Singin’ In The Rain

First time I’ve seen it! It was brilliant! I’m going to cut straight to the notes because I’m incredibly tired and feel like I could sleep for days! I’ve got to get up early if I’m to watch 14 films by Saturday night!! So this might mean that a lot of my ‘reviews’ will be short as I’m INCREDIBLY tight on time.

  • I love the opening shot of the three main characters having their backs to the ‘audience’ in trench coats and black umbrellas and their names appear on their umbrellas.

  • I loved that this movie pretty much says that anything that actors or publicists say is scripted and lies. Biggest example of it is when Gene Kelly’s character, Don Lockwood, told the story of how he became famous but the audience sees how it really happened and discover that everything he’s saying is a complete lie.
  • I loved Jean Hagen and her voice! I remember reading somewhere that some silent movie actors and actresses lost their jobs because their voices where actually quite silly. Also, I just love comedic actresses from ‘the past’.
  • “Call me a cab.” ‘Ok, you’re a cab.”
  • As a movie nut, I loved that most of this movie is about how Hollywood and the production studios dealed with going from silent movies to ‘talkies’.
  • Awww! The only girl who’s not interested in him is the one he wants!
  • I think one of the reasons I loved this movie so much is that its all about making movies which is what I’m interested in as a career! I loved it when the two main guys are talking and they’re walking around the studio and you can see different scenes being shot behind them, like a western then a period drama then a comedy. I also loved the different stages of trying to record the sound for the ‘talkies’ and the actress never getting it right because she’s used to doing silent movies.
  • The song ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ really struck a cord with me because if I ever do acting then its comical because I feel there is nothing better in this world than laughter, and no greater feeling than making someone else laugh.
  • I also love fashion [you wouldn’t know if you looked at me!] so I loved the little advert/show thing where this one guy was singing about different outfits in a collection.
  • I did dance as a GCSE and after-school club so I REALLY love dancing! So I REALLY loved all the dance routines in this movie! They’re all so clever and amazing! I’d love to dance a big number one day, like Gene Kelly!
  • Everyone knows the song ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and I’ve seen some of the scene but not all of it. Now I have, wow. Hats off to Kelly, what a dancer! I remember seeing this in CGI because it was altered for a car advert. I would say even my 16 year old brother who loves rap music knows this song. And now this song has replaced ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ as being the song stuck in my head for days.
  • Sorry, short review but it is a truly amazing, happy, fun film!




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