This Is Spinal Tap

I’d only heard of this movie thanks to another movie, Juno, where the character mentions Spinal Tap and because Juno mentioned it, I though “its got to be good” and it is. It’s a mocumentary [a comedic documentary] about the fictional band Spinal Tap and their American tour.

  • Before the movie even started, when we were on the menu screen on the DVD, dad was already cracking up and it gave me a good idea of what to expect. Very funny and almost realistic dialogue that makes this mocumentary work. The more real it sounds, the funnier it is.
  • The hair is fantastic. They have characters of their own. I half expected one of the hairs to suddenly jump up and attack everyone.
  • I wondered whether this was scripted or improv and, according to Wikipedia, its mainly improv which is the only way to go when you’re doing a mocumentary. I suppose you tell the actors to get from point A to point B of the plot and they just make their own way there.
  • The songs are awesome, I really like them! Its great that the actors and director wrote and performed all the songs. In my notes, I wrote down two specific songs, Big Bottom and Stonehenge. Very funny songs, especially when you link the Stonehenge song to the dwarfs.
  • There is something hilarious about fully grown men acting all diva-ish. Loved it when the brunette guy has a fit about the food and that he can’t fold the bread and there’s nothing in some olive but something in other olives.
  • The archive footage was funny, as they mocked the music and look of the era.
  • Loved that the drummers always die. I think one of the lines is that there have been 37 members of Spinal Tap because all the drummers mysteriously die.
  • My dad said he likes the blond one’s space shirt!
  • Loved when the brunette guy does his classical pieces on the piano and they’re very beautiful but one of the songs is called ‘Lick my Love Pump.’
  • I totally felt for the band when they got lost backstage! Its totally like that at the theatre I used to volunteer at. I got lost quite a few times so I loved that scene.
  • I loved that they have the classic little under-story of the BFF hating his BFFs wife and visa versa.
  • The accents are a bit weird but whatever, I somehow manage to not care for this movie.
  • Sorry, this review is a bit crap isn’t it… the movie is great, my dad laughed the whole way through, I really liked it and I think you should rent it.




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