Dr. Strangelove Or; How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

I really loved this film! Its done so brilliantly well; the comedy is so subtle and it’s the kind that waits for the audience to laugh. Its not “look here’s a joke!”, its “and we’re talking very seriously here and did we just say that? Yes, we did just say that, lets move on.”

The plot of this movie is still relevant today with that war thing in the Middle East [I’m joking, of course, I know what’s going on there, sarcasm/irony don’t get across well on the internet and therefore gets lost because you’ve now forgotten what was sarcastic/ironic because I’ve had to explain myself.] And, to be honest, I think there’s a good chance that a USAF General would send a ‘H Bomb’ to Russia just so there can be a war and distract himself from his paranoia and sexual dysfunction.

Blazing Saddles

Oooo I loved this movie, its so funny! And I think I like it even more because it takes the piss out of westerns which I’ve been despising lately.

  • The white men are incredibly racist to the black people but they’re portrayed as the dumb, stupid, bad people and the black people are the smart, good guys.
  • What made me realize that this was going to be on hell of a weird western spoof was when Hedley Lamarr starts humping the statue. Then there’s the cattle in the saloon.
  • I love that the Governor has ‘GOV’ stitched onto the back of his jacket and the KKK have ‘have a nice day’ on their robes.
  • The new sheriff takes himself hostage and OMG, its so freaking funny, especially the townsfolk’s reaction.
  • There is a scene completely dedicated to farts and burps, a male paradise.
  • I love the little nod to Loony Toons.
  • Madeline Kahn is a great comedic actress!
  • I love just how quick The Waco Kid is, totally ripping on those ‘fast cowboys’.
  • Tehehe, there’s a great scene where he’s getting all the bad guys to list their ‘qualifications’ such as rape and murder, then one of the guys has gum in his mouth and he gets shot because he didn’t have enough to give to everyone.
  • I love that they totally break down the forth wall and interact with the audience and say things that show that they’re just acting and that this is a movie. They break the fourth wall so much that, during a big fight, they actually break a wall and land in another movie set! Then some of the characters go to the cinema to see ‘Blazing Saddles”! Brilliant!!!
  • Love the toll booth! Why are cowboys on horses going through a toll booth so damn funny?!
  • Then they drive off into the sunset in a limo. Genius.
  • The rest of the review shall be my favourite quotes and the main reasons why I think you should all watch this movie:


    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

    Thanks to the lovely Karen who has friended me on Facebook, I shall use this little intro section to do a little intro to the movie’s plot. However, my version of the plot may differ to the actual plot because I’m weird and a bit thick so yeah… anyways, ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ is about Pat Garrett chasing after Billy the Kid. They used to be BFFs but then Pat Garrett become a deputy and had to arrest Billy the Kid for killing someone so Pat Garrett chases him across Old Mexio or somewhere like that, I can’t remember.

  • The beginning is nice because it cuts very nicely between the past [in sepia tone] and present [colour]. I didn’t fully understand what was happening but I thought, visually, it looked pretty good.
  • “Sweet Mary’s ass!”
  • I love the soundtrack! Some great songs on there!
  • A lot of pink paint in this movie. Though I think we’re supposed to believe its blood…
  • “Why don’t you take your money, shove it up your ass, and set fire to it?”
  • James Coburn [Pat Garrett] has lovely hair for an old man!
  • There is a beautiful shot where one of the characters [think Billy the Kid] is on his horse, riding next to a lake and the audience can only tell what he’s doing because they can only see him via his silhouette in the reflection on the lake. It was beautiful, trust me.
  • There is a whole lot of killed friends in this movie. AND there are only two real displays of emotion towards the dead friends. One which was actually the wife and she smiled in a sad farewell as her husband walked away wounded [think signifying he was going to heaven but it was weird and out of place but still sweet]. And another was the final death and is rather understandable and a nice change of no emotion.
  • Its all a bit confusing but it slowly comes to light what is happening. I feel that there were too many times when I went “wait, what? Why is… what the… oh, wait, ok, NOW I get it…”
  • Some harsh racism in this movie but its needed to show how brutal it was back then.
  • There’s a nice little [tame] orgy in this movie so don’t watch it with your parents…
  • The whole film is a little slow and doesn’t really pick up the pace at all. But its alright, just could have been faster and more stuff happening.
  • Best of Enemies. Deadliest of Friends.



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