True Romance

I loved this movie, I thought it was clever how it manages to waver between romance and thriller and back again. I also loved the little cameos of famous actors who would normally be leading men but instead had no more that 10min airtime. Now, my brain has suddenly shut down so my review will probably A. not give it justice to how good it is and B. not make sense. Apologies in advance.

  • Funky opening music.
  • Our two main characters fall in love which started over their love of movies. That’s how I want to find love, in the cinema! The pair are so sweet and adorable together, they’re just totally made for each other. She’s the sweetest girl who has bad luck with jobs [she was a call girl when she met him] and he’s an adorable film nerd who works at a comic store. And normally I roll my eyes when people in movies fall in love after knowing each other one night but for some reason, I totally believed them in this and believed that they had fallen for each other in one evening. It made a nice change from freaking Disney ‘what’s your name? We’ll be married in the morning’ s**t.
  • It’s CRAZY!Gary Oldman! However, he is on the fine line of being awesome crazy and incredibly annoying crazy. He plays a white pimp who talks and acts like a stereotypical black guy. I hate it when white people do that [my brother does it, ergh, hopefully he’ll grow out of it… “I’m a gangster” no you’re not, you’re a tall white boy who cuddles his mummy when he’s got poorly tummy]. Anyways, CRAZY!Gary Oldman manages not to completely p**s me off so he still remains cool. Also he has dreads which is also weirdly cool on him. Then he kills Samuel L.Jackson who has about 3 lines and I guess that shocked me because I’d of thought he’d been in it till the end but then I realized that these big stars only have small roles in the movie.
  • Elvis lives! Well, in Christian Slater’s head. And I loved that you never see ‘Elvis’ completely; he’s always either not in focus or you only see him from the neck down but you just know its him.
  • Slater’s character’s sunglasses are Elvis sunglasses. They’re pretty damn cool in a Halloween costume kind of way.
  • He kills for her and its ‘so romantic’. I can see why a guy getting into a fight with another guy over a girl is romantic but killing is a bit… extreme… no?
  • OMG! His dad is the bomber from Speed!! Then the dude from The War At Home and My Name Is Earl is in it too! I think that’s one the things about the little cameos by people, you can go “OMG its him!” and then he’s gone! I don’t know why but I love tiny parts for big stars, it just shows how awesome they are!
  • I loved that he could just say ‘hello baby’ like Elvis to his friend [dude from The War At Hom] on the phone and his friend knows exactly who he is! I love that, when friends know each other so well that they know who it is just with two words!
  • I thought there was some good music where the dad knows he’s about to die and you can see it in his eyes but he tries not to show it but the music tells it all, that he knows its his last couple of minutes. Amazing what music can do, isn’t it!
  • OMG ITS BRAD PITT! Now, let me just say this, I’ve known a few stoners but Brad Pitt is the best stoner I’ve ever seen. He’s totally out of it and has about 7 lines, two of which I find to be quite legendary, he‘s all buddy to this guy and totally relaxed and stoned then the guy leaves and he‘s like “Don’t condescend me, man. I’ll f****n’ kill ya, man.” when he looks like he couldn’t kill a fly even if it landed in his eye. And then another time when the others are leaving, “Hey! Get some beer and some cleaning products!”
  • There’s a scene where she gets really beaten up and its horrible to watch, especially as the blond and injuries look so real! Then after a while, she finally gets him with fire then stabs him then shoots him then whacks him. The whole scene is so emotional, probably the most emotional scene I’ve ever seen in movies. I could totally feel what she was feeling, it was so powerful. She was killing him, crying hysterically and getting the hitman [dude from The Sopranos] back for beating her up. Its just so damn powerful. I went from ‘you go girl’ to feeling complete and total pity for her.
  • I thought it was very symbolic that there is a scene where everyone is shot dead except our main couple and the dude from War At Home and the whole room is covered with white, pure feathers. I don’t know why I think its symbolic but it just felt it to me.
  • I don’t know how the couple got away with it but after everything they went through, I don’t even care that in real life they’d get caught. They have a son and he’s the cutest, happiest little boy ever! And they name him Elvis, how cool!
  • 67/212



    Too long. Its too damn long. 3 hours. Like I have said before, a movie should not be 3 hours long unless it is Lord of the Rings.

  • Within the first minute, you can tell its going to be American as we have the classic trumpets and drums that is often associated with America. We also have a president’s speech over the top of the music which indicates that this movie is all about presidents even though we kind of got that from the movie being called ‘JFK’.
  • Another couple of minutes in, we get a little history lesson on JFK which was a good idea as some people watching, myself included, might not know that much about Kenney. It also sets the tone for the movie as it is a mixture of archive footage and performed footage.
  • The whole movie has a certain style about it. The colours are off slightly, like they’ve been blended in with black and white. There is also a slight glow to the film. The off-colour and glow give it a very nostalgic feel, making the audience feel like they’re definitely watching a piece of history.
  • Its got Crazy Gary Oldman in it who’s being his normal Crazy Gary Oldman self! Not that I’m complaining, he’s a fantastic actor who can do crazy very well, hence Crazy Gary Oldman.
  • ‘They’ find a gun in Crazy Gary Oldman’s place and go ‘aha! This is the weapon!’ and a woman goes ‘well, that wraps the case up’ and the bad guy from Jurassic Park says ‘anyone can get a gun in Texas!’ It was funny when I watched it, probably not so much when I type it lol. However, it is the one thing I hate about America is how freely one can buy a gun. Its unnecessary.
  • Oliver Stone [the director] uses a great technique which is what I think all historical movies should do; use a mixture of archive footage and performed footage THROUGHOUT the movie, not just at the beginning. When a character is telling a story or they’re watching TV, its always a mixture of real and performed footage which constantly reminds the audience that this is real, this actually happened and this is what was said and done and so forth. Most historical movies do the archive footage only at the beginning to show everyone it’s a true story but this does it throughout and I really liked it.
  • When a character is telling a story, producing a theory or reading something, it cuts from them to what they’re reading/saying. For instance, Garrison [Kevin Costner] is reading the Warren Report in his head and we cut to the actual court hearings so we get a visual. This technique is fantastic for when someone is making a big speech or telling a long story. An audience will get restless if we just see a man talking for five minutes, we need to see something else for a while and its even better when its what the person is actually talking about. Especially, when they’re talking about quite complicated stuff and keep throwing names in and you can’t remember which character is which. When you’re watching a movie, it’s the visuals that help the story. I can’t remember Tommy Lee Jones’s character’s name but I know that when they’re talking about someone and then suddenly there’s a clip of Tommy Lee Jones I understand who they mean now. It just helps us simpletons!
  • Speaking of Tommy Lee Jones, he’s gay in this film, smokes a lot and has this weird grey afro thing going on which actually looks kind of cool. Anyways, he’s awesome like Crazy Gary Oldman and makes every scene he’s in worth watching. Espeically as Tommy Lee Jones is gay with Kevin Bacon which is by far one of the weirdest, coolest things I think I’ve ever typed!
  • I felt that there was no need to know about Garrison’s family life. I felt it to be very unnecessary and pointless. I know that its supposed to give the character more depth but I honestly couldn’t give a shit. The other characters didn’t have families we needed to know about and neither did Garrison. It also would of made the movie soooo much shorter!!
  • “Politics is power, nothing more.” Damn right.
  • I totally lost interest in the movie at about the 2hr mark. It’s a good movie and all but I just started going on my mum’s laptop and checking my Café World café on Facebook [yes, I am that cool ^_-]. Then the finale came and that was interesting for about a couple of minutes then Garrison’s speech dragged on and I was back on Facebook.
  • It’s a good movie that uses archive footage amazingly. Buts its too damn long! 3hr 34min for a drama is too damn freaking long! Directors, you’ve got to let scenes go! Let them go!



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    Léon: The Professional

    Here’s a little health tip; when watching movies at home, don’t reach for the popcorn, reach for the grapes! Obviously, reach for the popcorn at the cinema. I don’t expect you to walk through those doors and smell the popcorn and not spend $7 on some! Oh, and get Milk Duds, mmmmmm… Milk Duds… at least I think that’s what they’re called.

    Léon is an incredible film. I could just leave it at that as I believe that sentence alone could do it justice. But I’m not going to do that. I haven’t stayed up to watch this film not to give it a proper review. It’s a very well made, shot and casted film. I think of the 8 films I’ve watched and reviewed, this is the one [so far] that I beg you to watch. Such a great film that I didn’t even quickly check up on Facebook in the middle of it. it’s the shortest film I’ve watched so far and at 1 hour 49 minutes, it’s the right length as well. You wouldn’t want it any longer or shorter. Sometimes, I watch films and think “nah, they didn’t need that scene” but with this film, I didn’t think that at all. Every scene had a purpose and that makes a great film.

    Within the first 10 minutes, you can see why it is called Léon: The Professional. He’s incredibly skilled at what he does. Even though he is a hitman and kills people, you’re impressed by him, not disgusted. Then you see him walk away from the ‘scene of the crime’ and he passes off as just some regular guy in the street. Those are the kind of hitmen that you need to worry about as you can’t spot them from a mile away, unlike some hitmen who in a fancy suit, designer shades and an ear piece. We also see Léon do average man thinks like drink milk, iron his clothes and watches old, classic musicals at the cinema. He clearly lives on his own which makes sense as, as a hitman, you don’t want any personal weaknesses such as loved ones. Though I think Léon would be pretty devastated if you shot his plant. You’ll see why when you watch the film.

    There is one thing about this film that if the character were cast any differently, the film would of fallen on flat on its face. You can’t have some cutesie child or the annoying kid. So you hire NATALIE PORTMAN! Mrs Skywalker! She’s perfect in this and I mean perfect. Like I mentioned before, there appear to be two main child roles and if they were in this, it just wouldn’t work. Portman, as Mathilda, not only has the high voice and looks so damn cute, she’s also incredibly mysterious. Well, at the beginning she is, anyways. She acts so fantastically for a 12 year old, you can’t tell its scripted! At all! Portman is just so realistic! She’s definitely gifted. Anyway, back to the character. We see Mathilda in the background as her father and some drug dealers talk which, in my opinion, signifies that she’s always the innocent witness to her father’s wrong-doings. She’s a victim of domestic abuse and abandonment even though she’s part of a family of 5. Though, she feels not part of the family at all, only to her younger brother. There was one line that shows this; her headteacher/principle phones and she pretends to be her ‘mum’, the principle asks where Mathilda and she replies “she’s dead”. This could mean so many things from whether the old Mathilda is dead, her soul is dead or she may as well be dead. It a horrible thought for a 12 year old to have and we all sympathize with her and want to take her home and look after her properly!

    Now we have CRAZY GARY OLDMAN! He’s crazy in this so I called him Crazy Gary Oldman. Crazy Gary Oldman is the type of bad guy that puts on this nice-guy persona but its that chilling kind. The kind that makes you totally paranoid and want him to just kill you already. Especially as he likes to torture some one a little bit, with words, before he finally shoots them. I bet there’s been a couple of times when the ‘victim’ was just begging for him to end it all.

    I felt that within a few minutes of Léon saving Mathilda, he felt a connection to her. Like he could see a part of himself in her. I think he realized this when she comments that him being a hitman is ‘cool’. Léon doesn’t like this one bit and you can see why as he doesn’t want a vulnerable part to him that his enemies could get to. “I work alone.”

    It was a nice change from having a good-guy hitman after having the bad-guy hitman of the previous film, No Country for Old Men. Its refreshing to see different sides to a ‘job’. There is so much more I could say about this movie but 1. It could ruin it for those who haven’t watched it and 2. I don’t think I can word anything that would give the film justice. Its not a film that would make my personal top 10 but its certainly a movie that I would recommend to everyone, hence be doing it here.

    “What’s your name?” “Léon.” “Léon? Cute name.” Léon chokes on his milk.



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