contrast between the two worlds; it made the Land of Oz just that bit more magical.
  • I found Dorothy to be rather annoying at first because of two reasons; 1. She kept going on about the damn dog when the adults were trying to work! I guess the fact that I’ve only ever had fish for pets doesn’t make me sympathize with her and her relationship with her dog. 2. The way Judy Garland portrayed her, just the acting and everything just pissed me off, I don’t know why! However, as the movie went on, I started to get used to her style.
  • Even though I haven’t watched this movie in over 13 years, I know ‘Over the Rainbow’. Who doesn’t!
  • The dog playing Toto [who’s called Toto, I think] is adorable! He’s incredibly cute and looks so well trained!
  • I loved the poke at psychics. I mentioned this before in my review of Before Sunrise that I really despise psychics so seeing this movie show the psychic as a fraud made me smirk.
  • “It’s a twister!” I love tornadoes. I know I shouldn’t but I find that there is something so beautiful about them. Shame ‘Twister’ isn’t on my list, I love that movie!
  • I know I shouldn’t as it was made in 1938 and I that I need to take into consideration about the technology they had available but I hated when Dorothy was in the twister in the house and saw things ‘fly by’ and it was just projected. I know, I know, that’s all they could really do but I can’t help but hate it and think its lazy and crap.
  • There’s a really long shot of the set of the Land of Oz and I guess they wanted to make the most of it as I think it was one of the biggest sets they’d ever made [at the time], which is fair enough. I felt a bit like I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it all looked edible! It actually looked quite cartoon-like which I think makes the whole place far more like fantasy and a different world.
  • I loved the Good Witch of the North’s dress!! So pretty and sparkly!! And I loved the red ‘slippers’ even more!
  • “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” Oh how I have seen this line used so many times in other films and movies!
  • Superb casting with Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West! She is exactly what witches look, sound and act like, she got it completely spot on! I don’t think it would of worked if she hadn’t played it as well.
  • Oh dear, you can quite clearly see a trap-door open to let the red smoke out when the Wicked Witch of the West ‘disappears’.
  • I loved that the people who worked on the farm back in Kansas were the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion. It reminds me of Peter Pan in both the animation [1953] and the recent one [2003], where the voice of Mr Darling in the animation does Captain Hook’s voice and in the recent one, Jason Issacs plays Mr Darling and Captain Hook! Its just so clever and it’s a little technique that I just adore, it can say so much!
  • I’m sorry but I found Scarecrow to be incredibly annoying. I know he’s supposed to be adorable but I just wanted him to burn.
  • The make-up on the three main male characters was amazing, absolutely amazing. I think they should of won best make-up at the Academy Awards because I don’t think even now-a-days we could top it.
  • The lion costume is so cool but I’d imagine it was boiling! Totally worth it though. But why does he make pig nosies instead of lion noises? Also, whenever the Tin Man was moving in a scene, I winced thinking that it must be so uncomfortable in that costume! I don’t know whether it was real Tin [I doubt it] but it looked like it would still hurt a bit if you got some skin caught between the ‘joints’. And how he managed to skip in that costume, I don’t know!
  • The most impressive set was the poppy field set because I immediately started thinking about all those flowers and how they all look handmade and hand-placed and how long that must of took, just for it to be on screen for 5 minutes!
  • The changing-colour pony was cool. I wonder if they really dyed the pony… I hope they didn’t, it could not of been good for it! Still, it was very pretty!
  • The Lion can not sing opera. NOT! AT ALL!
  • The Wicked Witch of the West’s death is by far one of the funniest deaths I’ve ever seen.
  • Like I said, I haven’t watched this movie in so long so I’m practically watching it for the first time and I knew there was a wizard but I expected someone like Santa [don’t ask why…] but its this scary-ass green face thing! But then its revealed it is someone like Santa so its all good. I loved that the ‘wizard’ gave them their wishes but not with magic. Very clever.
  • I don’t think I’ll watch this movie again for another year but I definitely liked it, it’s a nice little watch with the family and some cookies. I actually found myself thinking about a remake and which modern actor would play what… I kept thinking of Robert Downey Jr. for the Tin Man for some reason… don’t know the others, I’ll let you decide!



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    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

    I have no idea why but I really liked this movie! Its totally not what I thought I’d like but I did! Its just got an odd sort of charm to it.

  • I didn’t know what to think of this movie when the first thing we see is a paragraph explaining that this isn’t a sequel to Valley of Dolls and that its completely unique and stuff. I don’t know, I just got the feeling that the director had been asked too many times if it was a sequel and just cracked and demanded a paragraph before the film starts to explain its not a damn sequel! Then I read that it was actually supposed to be a sequel but turned into its own movie. Still don’t think it needs a paragraph at the beginning… but whatever.
  • The opening scene is an action scene, people being chased, there’s a mad man but we don’t really see his face and a woman and man totally scared and its all very exciting! However, I knew there was going to be nudity but I didn’t know it was going to be straight in! And it’s a sexual movie, I’ll warn you sweet, innocent people now; don’t watch this movie if you hate seeing sexual things on screen. Lots of boobs and nakedness. Don’t watch it with your parents. Definitely don’t watch it with your grandparents.
  • I confess that I absolutely loved the songs in this movie, both the soundtrack and the band in the movie. Such catchy songs!
  • I liked the scene where there’s a little montage of pictures/clips of different aspects of Los Angels as the girls argue with the boy [their manager] over the good and bad of L.A. I can’t really describe it but it was a good technique.
  • The whole movie is very face paced but it works. I think that I only thought “wow, slow down!” once.
  • The actress who plays one of the lead females, Dolly Reed, is English and her accent wavers really badly from English to American. Suppose they didn’t really care in those days. Anyways, I loved the casting of Reed, she’s so adorable and has the cutest face ever! When she smiles you just want to pinch her cheeks! And she has the nice colour of red hair, not the nasty ginger colour.
  • This entire film is so 60s [even though it was released in 1970]. The hair, the clothes, the slang and the sets just reek of 60s! Its fabulous! The hair is MASSIVE in this movie! I love it! I’m a sucker for volume, I hate my flat hair! I might actually put a bit of volume mousse in my hair tonight so its nice and big tomorrow! I’m inspired by this movie already, tehehe.
  • This movie has the best character ever! He’s called Ronnie but his nickname is Z-Man. There’s a big twist at the end which kind of makes me hate him but I’m not going to say it [YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!]. Anyways, he’s awesome because he’s so flamboyant but in a straight way, not a camp way. Well, its kind of camp and he’s kind of gay but you get a straight vibe from him… anyways, he always speaks in his own version of Shakespearean [You need to get thy ass in gear!”] and its actually really funny and enjoyable rather than boring! And he has the most gorgeous green eyes EVER! Z-Man has definitely made it into my top 5 favourite movie characters!
  • There is a guy in this called Harris and he looks like one of the Jonas brothers. So if you like them, you can watch this pretending its one of them. Though I shouldn’t advise young people to watch this… lot of boobs… but y’know… just saying…
  • There’s another great scene which I think I enjoyed [and got some more inspiration from] because I’ an editing freak. The main screen is of the band, The Carrie Nations who this movie is about, recording their new song whilst we get an overlay on both sides of the two men; the producer, Z-Man and the manager, Jonas brother. Jonas brother is all happy and loving the music whilst Z-Man eyes him up, probably thinking about how to get rid of him or something. Its just looks good, I liked it. Its used again towards the end but with Z-Man really getting into the music and Jonas brother looking all moody and miserable with the worst attempt at stubble I’ve ever seen. Does the boy not have facial hair at all!? It looks like its just been painted on or something! He looks like a freaking Ken doll!
  • This movie is just drenched in cheesy sexual innuendos. The people practically talk about nothing else! So be prepared to cringe but laugh as well.
  • I mentioned before that there was a moment when I went ‘wow, slow down!” and that is because we get two shocking twists in one go! Its almost like a soap opera but with more hairspray!
  • There’s an old fashioned technique used here which was a good choice, we see the beginning scene again but this time we know why they’re running and who the mad man is! We also see extra parts that we only heard of the first time round. Its just clever!
  • Tehehe, the ending is shamefully funny as it really shouldn’t be! There’s been 4 deaths but I can’t help thinking “it’s the Scooby Doo gang vs. a mad Wonderwoman!” You’ll understand when you watch the movie! Also, the fact that he can walk again does not make up for 4 deaths!!!!!! Sorry. I’ll stop confusing you now. Watch the film, you won’t be confused.
  • The actual ending was interesting as it is a review of all the characters. We see clips as a voice-over man tells us about what the character goes through in this movie, just so the audience can fully understand what the director was trying to do. Its very interesting to watch and listen to as it makes you go “oooo, of course! Now I understand more!” Its not a confusing film, not at all, its very simple but its nice to get a little more out of the characters.
  • I can recommend this to anyone who is old enough to see lots of boobs, paint for blood and some bad American accents! Its all fun! I totally agree that it is a cult classic.

    48/212 [oooo so close to 50!!]