Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

I have no idea why but I really liked this movie! Its totally not what I thought I’d like but I did! Its just got an odd sort of charm to it.

  • I didn’t know what to think of this movie when the first thing we see is a paragraph explaining that this isn’t a sequel to Valley of Dolls and that its completely unique and stuff. I don’t know, I just got the feeling that the director had been asked too many times if it was a sequel and just cracked and demanded a paragraph before the film starts to explain its not a damn sequel! Then I read that it was actually supposed to be a sequel but turned into its own movie. Still don’t think it needs a paragraph at the beginning… but whatever.
  • The opening scene is an action scene, people being chased, there’s a mad man but we don’t really see his face and a woman and man totally scared and its all very exciting! However, I knew there was going to be nudity but I didn’t know it was going to be straight in! And it’s a sexual movie, I’ll warn you sweet, innocent people now; don’t watch this movie if you hate seeing sexual things on screen. Lots of boobs and nakedness. Don’t watch it with your parents. Definitely don’t watch it with your grandparents.
  • I confess that I absolutely loved the songs in this movie, both the soundtrack and the band in the movie. Such catchy songs!
  • I liked the scene where there’s a little montage of pictures/clips of different aspects of Los Angels as the girls argue with the boy [their manager] over the good and bad of L.A. I can’t really describe it but it was a good technique.
  • The whole movie is very face paced but it works. I think that I only thought “wow, slow down!” once.
  • The actress who plays one of the lead females, Dolly Reed, is English and her accent wavers really badly from English to American. Suppose they didn’t really care in those days. Anyways, I loved the casting of Reed, she’s so adorable and has the cutest face ever! When she smiles you just want to pinch her cheeks! And she has the nice colour of red hair, not the nasty ginger colour.
  • This entire film is so 60s [even though it was released in 1970]. The hair, the clothes, the slang and the sets just reek of 60s! Its fabulous! The hair is MASSIVE in this movie! I love it! I’m a sucker for volume, I hate my flat hair! I might actually put a bit of volume mousse in my hair tonight so its nice and big tomorrow! I’m inspired by this movie already, tehehe.
  • This movie has the best character ever! He’s called Ronnie but his nickname is Z-Man. There’s a big twist at the end which kind of makes me hate him but I’m not going to say it [YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!]. Anyways, he’s awesome because he’s so flamboyant but in a straight way, not a camp way. Well, its kind of camp and he’s kind of gay but you get a straight vibe from him… anyways, he always speaks in his own version of Shakespearean [You need to get thy ass in gear!”] and its actually really funny and enjoyable rather than boring! And he has the most gorgeous green eyes EVER! Z-Man has definitely made it into my top 5 favourite movie characters!
  • There is a guy in this called Harris and he looks like one of the Jonas brothers. So if you like them, you can watch this pretending its one of them. Though I shouldn’t advise young people to watch this… lot of boobs… but y’know… just saying…
  • There’s another great scene which I think I enjoyed [and got some more inspiration from] because I’ an editing freak. The main screen is of the band, The Carrie Nations who this movie is about, recording their new song whilst we get an overlay on both sides of the two men; the producer, Z-Man and the manager, Jonas brother. Jonas brother is all happy and loving the music whilst Z-Man eyes him up, probably thinking about how to get rid of him or something. Its just looks good, I liked it. Its used again towards the end but with Z-Man really getting into the music and Jonas brother looking all moody and miserable with the worst attempt at stubble I’ve ever seen. Does the boy not have facial hair at all!? It looks like its just been painted on or something! He looks like a freaking Ken doll!
  • This movie is just drenched in cheesy sexual innuendos. The people practically talk about nothing else! So be prepared to cringe but laugh as well.
  • I mentioned before that there was a moment when I went ‘wow, slow down!” and that is because we get two shocking twists in one go! Its almost like a soap opera but with more hairspray!
  • There’s an old fashioned technique used here which was a good choice, we see the beginning scene again but this time we know why they’re running and who the mad man is! We also see extra parts that we only heard of the first time round. Its just clever!
  • Tehehe, the ending is shamefully funny as it really shouldn’t be! There’s been 4 deaths but I can’t help thinking “it’s the Scooby Doo gang vs. a mad Wonderwoman!” You’ll understand when you watch the movie! Also, the fact that he can walk again does not make up for 4 deaths!!!!!! Sorry. I’ll stop confusing you now. Watch the film, you won’t be confused.
  • The actual ending was interesting as it is a review of all the characters. We see clips as a voice-over man tells us about what the character goes through in this movie, just so the audience can fully understand what the director was trying to do. Its very interesting to watch and listen to as it makes you go “oooo, of course! Now I understand more!” Its not a confusing film, not at all, its very simple but its nice to get a little more out of the characters.
  • I can recommend this to anyone who is old enough to see lots of boobs, paint for blood and some bad American accents! Its all fun! I totally agree that it is a cult classic.

    48/212 [oooo so close to 50!!]



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