The Wizard of Oz

8.20pm – The last time I watched this I was 5 & I hated it because it scared me. And I’m missing out on watching Blades of Glory [for the 3rd time] for this so it had better be good!

11.41pm – I can see why its such a classic and why so many people like it. I enjoyed it and it felt a bit like panto to me! I wouldn’t say I loved it but I can definitely see why its people’s favourite.

  • I loved the use of colour and I think this is one of the best uses of colour I’ve seen in this challenge [just wait till I watch Schindler’s List, I may write the whole review on colour!] I thought it was incredibly clever to have the real world as a sort of sepia tone and then have the Land of Oz all in bright colours. It makes a great contrast between the two worlds; it made the Land of Oz just that bit more magical.
  • I found Dorothy to be rather annoying at first because of two reasons; 1. She kept going on about the damn dog when the adults were trying to work! I guess the fact that I’ve only ever had fish for pets doesn’t make me sympathize with her and her relationship with her dog. 2. The way Judy Garland portrayed her, just the acting and everything just pissed me off, I don’t know why! However, as the movie went on, I started to get used to her style.
  • Even though I haven’t watched this movie in over 13 years, I know ‘Over the Rainbow’. Who doesn’t!
  • The dog playing Toto [who’s called Toto, I think] is adorable! He’s incredibly cute and looks so well trained!
  • I loved the poke at psychics. I mentioned this before in my review of Before Sunrise that I really despise psychics so seeing this movie show the psychic as a fraud made me smirk.
  • “It’s a twister!” I love tornadoes. I know I shouldn’t but I find that there is something so beautiful about them. Shame ‘Twister’ isn’t on my list, I love that movie!
  • I know I shouldn’t as it was made in 1938 and I that I need to take into consideration about the technology they had available but I hated when Dorothy was in the twister in the house and saw things ‘fly by’ and it was just projected. I know, I know, that’s all they could really do but I can’t help but hate it and think its lazy and crap.
  • There’s a really long shot of the set of the Land of Oz and I guess they wanted to make the most of it as I think it was one of the biggest sets they’d ever made [at the time], which is fair enough. I felt a bit like I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it all looked edible! It actually looked quite cartoon-like which I think makes the whole place far more like fantasy and a different world.
  • I loved the Good Witch of the North’s dress!! So pretty and sparkly!! And I loved the red ‘slippers’ even more!
  • “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” Oh how I have seen this line used so many times in other films and movies!
  • Superb casting with Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West! She is exactly what witches look, sound and act like, she got it completely spot on! I don’t think it would of worked if she hadn’t played it as well.
  • Oh dear, you can quite clearly see a trap-door open to let the red smoke out when the Wicked Witch of the West ‘disappears’.
  • I loved that the people who worked on the farm back in Kansas were the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion. It reminds me of Peter Pan in both the animation [1953] and the recent one [2003], where the voice of Mr Darling in the animation does Captain Hook’s voice and in the recent one, Jason Issacs plays Mr Darling and Captain Hook! Its just so clever and it’s a little technique that I just adore, it can say so much!
  • I’m sorry but I found Scarecrow to be incredibly annoying. I know he’s supposed to be adorable but I just wanted him to burn.
  • The make-up on the three main male characters was amazing, absolutely amazing. I think they should of won best make-up at the Academy Awards because I don’t think even now-a-days we could top it.
  • The lion costume is so cool but I’d imagine it was boiling! Totally worth it though. But why does he make pig nosies instead of lion noises? Also, whenever the Tin Man was moving in a scene, I winced thinking that it must be so uncomfortable in that costume! I don’t know whether it was real Tin [I doubt it] but it looked like it would still hurt a bit if you got some skin caught between the ‘joints’. And how he managed to skip in that costume, I don’t know!
  • The most impressive set was the poppy field set because I immediately started thinking about all those flowers and how they all look handmade and hand-placed and how long that must of took, just for it to be on screen for 5 minutes!
  • The changing-colour pony was cool. I wonder if they really dyed the pony… I hope they didn’t, it could not of been good for it! Still, it was very pretty!
  • The Lion can not sing opera. NOT! AT ALL!
  • The Wicked Witch of the West’s death is by far one of the funniest deaths I’ve ever seen.
  • Like I said, I haven’t watched this movie in so long so I’m practically watching it for the first time and I knew there was a wizard but I expected someone like Santa [don’t ask why…] but its this scary-ass green face thing! But then its revealed it is someone like Santa so its all good. I loved that the ‘wizard’ gave them their wishes but not with magic. Very clever.
  • I don’t think I’ll watch this movie again for another year but I definitely liked it, it’s a nice little watch with the family and some cookies. I actually found myself thinking about a remake and which modern actor would play what… I kept thinking of Robert Downey Jr. for the Tin Man for some reason… don’t know the others, I’ll let you decide!



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