This is an incredibly interesting and well written movie. Its all about this group of people and how they’re all linked and what is happening in their lives. I can’t describe exactly why its so well done… their stories link and we have the introductions at the same time, the climaxes at the same time and the endings at the same time… sorry, this is crap, I just can’t put it into words. Its just written so incredibly well.

My favourite storyline was Jim/Claudia. They both need someone and they’re both be good for each other. Not that the other storylines aren’t really good and make you think because they do, I just found myself really getting into the Jim/Claudia.

My favourite part of the movie was when the characters sang along with a song and the lyrics matched their situations. I loved that so much as its something that I would do in a movie. I’m constantly listening to music and thinking about a movie around it or how it relates to characters and stuff.

If frogs freak you out, don’t watch this!

Sorry, I know it’s a short review but it is a very good movie and I’d recommend you all watch it. And this is coming from a girl who hates it when dramas run longer than 2 hours; this runs for 3hr 8min and I wasn’t bored once.



Jerry Maguire

9.22pm – I’ve dragged myself away from my animated video project to watch and review this movie because I don’t want to be 3 movies behind. Hmmm… starting to loose my love for doing this… must keep going though! Hmmmm… maybe I should of just gone with watch as many movies as I can and not a certain number… that wouldn’t make it much of a challenge I guess and then I’d have to change the title of this page and everything…

12.37am – Oh my God, such a sweet, adorable, moving, funny movie! And it has football in it! I loved a movie that had football in it!! The end is nigh…

  • I think the reason I liked this movie even though its about 1/3 about sport is because it’s the other side of sport with the agent and the player’s personally and their family.
  • We’ve all done that thing where we’ve written something very late at night and sent it to everyone or something huge to someone ‘special’ and then regretted it in the morning. Ooooo we’ve all been there and we can all relate to Tom Cruise’s character when we walks into that lobby. Except he gets cheers, not ultimate rejection then eating chocolate for days.
  • Now. This movie has the cutest kid EVER in it! EVER! Every time he was on screen I went ‘awwww!!!’ and have probably kept my brother awake because I kept saying it out loud but I couldn’t help it! The kid is just the cutest, most adorable little thing on this planet! I think the huge glasses help! And its so cute because he’s so great at acting but at the same time, I get the feeling that it was improvised and it works so much better than the script because its natural. I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise’s laughter at the kid is real because you can’t not laugh at some of the stuff he says! Seriously, this movie has the ultimate ‘awwww’ factor. Even if you hate kids, you could not hate that kid. And if you did then you are heartless!!!
  • Renée Zellweger gives me a feeling of Bridget Jones in this movie but less British and not so clumsy but y’know, adorable and relatable.
  • Then there’s ANOTHER cute kid who plays Cuba Gooding Jr.’s son and he’s so adorable and its so cute when he supports his dad, makes you feel proud! And remember “it looks worse than it is”.
  • Loved Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character, Rod, in this. He’s annoying in a totally loveable way, my brother would love his character. Thing is, he’s so adorable when he talks about love and his family, its obvious they’re his heart and world. I got such a connection with Rod to the point where when he got what he wanted, my eyes were welling up with tears of joy like I personally knew him.
  • There are moments in this movie that make you go ‘awwww’ and ‘YAY!’ and ‘nooooo!’ and ‘RUN TO HER TOM CRUISE, RUN TO HER!’. I got really involved in this movie, almost like my dad and brother get so involved in a football game. I was talking to the screen like they could hear me! How cool!!
  • The Cutest Kid On The Planet says the ‘f’ word [he’s quoting Tom Cruise] and its so cute, especially when he says he won’t tell his mum [Zellweger]. His chemistry with Cruise is astounding, you can totally feel the love between them, its so cute!
  • “You think we’re arguing but I think we’re talking!” That sums up a few relationships out there!
  • My favourite quote of the whole movie: “That’s more than a dress; that’s an Audrey Hepburn movie.” LOVE IT!
  • Sorry, I’m a sucker for silhouettes [which I can’t spell without Spell Check!] and there was a beautiful shot where its night time and Zellweger and Cruise are in the street and you see their silhouettes and its just stunning, you can feel so much from it!
  • Wow. Porch scene. Very… sexual for a porch scene… very… geeze… not in a bad way just in a ‘ew, what if people were watching!’ kind of way…
  • The Cutest Kid In The World gets another title of being The Cutest Ring Bearer and Child At A Wedding In The World. Adorable! We all get that adorable little kid at weddings and this made me smile so much!
  • “If you f*** this up, I will kill you.” Damn right, sister!
  • There’s a really touching scene that almost made me cry, when Maguire [Cruise] is ‘saying’ goodbye to the sleeping cute kid and its so clear that he loves him so much and then he cries and its just like ‘awwwwwwwwwww’.
  • I felt that the football game scene towards the end was a bit of a glimpse into my future. My brother wants to be an American football player [and he will go pro because he’s damn good and British and you Americans can’t say no to the British!] and when Rod didn’t get up and I saw the familie’s reaction to it, I was like “crap, that’s gonna be us!” I remember once when it was Sports Day at Secondary School and my brother was in some sort of event and I watched him then I saw him collapse on the floor and oh my God, I’ve never been more scared in my life. I couldn’t look and I tried to hide my tears with ‘hay fever’ and then one of his mates came over to say he’d asked for me and I just couldn’t go because I didn’t want him to see me crying over him. He was fine by the way, think he’d pulled a muscle or something but my God, if I’m like that for Sports Day, I’m going to be a wreck when he plays football! I suppose knowing I’m going to go through that made me really relate to that scene.
  • “You had me at ‘hello’.” AWWWWWW! YAAAAAAAY!!
  • I did laugh when Rod said he wouldn’t cry on the interview and the interviewer talks about his father and brother and he doesn’t cry but as soon as he mentions the money, Rod starts crying. That’s so my brother.
  • Aw, its just such a lovely movie and I loved it and its made me all jolly!



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    Interview With The Vampire

    It’s an alright film. Not bad but not great. Alright. And its alright for reasons I didn’t think it would be.

    Most of Brad Pitt’s films I’ve enjoyed and Pitt was one of the reasons I liked them. This film, however, made me despise him! He just bored me senseless. I found myself going “yeah, ok, get on with it”. I really hate these depressed, moaning vampires, they just bore me [which is probably why I‘ll never watch Twilight unless I literally have nothing else to do, like on a plane]! What happened to the vampires who had personality like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Pitt did have nice hair though.

    Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst were the people that made this film ‘alright’. Cruise has never really made me go “ooo it has him in it, we must see it” but he was what made me start to enjoy the movie. His character was not the depressed, moaning vampire, he was the ‘embrace it’ vampire which is so much better than depressed, moaning vampire. And he had even better hair than Pitt! And its blond! I was actually finding myself very jealous of his hair. Anyway, Cruise sucking Pitt’s blood was unusually hot. In the first 15 minutes, you do think you’re watching some weird porn flick. If you want to see Tom Cruise as a kind of crossover between a vampire and a zombie, watch this. Its freaky but its strangely funny because its Tom Cruise. Then we have Kirsten Dunst before she became a drunkard and lost her acting talent. She’s brilliant in this movie and gets to wear the prettiest dresses. We then have Antonio Banderas who is the hottest vampire you will ever see. And he has lovely hair too, but his is long and black and silky smooth.

    In conclusion, its an ‘alright’ film because of Tom Cruise’s hair, Antonio Banderas in all his sexy glory and Kirsten Dunst’s dresses. Those don’t really make a good movie, though, do they? I fail to see how this made Empire’s top 500 but maybe you will/do.



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