Dr. Strangelove Or; How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

I really loved this film! Its done so brilliantly well; the comedy is so subtle and it’s the kind that waits for the audience to laugh. Its not “look here’s a joke!”, its “and we’re talking very seriously here and did we just say that? Yes, we did just say that, lets move on.”

The plot of this movie is still relevant today with that war thing in the Middle East [I’m joking, of course, I know what’s going on there, sarcasm/irony don’t get across well on the internet and therefore gets lost because you’ve now forgotten what was sarcastic/ironic because I’ve had to explain myself.] And, to be honest, I think there’s a good chance that a USAF General would send a ‘H Bomb’ to Russia just so there can be a war and distract himself from his paranoia and sexual dysfunction.

Harold and Maude

I really liked this movie even though its about death and a young man and an old woman falling in love. Two concepts that I usually don’t like. But somehow, it really worked for this movie.

Harold ‘kills’ himself a lot… well, he tries to but never succeeds. I don’t think he wants to but he loves the idea of killing himself. He does it for attention but because he’s done it so many times that his mum doesn’t even batter an eyelid when he hangs himself or is facedown in the pool. However, why he would want attention from his mum, I don’t know as she is the most annoying woman on this planet; tries to change him into her idea of a ‘perfect son’ and does everything for him. Biggest example of that is what she answers his personality quiz for him for this dating thing.

Then Harold meets Maude who is full of life and he’s like “oh, life is alright I suppose” and they fall in love and its freakishly romantic. Maude is a great character though. She’s totally delusional and the looks on the police’s faces are just priceless, its just :-O lol

Sorry, another short and crap review but it is a very lovely film. Its not too emo and gothic, like it may sound. I enjoyed watching it, anyways and I think you should watch it too!



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The King of Comedy

This movie is a dark comedy about celebrity obsession. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a dark comedy because I was expecting too much from it from a psychological point of view.

  • You can tell straight away that Rupert Pupkin [Robert De Niro] is obsessed with Jerry Langford [Jerry Lewis] because he’s wearing almost identical clothes to him. The way he talks to him is as if they’ve been friends for years and, in Pupkin’s mind, they have been. Scary stuff.
  • He’s 34 and lives with his mum who does the classic shouting from upstairs and ruins things for her son.
  • I love that we see Pupkin’s fantasies. There isn’t much difference to the way they’re shot to the way reality is shot which emphasizes the fact that Pupkin can’t distinguish reality from fantasy. Its incredibly clever because soon, the audience can’t make out what’s reality and what’s fantasy. At the beginning, its kind of obvious because it cuts between the fantasy and him in reality acting out the fantasy. There’s another hint that its fantasy because everyone always praises Pupkin and ‘beg for forgiveness for being wrong’. Then there’s a scene where he’s in Langford’s house and I thought it was a fantasy because of the way Pupkin and his love interest were talking until Langford comes in and I go “OMG ITS REAL! AH! NO!” I almost want to protect Pupkin because I don’t want him to get hurt but at the same time, I want to slap him and try and get him to understand that they aren’t really friends.
  • And its not just Pupkin that’s proper obsessed with Langford, there’s a woman called Mashes [Sandra Bernhard]. She thinks that they’re romantically involved and that they should be together. Pupkin and her are originally enemies or rivals because they both think they’re more important to Langford. Bernhard is brilliant as this mental woman.
  • The ‘date’ between Mashes and Langford was parodied in Family Guy, I recognized the scene straight away. Shame I don’t love Family Guy anymore.
  • When Pupkin finally gets his moment to shine, I found myself hoping that he was funny and that the audience like him because I felt that after everything he went through to get there [even if it was mentally unstable and illegal], he deserves to be good and loved. I shouldn’t’ feel like that towards him as he’s mental and he kidnapped the guy! He’s a bad guy but then again I know he’s mentally unstable and therefore I feel sorry for him.
  • The ending… at first I thought it was crap because I was like “what!? That’s it?!” but now I think about it… its all about whether you think the ending is real or fantasy. I love that at the end, the audience can’t tell the difference, just like Langford can’t. Brilliant. I now think it’s a brilliant ending, one of the best I’ve seen. Probably second best ending, first is The Italian Job [original, obviously].
  • I’d say this is a must watch. And I’d also like to say HURRAH! I’m only 1 film behind schedule now! I’m so glad that I got two films in a row that I really wanted to see.



    Cannibal! The Musical

    If you’ve been reading my reviews or know me personally, you’ll know I love South Park and I’m huge fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Cannibal! The Musical is an independent movie that the pair made in college with their friends who were also in film class. Its about the infamous ‘cannibal’ Alferd Packer who is huge in Colorado [they even have Alferd Packer Day.] Packer takes a group of men from Utah to Colorado which eventually ends with all but Packer dead and partially eaten. I know, it’s a typical black comedy musical.

  • The comedy in this is just amazing, its so witty and clever and something most comedies lately have been lacking. Its so original! Obviously, its similar to South Park but minus fart jokes. No… wait… now thinking about it, there are two fart jokes but they are at the expense of Trey Parker’s ex-fiancé so its funny. Its goofy and smart at the same time. I’ve watched this movie over 10 times and I’m still laughing.
  • There is some gore in this movie so be prepared for blood and tongues and feet and arms and brains.
  • I think I found this movie really funny because I know the background stories and I know the cast. I laugh at the judge because he’s played by Randy Parker [Trey’s dad] and therefore I think of Randy from South Park and I’m like “oh my God, he is actually like that!” I’ll share some more behind-the-scenes stuff with you as the review goes on.
  • Like I said, the movie is made by Parker, Stone and their film student friends. This was before their South Park fame so they had to raise the money for funding themselves, everyone worked for free and if you weren’t in front of the camera acting, then you were doing something behind the camera. For example, Robert Muratore plays Frenchy Cabazon on screen but whenever he wasn’t, he was the cameraman/director of photography. I doubt you’d be able to get any Hollywood actor to do that. I can see why they all chose to be the cast and crew because, lets face it, you can’t trust actors. Anyways, Parker is one of my heroes and I really look up to him because not only does he star in this, he wrote it, directed it, was the sound designer, and wrote all the songs. I just love the teamwork!
  • Parker decided to make this film after he caught his fiancé Liane with another guy. He then named Packer’s horse after her. Knowing this makes a lot of the dialogue about Liane hilarious because you know they’re stabs at the woman; “everyone’s ridden your horse, Packer…”
  • Shpadoinkle. Not only a great word but also a great song. Parker wrote such fantastically catchy and hilarious songs for this movie [all but 1 I have on my iPod]. I can assure you that you’ll be humming the tunes for days after watching this. Oh, and Trey Parker has suuuuuuuch a nice voice!
  • One of the characters is Mormon so there are a few underlining jokes about Mormons. Which are funny. And knowing Mormons, you guys will probably laugh too.
  • Tehehe, Stone’s hat is the same as Kyle’s in South Park. Tehehe, that makes me smile every time. Then I crack up when he finally takes the hat off and Stone is wearing this huge red afro.
  • That’s All I’m Asking For is another great song, all about what they want to do with the gold that they dig in Colorado. There is a reprise later in the movie when they’re dieing and its not such a cheery tune anymore but hilarious all the same.
  • The characters are brilliant. They’re all either a bit slow or just too kind and ignorant which makes them great for comedy. We also have Frank Miller [Jason McHugh who is a co-creater with Stone and Parker] who is kind of the audience and realizes that they’re just weird people. We have Shannon Wilson Bell who wants to be a Mormon priest, James Humphrey [Stone] who is just a bit thick, George Noon who’s horny, Israel Swan who’s the nicest man on Earth and then Alferd Packer who is also nice and a bit slow.
  • The landscape shots are surprisingly beautiful, Parker really took full advantage of his surroundings. To future filmmakers, film outside with landscape because it makes your film look like a bigger budget than it is.
  • Naked guys around a fire is still funny. “Just do what I’m doing. Just pretend like you’re laying next to a nice soft woman.” “What?” “I’m just imagining old Mr. Miller here as a nice tall blonde-” “Oh, goddamn it! I want another partner!”
  • When I Was On Top of You is probably one of the best songs for obvious reasons. I want this to be my wedding song.
  • “Fudge, Packer?”
  • Love that the Native Americans are Japanese people. Genius. And, little fact, they were Japanese students that were at Parker’s college and Parker actually dubbed them over with his own voice [he took Japanese as one of his majors]. Also, the translations for their Japanese is incredibly funny and it’s a shame they don’t do subtitles for them.
  • Trapper Song! Another great song! My favourite part is… I think its called the bridge but I’m not sure but I just love the melody to is, its almost Middle Eastern, very pretty. Also, its not Robert Muratore [which is pretty obvious] but its Parker. Again. That man could of just made the whole thing himself.
  • The only downside to this movie is Polly’s song which just bores me and I felt it slows the film down but I can see why its in there.
  • The movie has some pretty gross parts but the worst is the Cyclopes with his eye juice. Ewwwww! Its so gross!!! Funny but gross! I find myself hiding behind my pillow!
  • The dream sequence is great because it looks like its totally taking the piss out of what serious film students would do. Also get to see Parker and Muratore in tights.
  • IKE!
  • The makeup is incredibly good for a student film! The knife really looks like its in his head, the twig really looks like its in his eye and the pick really looks like its pierced the skin and ripped his heart.
  • Hang the Bastard! is a great ending number, especially the lyrics ‘it’s the end of the show and we all can go home!’
  • I know I did loads of quotes for Anchorman but this movie is filled with them so shut up and read!


    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    As much as I really enjoyed this movie, I’m so tired and feeling rather weak so this may turn out to be a crap review or just not make sense. A lot like the movie.

  • Ew at the blood title!
  • “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”. Don’t know why that stuck out to me as a great ‘opening’ but it did.
  • Johnny Depp is fantastic in this, as usual. I thought he was hilarious, he has such perfect comical timing. And balding. And chain-smoking.
  • We’re hit immediately that this is a drug movie, we go straight into the drug-haze with them. Depp ‘sees’ bats in the sky but the audience [and no one else in the movie] see them except in the reflection in his sunglasses [even though they‘re not real!]. Depp’s reactions to the bats are quite funny; “NO! We can’t stop here! Its bat country!” and he has a fly swatter which is his main weapon.
  • Depp is constantly narrating and telling us his thoughts. I feel it helps somehow. Don’t know how but it does. Told you this would be a crap review. Damn PMT. Sorry. Too much info. Moving on!
  • Its got Spider Man in it before he was Spider Man! Tobey Maguire has long blond hair and looks totally weird.
  • Benicio Del Toro is awesome but looks to much like how Brad Pitt will look in about 5-10 years so I keep referring to him as OLD!Brad Pitt.
  • Very funny scene were OLD!Brad Pitt has a gun and Depp still has his fly swatter. Its funnier on screen than in writing.
  • We see Depp’s hallucinations which are really funny. Repitles in the bar, the carpet coming to life and hotel staff’s heads going funny and becoming weird snake things. Once again, funnier on screen than typing.
  • When we see them driving, it looks like their car is actually flying and you can tell they’re still totally tripping balls.
  • They inhale diethyl ether and its really funny, especially their walk. Depp’s narrating says it makes you behave like the town drunk yet you can see yourself actually doing everything. Very funny to watch and I have to keep reminding myself that what they’re doing is really bad.
  • “Look! There’s two women having sex with a polar bear!” Sorry, but they have some very funny lines in this movie that I can imagine some of my friends back in England saying whilst very drunk.
  • Here’s something slightly technical. There are different camera techniques used for different drugs. I thought this was a very clever idea, as to give the audience a slight feel and look as to what the drugs will do to your vision and also to tell the audience that we’re on a different drug now.
  • Another funny scene was that there was this rotating bar and OLD!Brad Pitt refused to get off till it stopped spinning. Very funny as, once again, I can see myself doing the same with Sarah [my friend] and trying to convince her to step off the rotating bar.
  • They take a while to find their hotel room which is another funny scene that I think a lot of people can relate to.
  • CAMERON DIAZ IS IN IT! For something like 5 minutes though. Still, its cool seeing these celebs who are now uber famous.

  • Depp: “I wouldn’t dare go to sleep with you wandering around with a head full of acid, wanting to slice me up with that goddamn knife.” OLD!Brad Pitt gasps and replies “Who said anything about slicing you up, man? I just wanted to carve a little Z on your forehead.” and then starts laughing hysterically. Another moment I found hilarious.
  • Another funny moment is when Depp sees Spider Man again and starts to totally panic trying to drive away because he thinks he told the police about him [Depp] and he stalls the car and its just funny because the last thing you want to do when you see someone you don’t want to is stall the car.
  • Be prepared to see some real-looking vomit. Unfortunately, I saw it moment before having my dinner. Not good.
  • Depp gets flashbacks because he’d been recording the whole night on his tape recorder. I think a lot of people wish they’d done that. I shamefully laughed when one of the flashbacks was of OLD!Brad Pitt crying hysterically out of the car to the car they’re driving next to and he throws up all over their window, still crying. It’s a horrible sight that should make you sad but it made me laugh.
  • “He’s too weird to live, too rare to die.” I thought that line was beautifully weird.
  • So yeah. Its an awesome movie, I should make that part clear. Its kind of… Pineapple Express meets The Hangover. But better.

    Sorry. I’ll try and review better tomorrow when my womb isn’t trying to kill me.



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    What a great film to start on! Having watched a few films with subtitles, I don’t mind going from the bottom to the rest of the screen. So, if you don’t like doing that just yet, then don’t see this film. However, this French film manages to get the storyline [and the jokes] through both script and film itself. I jotted a few notes down as I watched Delicatessen; either moments that really stood out or moments that made me laugh. Just to warn you; don’t watch this movie whilst eating any form of meat. You’ll waste the meat. So! Lets start at the beginning.

    Within the first 20-seconds of the film, I thought “oh no, this is going to be really scary” and that I’d have to turn if off but no! This film has a particular style that I haven’t experienced before. It has the buildup which is scary and eerie and fills you with anticipation that you’re about to see someone chopped into pieces but no. Your skin crawls with goose bumps only to have you laugh! Its scary then you get the punch line! Its such a fantastic concept! I, for one, hate horror films [which is why I won’t be reviewing any, SORRY!] but to have the person on the edge of their seats and then fall off them with laughter is just brilliant. I’ve never seen it done before and I feel that it really should be used more often in films.

    So. We’re introduced to the butcher [who looks like one of the Sopranos] called Clapet [played by Jean-Claude Dreyfus]. It’s a pretty nerve-racking beginning as its kind of obvious that he doesn’t use those knives in his hands to cut animals. The camera goes through the pipes which play a key role in the whole film. The pipes are the main communication for sending secret messages and for eavesdropping; they can be your best friend but also your enemy. We then see a man wrapping himself in newspaper looking terrified. Newspaper-man gets caught in the dustbins and Clapet throws the knife at the camera which is the point-of-view of newspaper-man. It’s a perfect beginning for this movie as it sets up the ‘style’ of the film perfectly.

    The opening credits I loved because of the way the person in the credits was being shown. For example, you can the director of photography’s name on a camera, the costume designer on a label on a shirt and the set designer’s name on rulers. It was, oddly, beautifully shot.

    Delicatessen is set in a post-apocalyptic France [in the 1950s]. We get this feeling through the scenery which looks like its been bombed a couple of times and the constant fog that surrounds the outdoor streets. Their currency is food such as lentils and corn which, the tenants in the apartments above the delicatessen, exchange for ‘meat’. We are introduced to most of the tenants in the delicatessen and their relationships with Clapet.

    Music plays another role in this movie but it is diegetic music. For those who don’t know, diegetic means that the music is in the scene itself and hasn’t been added on later in production. For example; diegetic sound would be Julie [Clapet’s daughter played by Marie-Laure Dougnac who looks like my friend Ham] playing the cello, non-diegetic would be the instrumental song that’s playing over a conversation in a room that has no source of the song. Get it? If not, Google it! Anyway, it seems that the tenants cooperate through sound. Clapet and the lady tenant in red are having sexy time and the springs are squeaking in perfect time. Julie plays her cello in time with the squeaks, the mother bats the rug in time with the squeaks, and so on. The faster the squeaks go, the faster the tenants play/work. They are all under control of Clapet. it’s a great [and funny] metaphor.

    There is one character that always made me laugh. She was the rich man’s wife. She is believed to be schizophrenic and we even hear the voice that is in her head. The wife comes up with all these contraptions that look like the kid from Home Alone would of made. But these contraptions aren’t to stop the bad guys from coming in; they are to kill herself. It sounds horrible but its actually quite funny. Especially as they would of worked if reality hadn’t kicked in. I shall not say how they are ruined as it might ruin it slightly but this film has made attempted suicide look quite funny.

    There are two characters who are a little weird. Well, maybe not the characters themselves but their jobs. They make those little toy things that when you flip it over, it makes a cow noise. Its weird and a little relevant but it makes you laugh and that’s all that matters!

    The climax is quite funny in a way that, if done wrong, could just look like a poorly made horror film. The latest tenant and maintenance man, Louison [played by Dominique Pinon] is up for being slaughtered and the other tenants and Clapet try and get him but Louison and Julie [they love each other now, by the way] manage to block them. Then they go into the bathroom as they await their fate of being chopped up by the crazy tenants and Clapet who have knives and other sharp instruments. Louison turns to Julie and says “there’s only one thing left to do” and he rips Julie’s dress off and starts to undress himself. You immediately think “oooo sexy time” but you’re slowly proven wrong. The clothes are to block the holes. They’re going to try and drown themselves. Then other stuff happens and they live. I’m not going to tell you how so watch the film!

    Other notes: fat guy gets shot; creepy man in a room that looks like the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean and its filled with frogs and snails; cheeky kids; and playing the musical saw. Oh, and someone called Dr. Livingstone.

    If you like Saw but also love a good comedy and some old-fashioned slapstick, you HAVE to see this film, Delicatessen! Its on Netflix and you can watch it on your computer whenever you like! You will not be disappointed.



    Time to have lunch with non-human ham!

    1/212 films.


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