Goodfellas and Jaws

I had my new friend Karyn over to watch these two with me. We discussed them, exchanged funny comments and so on. Its nice watching movies with friends, I’ve really missed it! Anyways, I’m going to use Karyn as an excuse for my reviews being short and crap because she distracted me from my note-taking!!! Both films neither of us had seen before which was good.

A Man for All Seasons

This movie is about Sir Thomas More and his struggle with Henry VIII and the Roman Catholic Church. Its more interesting than it sounds!

  • Cardinal Wolsey [Orson Welles] looks a little like he’s possessed, he looks rather evil! I don’t know whether this was on purpose as the people who agree with the King getting divorced are portrayed as the bad guys but it made it seem more obvious to me.
  • Robert Shaw looks far more like Henry VIII than the modern actors who’ve portrayed him. Especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Seriously?! Also loved Henry’s costume! I love gooooold.
  • Paul Scofield is amazing in this film, the acting is superb and even though I’m not religious, I totally supported him.
  • “Cromwell, are you threatening me?” “My dear Norfolk… this isn’t Spain.” Tehehe.
  • More’s [Scofield] daughter is called Meg. I kept chuckling as all I could think of was Family Guy.
  • (more…)

    The Sting

    Very good movie. Fast paced, never boring and with a great twist at the end!

  • I really liked the opening credits and the title cards that were used throughout, I thought it was good to let the audience in on the stages of a con. However, the opening titles with the cast made it feel like it was a TV show rather than a film, I didn’t really like that.
  • Ergh, I hate seeing such corrupt policemen! I love that the police are the bad guys in this film, rather than the conmen.
  • Bloody hell, Paul Newman was really skinny back then! Scrawny little thing!
  • “He’s not as tough as he looks.” “Neither are we.” I loved this script!
  • I love all the card tricks. This film has made me want to learn poker, though I know I’d be awful because I’m constantly asking people about the rules which ruins the game most of the time!
  • I loved that Gondorf [Newman] decided to go for the drunk approach; it puts the other players in false security. Also there was some good comedy in there, like the way he looked at his cards so close to his chest. Brad Pitt did it in Mr and Mrs Smith, too.
  • The FBI wear funny straw hats! Then they blackmail Hooker [Redford]! How very un-FBI of them!
  • Awwww if Hooker had told Gondorf, he’d totally understand! Grrrr!!
  • Ooooooooooooh. Gah! That was a twist that I should of seen coming!! Its almost like they coned the audience as well!
  • Very good, I really liked it!

    106/212 [officially half way through my challenge!!!]


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