The Third Man

I’ve been trying to delay my viewing of this because its one of my mum’s favourite movie and I wanted to watch it with her. Have you ever watched someone when they’re watching a movie they love? It’s a beautiful sight to me.

Anyways, this is one of the best ‘old-black-and-white’ movies I’ve seen, I wasn’t bored for one minute, its fast paced for a noir movie and the storyline is very interesting; a guy flies over to Venice [post-World War II, its separated into 4 different zones run by winning allies] for a job with his best friend only to find out he’d died. It all seems too fishy though so the best friend goes on a little investigation. It really made me think about what I would do if it were my best friend, Sarah.

Citizen Kane

I’ve finished watching ‘Die Hard’, I watched ‘Carman’ the opera for my first volunteer work alone in America, eaten my weight in M&Ms and watched ‘Citizen Kane’. I know I’ve just been on my butt all day but I am TIRED! This review may seem a bit crap compared to the movie itself which, I’m so freaking happy to say, is brilliant. I’m always so scared with this classic films that I won’t like them and therefore be ashamed to call myself a film nut. Hurrah, I loved it! So, enough drabble, time for the review.

For us young ones, I’ll write the synopsis as most of us under 20 have heard of the film but never seen it. This film is told via the memories and stories about Charles Foster Kane [a character based on real-life newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst]. It shows his life, going from a cheeky, confident, happy young man to a lonely, sad old man. Its done with ‘flashback’ though I don’t like to call it flashback as that would mean its fact rather than someone’s memory which, over the years, could very easily be manipulated or forgotten.


A Man for All Seasons

This movie is about Sir Thomas More and his struggle with Henry VIII and the Roman Catholic Church. Its more interesting than it sounds!

  • Cardinal Wolsey [Orson Welles] looks a little like he’s possessed, he looks rather evil! I don’t know whether this was on purpose as the people who agree with the King getting divorced are portrayed as the bad guys but it made it seem more obvious to me.
  • Robert Shaw looks far more like Henry VIII than the modern actors who’ve portrayed him. Especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Seriously?! Also loved Henry’s costume! I love gooooold.
  • Paul Scofield is amazing in this film, the acting is superb and even though I’m not religious, I totally supported him.
  • “Cromwell, are you threatening me?” “My dear Norfolk… this isn’t Spain.” Tehehe.
  • More’s [Scofield] daughter is called Meg. I kept chuckling as all I could think of was Family Guy.
  • (more…)