‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Godfather’ A.K.A. THE FINALE

I’VE DONE IT! I actually managed to watch 212 films in 7 months! BOOYA!! However, I will not feel like I’ve fully completed this challenge until I type up my so-called ‘reviews’. I now have 43minutes to type all four of today’s movies up. Guess I kind of regret not typing up The Shawshank Redemption when I had the chance [I had a nap instead >.<]

Anyways, 3 of these films were amazing, guess which one wasn’t so *eye roll, glares at TheFilmFan* [lol joking, by the way]. Now, seeing as time is short and I now have 41 minutes left, these reviews might be short, brief, bullet points and I may miss some key points, especially in Shawshank, Oldboy and Godfather. At least this time I have a genuine excuse for my crappy reviews! 40 minutes to go!


After watching Seven on DVD, I then watched brand new South Park and it was the best episode I’ve ever seen and I now have South Park on the brain and therefore this review will probably not do the film justice. Sorry.

  • The first shot is of Morgan Freeman so I can tell straight away that the movie is going to be great because it has God in it.
  • I loved, loved, LOVED the title credits! Loved the close-ups and the editing and how perfectly imperfect it was!
  • The death scenes/crime scenes are very vivid, not for those with sensitive gag reflexes.
  • In most cop movies, if there is are two main characters, one black and one white, the white one is the professional, smart one and the black one is the goofy one. Not in this one! Hurrah! Freeman is the smart one and Brad Pitt is the slightly goofy one [only very slightly… he’s more goofy than Freeman but I wouldn’t say the character is actually goofy… if you catch my drift…]
  • I love the 7 Deadly Sins, I find them fascinating to the point where when a group of us had to write a play for drama class, we chose to base our characters on the 7 Deadly Sins.
  • Freeman’s character does good old detective work with looking stuff up in books whereas Pitt just sits there, thinking he knows everything and tries to work it out with his mind, beer and sport.
  • “Yell fire, not rape.” I’ve heard this so many times, I guess this is where it came from. Its sad that its actually true.
  • It has Dr Cox in it before he was Dr Cox!
  • The plot and writing is just amazing and ingenious. I love it when the killer is so smart and thinks everything through! I normally hate that the detective finds the clues so easily but for some reason, I totally believe that Morgan Freeman would find them clues.
  • The suspense is so subtle that I didn’t even realize I was in suspense until the bullets went off and I was jumping out of my seat! Amazingly done!
  • This movie is a great advert for torchlights.
  • Dad made a comment as we watched it that you can tell the director was quite influenced by Blade Runner in a few scenes and I really know what my dad means so look out for Blade Runner refrences.
  • The ending… with the box… I unfortunately knew what was in the box and therefore I felt it ruined it for me but now I really want to watch the film again with someone who’s never seen it before and just watch their reaction to it all.
  • Somerset: This guy’s methodical, exacting, and worst of all, patient.
    Mills: He’s a nut-bag! Just because the f****r’s got a library card doesn’t make him Yoda!



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    6.10pm – 30min till dinner so will try and squeeze in some of this film before then and watch the rest after because I’m still a teenage girl and I want to watch Joan Rivers on the Fashion Police on E! at 10pm ^_^

    11.29pm – Clint Eastwood, Richard Harris and Morgan Freeman. Dirty Harry, Dumbledore and God. You don’t get much better than that.

  • The opening shot was very beautiful, it’s a stunning silhouette of a house, tree and a man [Eastwood] digging up the ground. This shot could mean a lot of things but then writing comes up on the screen and it kind of explains it. Anyways, it’s a gorgeous shot/technique that Eastwood uses a few times in this movie and rightly so.
  • Vicious opening [after the beautiful silhouette] where a woman [a prostitute] is horribly attacked by a man with a knife. I felt that this was a good contrast to the previous beautiful shot.
  • I had to double check when this movie was made because Eastwood’s style made me think it was from the 70s but its actually 1992! Eastwood managed to capture the classic Western style, I could not tell that it was shot in 1992.
  • I thought that it was incredibly sweet and yet so sad that Munny [Eastwood] constantly thought of his dead wife but it starts to get a bit repetitive about halfway through. I know she changed him from a murdering drunkard into a loving, caring father but jeez, not every sentence needed to be about the wife.
  • I thought that it was really good [and funny] that Munny was rusty when it came to getting on a horse and shooting. It felt a bit more realistic because 1. He IS an old man and would struggle with it all and 2. He hasn’t done any of that for 11 years. It just funny seeing Clint Eastwood fail to get on a horse.
    MORGAN FREEMAN!! Him and Eastwood have fantastic chemistry together. I just knew that their characters had been friends for years and years. They’re just fantastic together. Even though this movie isn’t a comedy, them two bounced off each other a few times. They talk about sex and its all awkward because they’re old and Ned [Freeman] says “so… do you just use your hand?” its just weirdly hilarious seeing Freeman and Eastwood talk awkwardly about sex. Also, the script on this Western felt a bit more relaxed and modern, especially some of Freeman’s lines “We’ve got a storm riding up our asses.” “There’s no hawk, you can’t see for shit, can you?”
  • “She gave me the evil eye.” Sorry but that line just makes me think of young teenagers who start fights because “she gave me well bad evils!!”
  • I thought it was a nice change to see Clint Eastwood playing a character that wasn’t always in control. I also thought it was a nice touch to have Ned & Munny to have lost their joy of murder because they’re older, wiser and appreciate life now. It was also a good contrast to the young one they were with who was so excited about killing someone then when he did, he hated it and said he’d never do it again.
  • It was so frustrating to watch Little Bill and his people chase after the wrong bad guys! The real bad guys are the ones that sliced the woman up, not the ones who are going to kill the bad guys. Though, I suppose when I put it like that, they’re both as bad as each other but its been filmed so it looks like Ned & Munny are actually really good guys which they are but just going to kill two people. Also, Little Bill is just as bad as the murders, maybe even worse because he tortures them.
  • “This is what happens to assassins round here” is written on a sign in front of a dead body. Its just a big sign of hypocrisy.
  • Richard Harris should have been in it more, his character could of done so much more.
  • I think I only really liked this film because of Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood, I think if anyone else had starred or directed it would have been too boring.



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