It’s a movie that is loosely based on the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. Its very good, I really enjoyed it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple of minutes, as soon as F. Murray Abraham as Salieri starts talking, it becomes amazing,

  • F. Murrary Abraham as Salieri when he’s an old man is fantastic. I love that the film is a story being told by him. He talks with such love and enthusiasm that you just get completely roped into the story. Its very interesting to watch him talk about Mozart’s work with incredible admiration and yet hate him for being so irresponsible. He portrays Salieri’s love for music quite beautifully, you can really tell that music is his life and how much he appreciates it. He’s just fantastic when he’s OLD!Salieri, totally deserved the Best Actor at the Academy Awards.
  • I love the editing, the way it goes to and from the ‘present day’ of OLD!Salieri telling the story and the past [the story visually]. They could of just done that at the beginning but Abraham’s acting was so magnificent as the OLD!Saileri that I ‘m so glad they did it the whole way through.
  • Ok, I did have one little problem with this film… the accents. I hated Mozart having a strong, American accent, and the rest of the cast didn’t seem to be able to decide if they had an English accent or American, it kept wavering and it was just too damn annoying. I read that the director wanted everyone to have American accents because he thought that English ones would be ‘too distracting’ for American audiences. Well he buggered that up because I was distracted by their accents, wondering where the hell they were supposed to be from. However, it doesn’t help that I feel that if I movie is set in a country, in should be in the country’s native tongue and have subtitles but then alas, we’d have very few English-speaking movies. I did love Mozart’s childish laugh. At first it was annoying but then it became contagious.
  • The costumes! My God, the dresses are huge and the hair was even bigger! Even the little girls who look 6 were dressed in big dresses and sky-high hair. Did love Mozart’s pink wig though!
  • If you’re a Sex in the City fan, like myself, you’ll squee when you see this movie as it has TEENAGE!Miranda in it!
  • Tehehe, I giggled when Mozart said “sh*t” in front of the Emperor and they all had spazzy fits about it. I don’t think I could swear in front of Queen Elizabeth II but I can imagine myself accidentally swearing in front of another royal >.<
  • As I watched the movie and hear Salieri’s side of the story, I can see where he is coming from and I understand his hatred towards Mozart yet I, like I guess most of the audience, fell for him and adored him. It makes ‘act 3’ quite heartbreaking to watch.
  • The chemistry between Tom Hulce [Mozart] and Elizabeth Berridge [Mozart’s wife] is brilliant, I could totally feel their love for each other.
  • The make-up towards the end is fantastic, he looks so ill. I won’t say who. You have to watch it.
  • It’s a truly brilliant film, you should watch it whether you like classical/opera music or not.




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