The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I love this movie, its fantastic. I might be a bit biased as I LOVE Clint Eastwood and I think it would be an awesome movie if it was just him reading the phonebook. I recommend everyone to see this movie, you won’t regret it. Yes, its nearly 3 hours long but whatever, its still good.

You’ve heard it a billion times but I just worry that people will read this and think I’m crap. I’m just really tired. And I think I’m, once again, loosing my determination for this challenge. I won’t stop but I am so close to just going ‘yeah, I watched it, done.’ My challenge isn’t to watch and review 212 films, its just to watch but I feel bad if I don’t review because… I don’t know but whatever, I do. Not that anyone reads these except my mum lol.

The Misfits

I really liked this film but I think that’s purely because I love Marilyn Monroe so much. Its not considered a great movie by some but its special because it’s the last film Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable completed before their sad deaths.

  • Even though colour had been available for over 20 years, this film was shot in black and white. It gives the movie a more classic feel to it, like its archive footage [though it kind of is now, to us].
  • This is a very different character to what we usually saw Monroe as. Of course, there’s still the innocence part but she’s not the dumb blond. She has real depth to her and has such an expressive face that we know exactly what the character is thinking. Her acting isn’t comical for once, it’s rather dramatic and feels real. I’m so jealous of her because even in black and white she’s stunning. However, they use the wonderful technique of soft focus which creates a glowing effect [which I love] because Monroe was in a bad place and came out of rehab halfway through shooting.
  • The script is perfectly written. It made this normal, almost boring scenes and set into something captivating. A lot of the lines are quite spooky considering the deaths of Monroe and Gable and other lines feel very relatable to Monroe’s mental state at the time. Such as “What makes you so sad? You’re the saddest girl I ever met.” “You’re the first man who’s ever said that. I’m usually told how happy I am.” Monroe always put on a brave face for the public but inside she was tearing apart. Another is almost ironic as one of the men say to Monroe’s character “hope your life goes on forever”. The lines are quite sad when compared to what happened.
  • I felt weird about Gay [Gable] and Roslyn’s [Monroe] relationship. I felt the age gap was a bit too big and they looked more like father and daughter. Actually, looked a little bit like grandpa and granddaughter!
  • One of the many things that I love about Monroe is the fact that her body is similar to mine! She reveals in the movie that she is a size 12 [though she looks smaller, I’m an 8 so she must have been smaller!] and we also see her in a bikini and she has wobbly bits! A wobbly tummy! Why oh why can’t we have more women like that in movies! Its so refreshing to see a real woman’s body. It was the first time I watched a movie with a bikini scene and didn’t feel obese or bad that I was eating cookies. She’s not fat, not at all, but she’s real.
  • There is a scene where Roslyn is hitting that ball on a string bat thing. Normally, you’d think a scene like that would be boring but it ended up being pretty exciting! The crowd is going crazy over it because she’s doing so well and shakes her bum as she does it.
  • There are two types of women that we see in movies; the motherly figure and the sex symbol. Strangely enough, Roslyn is both. She’s clearly a sex symbol but she cares for these men like they were her sons.
  • Great drink acting in this movie, really good! Gable, Clift and Wallach were perfect drunks, very realistic.
  • One scene really struck me as being beautifully sad. Roslyn finally cracks after watching the men tie down the wild horses. She runs into the desert and starts screaming at them for being murderers. We never see a close-up of Monroe, we get a long distance shot of her but we can tell how distressed she is through her voice and her body movement. It feels very iconic to me. Normally, you have these close-ups of the actress to see her face filled with emotion but not here. You don’t need it. You have this single shot of Roslyn on her own in the middle of nowhere, shouting at the sky, its incredibly powerful. The way Monroe screams is almost like she’s been holding it in from the moment she became famous, like she’d finally exploded and was screaming everything out in these scripted lines. Its such a sad place, where the ‘inspiration’ came from but it made terrific cinema.
  • I think what makes this movie so impressive is what was going on behind the scenes; the heat was incredibly intense in the northern Nevada desert, the director was a gambling drunk who would be on set either drunk or falling asleep, Monroe’s marriage to the screenwriter was failing and she was drinking and taking prescription drugs and ended up in rehab halfway through filming. Considering all this, they still made a good movie! Imagine how it would have been if they were all sober and happy!
  • I know this was more of a love letter for Monroe [lol] but she kind of made the movie worth watching.



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    The Magnificent Seven

    7.51pm – This shall be first movie, for this blog, I watch with my parents, brother is out somewhere… dunno where… good thing actually because I don’t think I’d be able to stand his closed-minded comments!

    11.19pm –
    I’m going to cut straight to the chase here without those little [useless] introductions that I do. The Magnificent Seven is a great movie because of the narrative/storyline and some fantastic acting. It’s a sweet, classic story of a leader given a task, he finds the best of the best and they take on their challenge. This film was based on the movie Seven Samurai [which I will be watching at some point!] and it’s a storyline that has been used countless times because it is practically fool-proof. If you like the Ocean movies, you’ll like this one, and you have Steven McQueen instead of Brad Pitt and Yul Brynner instead of George Clooney. Now that I think about it, the two modern ones are incredibly similar to the old classic actors, which I think will help modern audiences [especially teens and young adults] enjoy this film more as they have something to relate to modern life. Brynner was amazing, my parents warned me of this and I totally see what them mean; he takes complete control of the screen and has this presence that would make the audience do and believe whatever he says. McQueen was pretty good too, can see why he‘s still so famous. There is one character that made me annoyed but in a great way because he’s actually supposed to be annoying! And those in England will recognize the name; Chico. Americans, look up ‘Chico Time’ on YouTube. Chico [the character] is the annoying ‘pretty boy’ young man who thinks he’s amazing and one of the ‘big boys’. I love that we get to see glimpses of the other ‘seven’ and they’re all grinning, rolling their eyes and bowing their heads to stop themselves from laughing.

    I’m a child of the 90s and therefore kept grinning and pointing at the TV whenever I saw something that reminded me of Bug’s Life. This whole film seems to of been Bug’s Life’s inspiration and I have to be careful what I say because my dad was like “Bug’s Life is like Magnificent Seven, Magnificent Seven is not like Bug’s Life”. The storyline is practically the same and I really loved seeing one of the ‘seven’ surrounded by kids, just like the ladybug in Bug’s Life. I’m sorry! I’ll stop mentioning that film now. Sorry. I couldn’t help but make the references.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed by anything else, it all seemed pretty average but then again, I have nothing negative to say about it. It’s a nice classic, v.enjoyable!