The Nightmare Before Christmas

I hate horror movies, which is why you won’t see any in this blog so I was a little skeptic about this movie. I know its animation and clearly not real and stuff but it’s the idea that freaks me out. However, I love Corpse Bride so I thought I should at least give this original a go. I’m glad I did.

  • It has the catchy, groovy music of Danny Elfman! I know some people take the piss out of him but I love his work; his songs are so jazzy! I actually recognized the first song from somewhere, probably in an advert or some TV show.
  • I now know where the skeleton face comes from! I don’t understand why emos and goths have Jack Skellington’s face on their bags and stuff. He’s the happiest skeleton I’ve ever seen, why would the supposed depressed people want a happy skeleton on their bags? So f*****g weird…
  • How on Earth did Tim Burton come up with the idea to make a movie on how Halloween would react to Christmas?! Its so brilliantly weird which is what Burton is, I suppose. Its such an interesting concept and the way the movie portrays it feels oddly realistic even though its beyond impossible. Jack’s reaction to Christmas is so childlike as he accepts Christmas to try and fill the emptiness Halloween is giving him. When Halloween does take over Christmas, its quite funny as the Jack-In-The-Box is replaced by a Scary-Pumpkin-Head-That-Chases-You-In-A-Box and a shrunken head instead of a puppy. Also, I really liked that half-way through Jack’s ‘HO HO HO’ it turns into an evil cackle like it has always been that way! To be honest, I ended up feeling really sorry of Jack as he is so innocent and ignorant to what he’s doing. He thinks he’s bringing joy as these Halloween items are all he knows. Its unusual to feel sympathy towards a creature of Halloween, especially for me as I HATE Halloween. Hate it!!!
  • I love that in the forest, there are doors to the different holidays. I still don’t understand why Americans love St.Patrick’s Day so much and why people are so proud to be a seventh Irish but they are. It would have been nice to see how Halloween reacted to the other holidays but alas, I think that would of made the movie unnecessarily longer.
  • Stop motion animation always looks so amazing, particularly Burton’s style. It feels like the movie consists of effortless puppets which is what I thought it was the first time I saw Corpse Bride. There is nothing like it and nothing can really compare to it. Everything is disproportionate and a totally different world to our own. They may have houses but ours aren’t stick thin and leaning so far to the left that makes it look like one gust of wind would be the end of it. I think by creating a world of their own, the creators have really provided the audience with escapism which is what we go to the movies for; to escape this harsh reality. Oooo, I noticed that they even used a little soft-focus effect on the girl/female Frankenstein like in the classic movies. Though, I may be wrong and my glasses could be just dirty!
  • It’s a Christmas movie like no other. I think that because its so strange and different, that it is a movie you could watch all yeah round, not just at Christmas or Halloween. Most times if you see a Christmas movie on TV and its July, you think they’ve gotten something wrong but I really think you could get away with watching this in summer. At night, of course, don’t think it would quite work to watch it whilst sunbathing.

    Tehehe, what a weird note to finish on. Suppose you can’t help but finish on a weird note with a Burton film.



    It Happened One Night

    This is the original rom-com. it’s the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, they slowly begin to love each other, boy misunderstands girl, girl misunderstands boy and then a happy ending. This is movie is the reason Saundra Bullock has a career. You have the stubborn, uptight woman and the cheeky, easy-going man who go on a journey together and fall in love, whether they like it or not. Its so nice to see where romantic comedies came from and how far they’ve come which, to be honest, isn’t that far. This movie could easily of been released now and it would fit in perfectly with the modern-day audiences.

    This movie is shot so beautifully but its not rare amongst movies of the 1930s era. It has this gorgeous glow about it which makes it all so dreamlike and romantic. It turns simple scenes into something stunningly breathtaking. Its such a great effect that it makes Claudette Colbert’s eyes sparkle in the dark.

    Even though this is a very small [and pathetic] review, I really did like this movie. I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy and this is where it all began! It is a black and white old movie but I promise you, you won’t even notice. Its timeless which is quite rare for romcoms. No matter what era, you would love this classic movie.



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    The Misfits

    I really liked this film but I think that’s purely because I love Marilyn Monroe so much. Its not considered a great movie by some but its special because it’s the last film Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable completed before their sad deaths.

  • Even though colour had been available for over 20 years, this film was shot in black and white. It gives the movie a more classic feel to it, like its archive footage [though it kind of is now, to us].
  • This is a very different character to what we usually saw Monroe as. Of course, there’s still the innocence part but she’s not the dumb blond. She has real depth to her and has such an expressive face that we know exactly what the character is thinking. Her acting isn’t comical for once, it’s rather dramatic and feels real. I’m so jealous of her because even in black and white she’s stunning. However, they use the wonderful technique of soft focus which creates a glowing effect [which I love] because Monroe was in a bad place and came out of rehab halfway through shooting.
  • The script is perfectly written. It made this normal, almost boring scenes and set into something captivating. A lot of the lines are quite spooky considering the deaths of Monroe and Gable and other lines feel very relatable to Monroe’s mental state at the time. Such as “What makes you so sad? You’re the saddest girl I ever met.” “You’re the first man who’s ever said that. I’m usually told how happy I am.” Monroe always put on a brave face for the public but inside she was tearing apart. Another is almost ironic as one of the men say to Monroe’s character “hope your life goes on forever”. The lines are quite sad when compared to what happened.
  • I felt weird about Gay [Gable] and Roslyn’s [Monroe] relationship. I felt the age gap was a bit too big and they looked more like father and daughter. Actually, looked a little bit like grandpa and granddaughter!
  • One of the many things that I love about Monroe is the fact that her body is similar to mine! She reveals in the movie that she is a size 12 [though she looks smaller, I’m an 8 so she must have been smaller!] and we also see her in a bikini and she has wobbly bits! A wobbly tummy! Why oh why can’t we have more women like that in movies! Its so refreshing to see a real woman’s body. It was the first time I watched a movie with a bikini scene and didn’t feel obese or bad that I was eating cookies. She’s not fat, not at all, but she’s real.
  • There is a scene where Roslyn is hitting that ball on a string bat thing. Normally, you’d think a scene like that would be boring but it ended up being pretty exciting! The crowd is going crazy over it because she’s doing so well and shakes her bum as she does it.
  • There are two types of women that we see in movies; the motherly figure and the sex symbol. Strangely enough, Roslyn is both. She’s clearly a sex symbol but she cares for these men like they were her sons.
  • Great drink acting in this movie, really good! Gable, Clift and Wallach were perfect drunks, very realistic.
  • One scene really struck me as being beautifully sad. Roslyn finally cracks after watching the men tie down the wild horses. She runs into the desert and starts screaming at them for being murderers. We never see a close-up of Monroe, we get a long distance shot of her but we can tell how distressed she is through her voice and her body movement. It feels very iconic to me. Normally, you have these close-ups of the actress to see her face filled with emotion but not here. You don’t need it. You have this single shot of Roslyn on her own in the middle of nowhere, shouting at the sky, its incredibly powerful. The way Monroe screams is almost like she’s been holding it in from the moment she became famous, like she’d finally exploded and was screaming everything out in these scripted lines. Its such a sad place, where the ‘inspiration’ came from but it made terrific cinema.
  • I think what makes this movie so impressive is what was going on behind the scenes; the heat was incredibly intense in the northern Nevada desert, the director was a gambling drunk who would be on set either drunk or falling asleep, Monroe’s marriage to the screenwriter was failing and she was drinking and taking prescription drugs and ended up in rehab halfway through filming. Considering all this, they still made a good movie! Imagine how it would have been if they were all sober and happy!
  • I know this was more of a love letter for Monroe [lol] but she kind of made the movie worth watching.



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    The Bicycle Thief

    It may be old, it may be in black and white and it may be Italian, but its such a beautifully sad film. Even people with the coldest of hearts would feel something from this movie.

    Its set in post-WW2 Rome and its beyond poor. If you’ve ever complained about our current so-called ‘recession’, you will feel so guilty if you watch this movie [and you can on your computer, Netflix has it available on demand!]. We don’t have people queuing for hours just to get on public transport. Its unbelievably poor and made me feel so blessed to have what I have.

    Our main character gets a job out of the very few that are available. However, he can only obtain the job if he owns a bicycle. His loving wife sells their bed sheets so they can buy a bicycle. They’re so happy that he finally has a job and they can start ‘living’ again. On his first day, the bike is stolen. You watch this man and his son go through so much [emotionally] as they search for the bike. Its not just a bike, its their ticket out of extreme poverty. This bike means food for the family. Throughout the film, we never forget this. We beg and pray that they find it, they’re the nicest family and they have a cute baby too. The dad feels he is forced to steal and you shout at the screen for him not to, that if he does it would be worse than not having a bike at all.

    The child in this movie is an incredibly good actor. There is one shot which broke my heart, his dad has just been humiliated and he knows they won’t find the bike and have no money. The kid walks down the street, brushing off the dirt from his father’s hat whilst sobbing in despair. Its not hysterical crying, its that quiet crying that shows the pain most. He joins his father and he looks up; his father is quietly weeping too but staring straight ahead. The son holds his father’s hand, hoping to give him a little comfort and to tell him that he knows he tried his best. Its so heartbreaking, you know they’ve tried so hard and deserve the food but they’re at the end of their rope. I know that my dad would do all he could if we, heaven forbid, were ever in that situation. I’m so glad it ends there, I don’t think I could of watched the aftermath of that.

    I can see why a lot of directors have praised this movie so much. It is rather inspirational and makes you thankful for what you have. That’s what pisses me off, when people [mainly teenagers] complain about the most ridiculous things and are so ungrateful for what they have! “Oh, my boyfriend of a week has broken up with me and I have a spot, there’s no point in living any more!” “Yes… I think there are children in Africa holding a rock concert for you.” Ungrateful sods. Sorry, end of rant! But please, be grateful for what you have, you have a roof over your head, food on the table, fresh water and a family who will always love you, no matter what.



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    The Departed

    This movie is about how one can be a rat in two very different ways. You have the police’s informant [DiCaprio] who is put in situations that would make you think he was the bad guy if you’d just walked in on the movie. Then you have the bad guy’s informant [Damon] who is in the Special Investigations Unit and would be, at first glance, the good guy. It sounds weird as I can’t really find the right words to put it but trust me, its incredibly clever.

  • Jack Nicholson’s iconic voice is one of the first things we here. This man is like Robert De Niro, as soon as you see or hear him, you know its going to be a great movie.
  • It is very realistic in terms of violence. You see and hear the gun, you see and hear the blood. Be prepared for that if you ever choose to watch this movie. If you faint at the sight of blood, best watch it already laying on the floor.
  • Its got two people whose names I can’t say properly thanks to Team America which is Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin. Both are great in this movie though Damon pisses me off slightly because there are times when I don’t know whether he’s pretending to be happy or is just doing some shit acting. Leonardo DiCaprio is awesome as always.
  • DiCaprio is bashed for having a criminal family record after having done nothing wrong himself, Damon just wanders in and gets a job even though he’s been working for Nicholson since he was something like 11; its not fair.
  • There is one scene that really made me laugh; Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg’s ‘your mum’-esk banter, it was pure comical genius. I can see why Baldwin is praised for comedy [though I’ve never seen 30 Rock or whatever its called.]
  • I’d say that for two thirds of the movie, Damon and DiCaprio are always linked but never actually interact. Its like they’re always together but never in the same room, if you get me. Damon may be on the screen but there is also the presence of DiCaprio. Hope I’m making sense. It was good, that’s what I’m saying ^_-
  • Nicholson’s codename is ‘dad’ or ‘pop’. He is the father figure for both Damon and DiCaprio and this is why they trust him so much. Nicholson uses the fact he is older than these men to his advantage and becomes their fathers. Very clever. Sneaky and mentally horrible, but clever.
  • Oh my God, this film has the most amazing looking desert ever! I’m not entirely sure what it is [and neither are the characters] but it looks kind of like a tower of brownies with chocolate things poking out of it and its at least a foot tall. It looks so delicious and made me want a brownie tower too. It is my birthday soon, actually… mum, you’re reading this, do you remember the desert? I think I watch some of this movie with you? I don’t want a cupcake for my birthday cake anymore, I want a brownie tower!!! OK, I’ve written too much about a desert now. I’m such a girl!
  • Nicholson is a different gangster leader. He actually gets involved and does stuff himself as well as getting others to do his deeds. There is one scene where he tortures DiCaprio even though his tough guy is in the room. By the way, that scene is very painful to watch. You find yourself wincing and holding onto your left hand and wrist. Ooooooo… so painful…
  • There is a lot of cross-cutting editing. We see two things happening at once and we also get comparisons between the lives of the two types of rats. We are constantly reminded that we are seeing two sides and two points of views.
  • Tehehe, there is a scene when Damon calls DiCaprio for the first time and as soon as Damon pressed the ‘call’ button, my phone went off! I jumped out my seat then started laughing; for a moment, Matt Damon was ringing me. [For those who care, it was one of those scam people. Knobheads. Sorry for my language but they are.]
  • At the end, I jumped and said “OOOOOO!!!!” about 3 times! Its so unexpected! I have seen this movie before but I must of changed the channel over before the movie ended because I never saw the end and now I realize I should of! Its so unexpected and I found myself going [highlight if you want to know the ending] “OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED LEONARDO DICAPRIO! THOSE BASTARDS!” I’m sorry, I watch too much South Park. >.< By the way, the blood spurting out of people’s heads looks freakishly real even though I’ve never seen someone’s head blow off.
  • Good film. Scorsese never lets you down!



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    I think that I may review Platoon in a different way than I have before and see if I like this style better. Obviously, I’ll still start with the ‘introduction’ to my feelings of the movie because you all care [ ^_- – that‘s right, just so you know I‘m joking I‘m resorting to using the lame ‘wink‘ face… ^_- ]

    I’ve read that this film got praise and criticism for film reviewers and here is another review of praise. It’s a great war movie that doesn’t gloss over how violent war is and shows the two types of leading soldiers; the good and the bad. And bad soldiers unfortunately do exist on the ‘right’ side, not just ‘the enemy’ side.

    Here are my notes;

  • I have this theme tune on iTunes and I didn’t even realize it! Well, I remember it being called ‘Platoon Theme’ but I’m stupid and didn’t make the connection between the title of the song and the title of the bloody movie. Thanks Josh, for sending my war songs without me knowing!
  • One of the first shots we see are the body bags which warns the audience that this is going to be a realistic war film that won’t gloss over the fact that people actually died.
  • This is a bit of a film-studies-nerdy note but the lighting in this movie is fantastic. Its hard to light up the outdoors at night so the camera can actually see them without it looking artificial. There was also the good use of having the actors block out the sun with their silhouettes which is a technique I’ve always loved.
  • IT’S DR. COX!! Its cool seeing him as someone other than Dr. Cox.
  • The ‘bad’ soldier, Tom Berenger has scars all over his face which indicates that he was attacked or blow up or something and lived which therefore makes him more badass.
  • For modern people who are used to Johnny Depp being the leading man are going to watch this and end up playing the ‘Where Is Johnny Depp’ game. He has a minor role in this movie and therefore you try to spot him throughout the whole film.
  • There is a good fight where the ‘bad’ soldier and the ‘good’ soldier, Williem Dafoe [James Franco’s dad in Spider Man to you teens out there].
  • There is a great scene where you see the effects war can have on you mentally. Charlie Sheen is all sweet and innocent then suddenly he shoots bullets at the ground, demanding a disabled Vietnamese man to dance. Sounds a little funny but its quite horrible to watch. It really shows that sometimes the mental damage war does is worse than the physical damage.
  • This movie shows that not all soldiers are heroes. We need to remember this. If we treat these ‘bad’ soldiers the same as the ‘real’ soldiers, then they’re going to get worse.
  • It made me want to watch Tropic Thunder.
  • I thought that the classic shot of Williem Dafoe’s good soldier with his arms in the air whilst being shot would be funny to me because of Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder but it wasn’t. It really wasn’t. Its was horrible to watch and almost made me cry. It was unfair which is what war is all about.
  • It’s a great war movie and I would recommend it to anyone who loves American history and war movies. Though, to be honest, if you’re a fan of history or war movies, you’ve probably already seen this movie! However, younger generation, if you like Tropic Thunder [like I do] then you will really like this movie.



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    Jackie Brown

    This is probably going to be my shortest review yet. Jackie Brown has a groovy soundtrack, Samuel L. Jackson says the ‘n’ word and m****r f****r far too many times and has freaky long hair, and Robert De Niro can make any scene awesome even if the character is totally boring. Seriously, that’s all I can really say. Its an alright film to watch if you’re totally bored. Its weird but I can describe it as being like the cooking channel when you don’t like cooking; you’ll watch it because you’re bored. It’s a good storyline and all but it doesn’t spark any kind of emotion from me. Well, that’s a little wrong as Samuel L. Jackson’s freaky long hair made me feel a little queasy. Oh, and if you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t watch this movie because you’ll be right back on 40 a day, this movie is non-stop chain-smoking. I think I even got a bit of secondhand smoke just watching it.



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    Forrest Gump

    It’s a mixture of different stories about one man, his journey and the people around him. We have laughter, drama, history, love, loyalty and sadness; all the things life is made of.

    Forrest Gump is one of those movies that you either love or hate and those who hate are normally Americans. Some people hate it because of the history in it. Now, I’m not entirely sure why they don’t like it but I think its because of the way the history is portrayed or something. I am the ignorant teenager and unfortunately don’t know that much about American history so I loved this movie. I loved how they managed to squeeze him into historical events and literally putting him in clips of history. Even though we currently live in an age with breath-taking special effects and therefore the effects in this movie look a little lame, I still grin in awe of how clever they were in pasting Tom Hanks [who is one of my favourite actors] into the archive footage and digitally modifying the historical figures, such as the many Presents of the United States he ‘met’. Oooo, I must say that because of ‘All The Presidents Men’ which I watched previously, I knew about the Watergate Scandal and therefore got the reference and found myself laughing! Who’d of thought that I’d be laughing at a political joke! Anyway, I loved how it turned out to be Forrest who taught Elvis his now iconic moves, suppose its because it makes me think of my awesome driving instructor who was obsessed with Elvis to the point of trying to look like him [you try having a driving lesson with Elvis teaching you, its weird yet cool!]. It was also very smart of them to include the not-so-bright side of the history with poor Jenny who suffered greatly through time, mainly with drugs. You always need two sides of the story for balance; there is never one side to a story.

    One theme that really struck a cord with me was loyalty. The loyalty Forrest has for Jenny, his friends and his mother. Especially his mother. I can relate to Forrest this way because I know that if I was on a boat and heard my mum was sick, I’d jump straight off it to get to her too. Anyone who is close to their mum can relate to Forrest. Actually, anyone who’s loyal to people in general can relate. I think that loyalty is what makes Forrest so adorable, not that he’s ‘simple’. His loyalty to Jenny [dammit, I keep typing ‘Kenny’ and that’s because the ‘k’ and ‘j’ are close to each other on the keyboard, not that I’ve been watching South Park every day…*shifty eyes*] is beautiful. This film has actually made me realize that love is loyalty and loyalty is love. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Suppose I’ll be proven wrong one day but I’ll stick to it for now.

    Onto the happy stuff! This film has brought us so many memorable lines! ‘RUN, FORREST, RUN!’ ‘My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”’ to name but a few. There is one line that made me laugh and I had to literally cover my mouth with my hand so I didn’t wake up my brother next door [apparently, whilst watching these movies, I’ve been making noise and waking him up, oops!] which was about the bullet wound he got in his ‘buttocks’; “Oh, yes sir. Bit me right in the buttocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but the army must keep that money ’cause I still haven’t seen a nickel of that million dollars.” I still laughed even though I didn’t know, like Forrest, what a million dollar wound was [though I knew it didn’t involve money, unlike Forrest]. Now I know its making reference to getting a wound that is serious enough to get you sent home from war but not fatal enough to do any actual damage. Wonder if there is a list of these wounds and they thought the bum one was the funniest!

    Other cool things; little Jenny is incredibly cute, Tom Hanks should of hand longer hair, it shows some hilarious theories in how the slogan ‘shit happens’ and the smiley face t-shirt came about, and it has the kid from A.I. who sees dead people but he’s something like 3 in this and beyond adorable! Wonder what he’s doing now… is he even still alive? I’ll Google it… wow, he’s actually done bugger all since A.I. and is an alcoholic. Not surprising actually.

    And on that positive note…



    PS: I have a weird sense of humor, my apologies if you don’t get it, its hard to get it across via internet ^_^

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    Moulin Rouge

    I adore this film so much. Its so much fun, its beautifully shot and is an incredible blend of comedy and tragedy. Oh, and it has one of my favourite soundtracks and favourite song of all time. I bow to you Baz Luhrmann, you did it again.

    For my A Level Film Studies course, I studied Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy and the style of Red Curtain Cinema so I know a little about it and now you will too. There are three rules to Red Curtain Cinema; have an underlining myth or story that the audience recognizes so they know how its going to end, set it in a heightened created world that seems very far away and theatrical yet still familiar and keep the audience in contract so they don‘t forget they‘re in a cinema and they can participate. The underlining myth/story for Moulin Rouge! is the orphan story; the journey from youthful idealism into the underworld, confronting the notion that there are things you cannot control. The heightened created world is 19th century Montmartre, Paris and to keep the audience in contract, the characters burst into song to allow the audience to participate in the story. These characters may be in a different time zone [and country] but they sing modern songs with theatrical/musical twists. Luhrmann and Craig Armstrong managed to turn these popular songs to fit with their story in such a perfect way that you tend to forget the original versions. You have such ‘remastered’ songs as The Sound of Music, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Roxanne, The Show Must Go On and Your Song. Thing is, you will either love these new versions or hate them and stick to your loyalty of the originals. I, for one, LOVE THEM! I have the soundtrack and have listened to it countless times. My favourite song from the movie [and of all time] is El Tango De Roxanne. Its so powerful and moving that you find yourself stopping what you’re doing and imagining the film with the tango dancers and The Duke with Satine. I’ve actually paused writing this review so I can listen to the song again!

    Sorry, back to the review. This movie is so colorful and vibrant. It has all the colours of the rainbow, though I’d say the main focus is probably red. I think there’s red in pretty much every scene that’s not a sad scene. In my eyes, the red symbolizes the love, it is always there. It will leave you wanting to sing, dance, fall in love and cry all at the same time. It has one of the most heartbreaking endings I’ve ever seen in a movie, even more heartbreaking than Brokeback Mountain. I could never watch the ending of Moulin Rouge! with my family because I didn’t want to cry in front of them! But it’s a good thing! It just shows how powerful this movie is and how strong these two character’s love is. We feel so connected to the characters that we burst into tears at this tragic ending. It’s a perfect tragic comedy that would make William Shakespeare proud.

    Throughout the movie we get a sense of theatre and imagination not only through the characters bursting into song but because of the settings and editing. In Elephant Love Medley [an amazing blend of modern songs], at one point they’re in the elephant house type thing then the next minute they’re singing and dancing in the clouds with the Eiffel Tower poking through and a opera-singing moon. The editing gives it a fantasy-like feel as there are a lot of jump-cuts [where the scenes don’t ‘flow’ from one clip to another narratively] and fast-motion. Everything is over the top like the theatre should be, everything from the costumes, the lighting, the singing and The Duke’s evil moustache.

    Do you believe in beauty? Freedom? Truth? Love? Nicole Kidman singing whilst being the most pale woman in the world? Ewan McGregor looking incredibly hot whilst singing with one of the most beautiful male voices ever and you can’t help but think “OMG Obi-Wan Kenobi can sing!”? Are you one of the few people in the world who hasn’t seen Moulin Rouge!? Watch this movie. Its one of the most visually and narratively beautiful movies you’ll ever watch. And it has some incredibly catchy tunes that you won’t be able to help but sing!

    And remember…

    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.



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    The Magnificent Seven

    7.51pm – This shall be first movie, for this blog, I watch with my parents, brother is out somewhere… dunno where… good thing actually because I don’t think I’d be able to stand his closed-minded comments!

    11.19pm –
    I’m going to cut straight to the chase here without those little [useless] introductions that I do. The Magnificent Seven is a great movie because of the narrative/storyline and some fantastic acting. It’s a sweet, classic story of a leader given a task, he finds the best of the best and they take on their challenge. This film was based on the movie Seven Samurai [which I will be watching at some point!] and it’s a storyline that has been used countless times because it is practically fool-proof. If you like the Ocean movies, you’ll like this one, and you have Steven McQueen instead of Brad Pitt and Yul Brynner instead of George Clooney. Now that I think about it, the two modern ones are incredibly similar to the old classic actors, which I think will help modern audiences [especially teens and young adults] enjoy this film more as they have something to relate to modern life. Brynner was amazing, my parents warned me of this and I totally see what them mean; he takes complete control of the screen and has this presence that would make the audience do and believe whatever he says. McQueen was pretty good too, can see why he‘s still so famous. There is one character that made me annoyed but in a great way because he’s actually supposed to be annoying! And those in England will recognize the name; Chico. Americans, look up ‘Chico Time’ on YouTube. Chico [the character] is the annoying ‘pretty boy’ young man who thinks he’s amazing and one of the ‘big boys’. I love that we get to see glimpses of the other ‘seven’ and they’re all grinning, rolling their eyes and bowing their heads to stop themselves from laughing.

    I’m a child of the 90s and therefore kept grinning and pointing at the TV whenever I saw something that reminded me of Bug’s Life. This whole film seems to of been Bug’s Life’s inspiration and I have to be careful what I say because my dad was like “Bug’s Life is like Magnificent Seven, Magnificent Seven is not like Bug’s Life”. The storyline is practically the same and I really loved seeing one of the ‘seven’ surrounded by kids, just like the ladybug in Bug’s Life. I’m sorry! I’ll stop mentioning that film now. Sorry. I couldn’t help but make the references.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed by anything else, it all seemed pretty average but then again, I have nothing negative to say about it. It’s a nice classic, v.enjoyable!