What Others Have Said…

Empire Magazine [@empiremagazine via Twitter] “Fair play to you. But you were disappointed with Heat? Get out! (Kidding!)”

Film Threat [@filmthreat via Twitter] “Good luck! 26 isn’t bad when you’ve taken down 186. Hope you saved some 90 minute flicks for last…”

LOVE FiLM [@LOVEFiLM via Twitter] “Fantastic, just been reading through your reviews. Let us know how again how you get on :)”

Ian Wylie [@ianwylie via Twitter] “Impressive! Good luck with your future studies, Kate.”

Paul Osborne, Director of Official Rejection [via Facebook]

“Hey Kate,

It’s Paul, the director of OFFICIAL REJECTION. Just easier to write you here than Twitter! Because I’m verbose. Ha!

If there’re indie films you’ve heard buzz about, rather than try to track them down, you can always just go to the movie’s website, email them, and request a screener. These films are always looking for new reviews. Just sayin’. 😉

You also could “open submissions” for review, but the danger in doing that is getting way MORE than 212 movies, and not necessary watchable ones.

I just wanted to say I think your blog/experiment is really catchy and awesome. Plus, if you develop a solid following, that could translate into something really useful for you down the road. You could easily develop access to the movie world as a journalist, which can then open doors for you wherever you decide you want to go.

Anyhoo, have fun watching and reviewing flicks. Great stuff!

After I completed my challenge:

Film Threat [@filmthreat via Twitter] “Congrats on finishing the challenge! Well done! 212 Films in 7 Months is impressive!”

TheFilmFan [@TheFilmFan via Twitter] “Good job finishing the challenge. I bet you feel accomplished. Sorry you didn’t like Mallrats. Still a classic though.”

LOVE FiLM [@LOVEFiLM via Twitter] “Well done to you – very impressive!”

Chris Hallam [@filmbore via Twitter] “I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to do!”

Empire Magazine [@empiremagazine via Twitter] “Congratulations!”

Paul Osborne, Director of Official Rejection [via Facebook]

“Congrats on completing your challenge!! WOOO!!!!! Soooo glad you didn’t give up and kept going!! Woot!”

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