Toy Story 3

It. Is. AWESOME! Please, please, PLEASE, I urge you all to see it. Its not crap like Shrek 3 or any other ‘3’s, its just as fantastic as the previous 2.

I’ve realized that I’ve kind of grown up with Andy. I was 4 when the first came out, 8 when the second one did and now Andy’s going to college and so am I. I still have my Jessie doll! I have my stuffed toys on my bed still.

Some of you may feel you’ve outgrown Toy Story but trust me, you haven’t. When I saw it in the cinema about an hour ago, parents were laughing, cheering, going “oooo” just as much as the kids were! Maybe even more than the kids! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much! And I also nearly cried at one point because it actually gets incredibly emotional! But then its broken with laughter and all is well.

It’s a shame about the new characters because they’re bigged up so much by the posters and promotional material and yet they hardly say anything except the cuddly bear [smells like strawberries!] and Ken [who is NOT a girl‘s toy]. Like, I was looking forward to Whoopi Goldberg’s character because I love her but she has, like, 3 lines! So don’t expect much from them.

Its all about those characters that we love and their new environment; daycare. Me and my mum did volunteering at a nursery a couple of months ago and I was pointing at the screen when the young ones where chucking the toys around and licking them and everything, going “that’s exactly what its like!” Then my mum spotted that the car-phone that helps Woody is actually in a toy box at my nana and granddad’s house back in England! And when Ken’s ‘Dream House’ came on screen with the lift/elevator on the side, both my parents poked me saying “you had that!” Except mine was Barbie’s dream house. And I didn’t have a Ken. I had my brother’s Action Man. And I soon replaced Barbie dolls with Spice Girl dolls [one of which I still have *so cool*]. Oh, and me and dad agreed that the scary doll baby is real because I think everyone has seen the baby doll with one dodgy eye that looks like it could easily kill you.



Toy Story

I think everyone has seen this movie. Except maybe my friend Milly. Milly, if I could only recommend one movie to you, it would be this one.

  • I love that at the beginning, Andy is playing with his toys, acting out a story. Its just perfect.
  • You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman. Such a lovely song and is the true meaning of friendship and what this movie actually is; a buddy movie. And in some cases, a bromance movie. Yes, the animation is awesome but its about these friends and their journeys. And they’re toys. Its because of this movie, I’d say, that we have films like Shrek. That would be considered a good thing if they hadn’t made Shrek 3 and 4.
  • Western VS Scifi. Old VS New. So many things could be said about the choice between a cowboy and a spaceman. As a film nut, I see it as scifi is overtaking westerns but westerns are still loved just as much as scifi.
  • What makes this movie great is the characters and the way they respond to each other. Big example is all the toys’ reaction to the new toy, Buzz. Not only is he new but he actually thinks he’s a spaceman, not a toy. I love how Woody mocks Buzz and Buzz’s reaction to ‘Earth life’.
  • The voices! Its because of this movie that every time I hear those actors, even if I see their faces, makes me think of them. Probably because I saw Toy Story before I even went to school so that’s my first memory of them.
  • (more…)

    Shrek Forever After

    Wait. Wait till it comes out on DVD. Its not worth the money to see at the cinema. I’m a huge fan of the cinema but I’m not paying $8.50 [matinee] to see a 2.5 out of 5 rating film. The third and forth Shrek films are no where near as good as the first or second. Third was a bit crap and I know that because I saw it in the cinema when it came out and I haven’t seen it since. Anyways, the storyline for the fourth is great, its just a shame that they spent more times on Shrek’s eyelashes than on jokes. I laughed about 3 times and I know two of those laughs were Puss in Boots and his fatness. The first film had a short, angry guy which was funny, in the forth they have another short, angry guy but who isn’t funny. No matter how many wigs he has on. Donkey was poorly used and Shrek was too soppy for my liking.

    I don’t know… I found myself disappointed. I’d recommend you wait and rent it in 5 months.



    The Princess and the Frog

    10.18pm [May14] – I actually finished watching this film over an hour ago but I am so wrapped up in Ashes to Ashes [best TV show EVER] at the moment that I can’t even process my notes into a readable review so I’ll type it up tomorrow once my mind has stopped racing.

    3.51pm [May15] –

  • My favourite character has to be Lottie, the blond ‘princess’ who is Tiana’s best friend. She’s the quirky, hilarious side-kick best friend, as it were and she’s just awesome! I feel that if I, for whatever reason, was to a play a part in a Disney movie like this, I’d want to be the comical friend. Actually, the first time I saw this in the cinema, I immediately thought of my best friend Sarah who I can imagine playing that role perfectly; she’s my Lottie.
  • I loved that they showed that even though Tiana’s family and neighbors weren’t exactly the most rich people in New Orleans, they were part of a big community that was almost like an extended family. Especially that the food it what brings them all together and Tiana’s family shares their gumbo with the neighborhood.
  • I love that they’ve gone back to good old 2D drawing animation. Its just so classic and its what I grew up with so I feel a little connection to it; it makes me feel like a kid again. There is just something so magical about 2D drawing animation that I feel beats 3D animation.
  • Once again, Disney does the 2 classic ‘plot points’ that they always do; a parent dies and they fall in love and marry within 2 days. I feel only Disney can get away with that but it still makes me laugh. If anyone has seen Enchanted [a great Disney film that takes the piss out of Disney films, its fantastic, I love it so much] then you’ll remember “What’s your name?” “Giselle.” “Oh, Giselle! We’ll be married in the morning!”
  • The music! Oh, the music is fantastic! I love jazz! The songs are so damn catchy and I have actually got 3 of them on my iPod!
  • Shadows are a huge part of this movie and I love the way they made the shadows have their own characters. However, ‘don’t be scared of your own shadow’ is bullcrap in this movie as the shadows are ‘the friends on the other side’ and are as scary as hell! I swear, me and my mum, when we saw this at the cinema, were shocked by how scary it is!
  • It’s a big step for Disney to finally give us a black princess [even if she is a frog for over 70% of the film] and they managed to make only one verbal comment about race when Mr. Henry Fenner and Mr. Harvey Fenner [who are realtors, I’m guessing] say something like “a woman of your background wouldn’t be able to cope”. But then there’s no racism from then on unless you want to really get into it and think of what things represent and blah blah blah, whatever, I don’t like reading about how racist and sexist Disney is because I know it is and I just don’t want it ruining my memories of Disney.
  • The love story is a classic one, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, boy fancies girl, girl is a bit oblivious to boy, boy REALLY fancies girl, girl fancies boy, they marry. The most realistic love story, I think you’ll agree. However, it is a storyline that I personally love.
  • The butler to the prince, Lawrence, is English. Obviously. He’s English because he’s a butler and he’s an evil butler so therefore but the two together and you get English.
  • “ITS NOT SLIME! IT IS MUCUS!” I don’t know why but this line just cracks me up. Actually, there are tons of lines that made me laugh, its actually a really funny film! Though, of course, not as funny as Robin Williams’ Genie.
    Loooove Mama Odie, she’s the fairy godmother of the movie and sings the best song in the whole movie.
  • The voodoo dolls! Scariest. Things. EVER.
  • 132/212



    1.08am – Ooops! I finished watching this movie about an hour ago and then started watching Oscar things on YouTube! Best just write the review and then go back to watching Halle Berry cry.

    1.47am – I know Disney is evil and everything but I’m still a little 6 year old girl on the inside and think Disney is awesome. I haven’t watched this film in soooo long because we somehow lost the VHS to it years ago. So it kind of felt like I was watching it again for the first time!

  • I loooove “Arabian Nights”! Its such an awesome song! I actually had to stop the movie and go back to the beginning just so I could listen to it again.
  • <LiI could totally tell that the Narrator/merchant was voiced by Robin Williams, he has a voice that is just so recognizable now. I liked that this character broke the 4th wall and spoke to the camera/audience. Its that kind of thing which would bring the child that was watching into the movie and probably confuse the hell out of them but whatever, it’s a good film technique.

  • The audience instantly know who the bad guy is because his accent has a slight British twang to it. Oh, and he’s wearing dark clothes and has that kind of Jeremy Irons voice even though its not him but you know what I mean. And of course he has the quirky side-kick of a talking parrot [?!?!].
  • I know that Aladdin is out ‘diamond in the rough’ but they don’t need to repeat that sentence 10 times in one scene.
  • The monkey was cute until he took the pink diamond thing, then he oddly became annoying to me.
  • I was going to write this huge paragraph on how Aladdin stealing because he’s poor is similar to some of today’s teenagers who resort to crime because of their wealth but my God, I cannot be arsed.
  • Even though the Zefron [Zac Efron to you older people] was 5 when this movie was released, Aladdin sounds like him. And the first song he sings sounds like it just came out of High School Musical. It automatically became my most hated song in this movie. As you can probably sense, you won’t be getting a review of High School Musical any time soon…
  • Every little girl [especially in the 90s] had their Disney Princess and mine was Jasmine to the point where I had the Jasmine costume! Ooooo that reminds me that I can finally scan those pictures of my friends when they were younger and post them on Facebook! Sorry, totally off subject there… aaaanyways, I don’t quite understand why Jasmine was my favourite as at the beginning of the movie, all I could think of was “oh, boo hoo rich kid”. But I think I stopped thinking that once she pretended to be crazy and called the camel her doctor and then she became awesome. Jasmine’s father, on the other hand, felt like Santa but a bit less understanding. And it’s the classic tale where the high-mighty person’s most trusted advisor is the bad guy.
  • Classic Disney where they’ve known each other for less than 30min and they’re already leaning in for their first kiss. That would never happen in real life unless there was alcohol involved. THEN he talks about her a couple of hours after meeting her and is talking about marriage! “She’s smart, fun and beautiful!” YOU GOT THAT FROM TALKING TO HER FOR 10 MINUTES?! Bloody Disney, gotta love it.
  • I think because I’ve seen this movie done for panto [Americans need to look up panto, its awesome] so many times that I can’t help but think of children’s reactions to this movie. I think “oh, this is when the kids will laugh” or “this is when they’ll get scared” and “this is when the sweets get thrown into the crowd by Aladdin’s mum who’s dressed in a breakfast dress”.
  • Is it weird that I found the carpet character to be incredibly adorable?
  • GENIE!!! ROBIN WILLIAMS AT HIS BEST!!! He’s officially my #1 favourite character ever! He’s actually taken over Ron Burgundy and the cops from Superbad. The animation to his voice was beyond perfect! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much! I find Robin Williams hilarious on his own but when you put his voice to a cartoon, its just extraordinarily funny! I can’t quite describe how perfect it was. Pure genius, its all I can say. I bow to the person who said Robin Williams should be the genie. I could quote the genie so much, I could actually quote everything he says, its just amazing. Examples: “You know Al, I’m getting really – [turns and sees Jafar] – I don’t think you’re him.” “It’s all part and parcel, the whole “genie gig”: [grows to a gigantic size] PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! [shrinks down inside the lamp] Itty-bitty living space!” “Oh, Al. I’m gettin’ kinda fond of you, kid. Not that I wanna pick out curtains or anything.” “Genie, wake up and smell the hummus.” “[looks at a script] Tonight, the part of Al will be played by a tall, dark and sinister ugly man.”… oops, think may of gotten a little overboard there but whatever! Made me chuckle again!
  • And the songs “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali” are two of my favourite Disney songs!
  • I bet that even if you’ve never seen Aladdin, you know some of the words to ‘A Whole New World’.
  • When Jasmine pretends to be in love with the bad guy, its done in an incredibly sexual voice! I was shocked, grossed and impressed all at the same time!
  • Its just a classic Disney movie but far more hilarious than the others because of the beyond-amazing Robin Williams.

    Now to watch some more Oscars stuff on YouTube and probably a couple of Robin Williams interviews even though its 1.46am



    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    I hate horror movies, which is why you won’t see any in this blog so I was a little skeptic about this movie. I know its animation and clearly not real and stuff but it’s the idea that freaks me out. However, I love Corpse Bride so I thought I should at least give this original a go. I’m glad I did.

  • It has the catchy, groovy music of Danny Elfman! I know some people take the piss out of him but I love his work; his songs are so jazzy! I actually recognized the first song from somewhere, probably in an advert or some TV show.
  • I now know where the skeleton face comes from! I don’t understand why emos and goths have Jack Skellington’s face on their bags and stuff. He’s the happiest skeleton I’ve ever seen, why would the supposed depressed people want a happy skeleton on their bags? So f*****g weird…
  • How on Earth did Tim Burton come up with the idea to make a movie on how Halloween would react to Christmas?! Its so brilliantly weird which is what Burton is, I suppose. Its such an interesting concept and the way the movie portrays it feels oddly realistic even though its beyond impossible. Jack’s reaction to Christmas is so childlike as he accepts Christmas to try and fill the emptiness Halloween is giving him. When Halloween does take over Christmas, its quite funny as the Jack-In-The-Box is replaced by a Scary-Pumpkin-Head-That-Chases-You-In-A-Box and a shrunken head instead of a puppy. Also, I really liked that half-way through Jack’s ‘HO HO HO’ it turns into an evil cackle like it has always been that way! To be honest, I ended up feeling really sorry of Jack as he is so innocent and ignorant to what he’s doing. He thinks he’s bringing joy as these Halloween items are all he knows. Its unusual to feel sympathy towards a creature of Halloween, especially for me as I HATE Halloween. Hate it!!!
  • I love that in the forest, there are doors to the different holidays. I still don’t understand why Americans love St.Patrick’s Day so much and why people are so proud to be a seventh Irish but they are. It would have been nice to see how Halloween reacted to the other holidays but alas, I think that would of made the movie unnecessarily longer.
  • Stop motion animation always looks so amazing, particularly Burton’s style. It feels like the movie consists of effortless puppets which is what I thought it was the first time I saw Corpse Bride. There is nothing like it and nothing can really compare to it. Everything is disproportionate and a totally different world to our own. They may have houses but ours aren’t stick thin and leaning so far to the left that makes it look like one gust of wind would be the end of it. I think by creating a world of their own, the creators have really provided the audience with escapism which is what we go to the movies for; to escape this harsh reality. Oooo, I noticed that they even used a little soft-focus effect on the girl/female Frankenstein like in the classic movies. Though, I may be wrong and my glasses could be just dirty!
  • It’s a Christmas movie like no other. I think that because its so strange and different, that it is a movie you could watch all yeah round, not just at Christmas or Halloween. Most times if you see a Christmas movie on TV and its July, you think they’ve gotten something wrong but I really think you could get away with watching this in summer. At night, of course, don’t think it would quite work to watch it whilst sunbathing.

    Tehehe, what a weird note to finish on. Suppose you can’t help but finish on a weird note with a Burton film.




    This is a very cute movie which shines hope on the future of our planet.

    For the first half of the movie, there’s hardly any speech and the atmosphere of each scene is by the music. To be honest, the music kind of tells the story. The CGI is beautiful, especially when it shows space. I love space and its always fascinated me so those stunning images of the planets and little galaxies and so on get some extra points off me. I found it very interesting that this film was mainly animation but there was also the occasional real life human. I guess they’re trying to say that the more robots do stuff for us, the less human we become. This film sends a rather powerful message about our future, nature and technology. If we ignore the planet even more, it will just turn into a waste land and if we depend on robots a little too much then we’ll become obese and almost zombie like. There are two humans on the ship in space [where humans now ‘live’ because Earth became inhabitable] who break from being ‘like zombies’ and discover they have a pool!

    The film is a big romance story about two robots. Its incredibly adorable once you get over the thought ‘but, they’re robots, that’s just weird’. Wall-E is so in love with Eve and everything he does is for Eve. Its so sweet to watch and made me think of old-fashioned romance when you used to actually give a shit about another human being. Even though its robots, the things the characters go through for one another is very human like and therefore I think the ‘emotions’ they feel are more real to us, the audience.

    I probably wouldn’t watch this film again for another year or so but it’s a sweet little film with some beautiful shots of space.


    PS: Sorry if this review is a little different, I’m barely conscious as I type this!

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    Howl’s Moving Castle

    Quick note: If there are words that are missing ‘e’ or has too many its because the ‘e’ on my keyboard is stiff and keeps sticking and its just plain annoying! It’s a new keyboard and all!

    I grew up with the likes of Pokemon, Digimon and Cardcaptors so watching this made me feel young again. However, I had to keep reminding myself not to look for Pokemon and to stop stereotyping. After while, though, you start to forget about the fact its like many TV shows and start to see it as a totally independent film.

    Howl’s Moving Castle is the perfect example of how Japanese animation can borderline being art. The scenery is breathtaking and looks like if you screencapped it, you could sell it for a few hundred! The people/machines/blob-men and some of the sets look very cartoony but the rest is so beautiful. I believe that its beauty you can’t really get in real life…if that makes sense! Anyway, the Japanese film makers sure like to make the sounds sound as real as possible. You can really tell the difference between the Japanese animation’s take on sound and how normally Hollywood [a la Pixar and Dreamworks] go about it. Every sound that could possibly be made in that scene is heard and it doesn’t sound like some people in a room banging things together; it sounds like they actually followed someone around and recorded all the sounds from their natural environment. I may be wrong but that’s what I get from watching/hearing this film. I don’t know, I guess them taking so much time and effort in the sound makes me really appreciate the filmmakers and what they went through.

    This movie is quite weird but in a way that works. Witches, wizards and normal people [Muggles to us Harry Potter fans!] live in total harmony, there are these weird, freaky oil people and very detailed wrinkles and rolls of fat. Oh, and a really cool talking fire. I loved that there were no characters in this movie that annoyed me! I adored each of them, especially the boy, Markl who reminds me so much of the boy a baby-sit next door who is just adorable but in a funny way. Markl is so smart and independent, much like the boy next door. I enjoy comparing characters to people I know, makes me enjoy the movie that little bit more. I’d recommend that you try to relate some of the characters to the people in your life. Actually, do this for any film you watch. I find it makes the film a little more personal too.

    One thing that made me laugh… well, maybe not laugh but made me go “oh my God of course it’s him!!!” was the fact that Christian Bale is the voice of the leading man, Howl! You can see where he got his Batman voice from too. I thought I wouldn’t know any of the voices [one of them did sound like Helen Mirren but after some research, it wasn’t her] but hearing Bale… I don’t know, it just lifted me up slightly and I’m not even that big a fan of Bale’s. If anything, he kind of pisses me off!

    I didn’t actually write any more notes. Maybe I was just so engrossed in the film or that I have nothing left to say. Or maybe there is nothing more I can say. It’s a truly beautiful film and you should watch it. There’s romance for the girls and a war with bombing for the boys! Hurrah!