The Big Lebowski

Its very good, very funny and totally random. For us young-uns, its kind of like Pineapple Express but with slightly less weed. I’d only just heard about this film recently because the guy from the show Cake Boss mentioned that this was his favourite film ever and that he keeps quoting it [to the point where there is a counter in the corner of the screen of how many times he quotes the movie]. It’s a shame that I hadn’t seen it sooner.

Dude gets mistaken for another Lebowski and stuff goes on from there. Most of my notes are quotes, which is what this movie is famous for, so I’ll try to get a few little lines in about the film then just leave the rest to quotes because that’s all the fans of this movie care about!

  • This film made me want to go bowling. However, I did laugh at all the people that take bowling seriously. Our main 3 characters do love bowling but they haven’t gone as far as having their own matching outfits and gloves. Those are the people that need to be whacked round the head with a bowling ball. And they’re normally always fat! This is the only ‘sport’ they can play.
  • I love Dude’s hair. Love it. I want my hair to look like that, the way its curly at the ends and stuff.
  • Julianne Moore shocked me with her surprisingly good British accent! And she was a pretty cool character too.
  • I love that Dude and Walter talk like 20-somethings but they look [so badly] like middle-aged men.
  • I kept cracking up at Dude’s high-pitched girly screams and his plastic jelly sandals! I had a pair like that when I was young! They were pink! I lost one in the ocean.
  • (more…)

    Reservoir Dogs

    I feel bad that its taken me so long to finally watch this film the whole way through. I’ve seen the classic torture scene in film studies when we were doing shocking cinema. I didn’t even know how the storyline went or anything so its nice to finally be able to say I’ve seen it. For those who don’t know, the film is about the aftermath of a robbery gone wrong and blood.

  • Love the beginning where they’re all talking about what Madonna means in her song ‘Like a Virgin’. All except two are in identical suits which makes me immediately think they’re ‘bad men’. I don’t know what it is about men talking about what Madonna means that makes me smile.
  • “You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.” LMAO! Best line ever.
  • Even though it’s a pretty boring topic, I loved hearing Mr Pink’s opinion on tips and the whole tips discussion. I think that’s a sign of great scriptwriting when you can turn something boring into something very interesting.
  • Oh my God, the slow-motion walking clip with their suits and sunglasses… I think if it were done now-a-days, it would be a mockery but for some reason I found myself thinking “Damn… they are so freaking cool…”
  • How did he get shot?! Starting the storyline with the audience going “wait, what?! How?!” is a great idea. And, like I said before, I didn’t know the storyline so I wait “how did he get shot?! I knew they were dodgy people! They must be gangsters or something.”
  • Love the aliases being colours. Its really clever to get a group together who don’t actually know each other, dress them up identical and no one knows each other’s real names and stuff… it’s the perfect way to commit a crime!
  • The scenes are rather long but they work because we get details as well as it staying mysterious.
  • Love the pose of Mr Pink on the floor and Mr Orange standing over him, both with guns pointed at each other. It says so much, it feels very iconic to me.
    “Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?” HAHA! Loves it. Its just how I feel about those dumbass teenagers who are all talk and grr they just piss me off.
  • I found myself feeling really sorry for the kidnapped copper…
  • The torture scene. Now, I have notes somewhere all about this scene and technical crap but… like I said, its somewhere and I can’t find it and I think I may of thrown it away. Anyways, basically, the reason this film is so iconic is not just because Mr Blonde is mental, but because of the happy song in the background. There is a word for this but its completely left my brain so whatever. I love it when the song is the opposite to the visual, like in horror films when you have those child songs whilst something sinister is happening. Creepy stuff! Also, there’s the whole ‘hearing is worse than seeing it’, especially in this scene… when the camera turns away… and you hear the torture… yeah, that’s worse than seeing it!
  • OMG NO WAY! Mr Orange did not just do that! WOO!
  • Wait… HE’S the rat?! NO WAY!
  • Copper: “This f***ing guy slashes my face, and he cuts my fucking ear off! I’m fucking deformed!” Mr. Orange: “F*** YOU! F*** YOU! I’M F***IN’ DYING HERE! I’M F***IN’ DYING!” bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Oh, yes, along with bucket loads of blood [which actually looks real, for once] there is truck loads of swearing. Not for the innocent ears.
    Its interesting to hear the robbers and their stories and they were good till it came to the rat and his story and it was too long, got very boring. They should of kept it short, like the others.
  • So yeah, awesome film, and its even more awesome because its technically an independent film! Hurrah!



    Monsters Inc.

    I love myself a bit of Pixar. I don’t think they can go wrong at all. I’ve either completely fallen in love with their movies or at least thoroughly enjoyed them. And Monsters Inc. is not exception. I loved it the first time I saw it then I saw it again in history class [ it was our last day, Mr Carter couldn’t be bothered either] and I hated it! Now, I’ve watched it again and I have no idea why I left that history lesson hating the movie!

  • The first thing we hear is jazzy music which is always a good sign for me as I love the sound of jazz! I couldn’t tell you anyone in jazz except Glen Miller so I couldn’t say I’m a humongous fan. The opening sequence reminds me of old comedies, very similar to the beginnings of Charade and Seven Year Itch. It made me smile a bit smugly as I know where they inspiration had some from.
  • This whole movie is basically that the monsters are more scared of the children than the children are of them which is such a brilliant idea! “There’s nothing more deadly than a child, one touch could kill you.“ The monster’s reactions are a mixture of taking the piss out of ‘official’ people who overreact to small, stupid things with exploding socks and people being scared of little things. Actually, some of the people’s reactions to it feel a bit like I was reading the Daily Mail [English people will understand ^_-]. I found myself laughing a little at Sully and Mike’s reactions to the child, Boo, as they’re the same reactions I do when I see a spider! Though I don’t chase it around my room with spray with gloves on my hands and those flipper shoes on my feet. I have a spider catcher now.
  • The monster city runs on screams which is another fantastic idea. So that’s the reason why there are monsters in the closet and under the bed.
    The two main characters are brilliant. We have the guy who’s the big, scary guy on the outside but the warmest, kindest guy on the inside with fabulous coloured fur; Sully [John Goodman a.k.a. Fred Flintstone]. Then we have the tiny green monster with one eye who pretends to be the brains of the pair but he’s just self-centered and our main source of comedy; Mike [Billy Crystal]. They make a great comedy duo. Not a very original comedy duo but its still a great one.
  • The CGI in this movie is stunning. The part that always makes me go “wow” is Sully’s fur. The detail they go into and you don’t really see if unless you’re up close to the screen! So much time and effort to create these individual strands of hair! Its just so impressive and amazing. Especially when he’s in the snow and you see the snow on the individual stands of fur. Amazing.
  • Boo is the cutest thing on the planet! She’s the star. Her voice is so sweet and her appearance and movement is so adorable. Its so cute that she keeps calling Sully ‘Kitty’, she doesn’t see a scary monster, she sees a big, cuddly cat which is what Sully really is. I loved it when she was in the restaurant filled with monsters and she shouts ‘boo!’ and the monsters scream for their lives. Its so funny when its opposite. Anyways, Boo is so cute and I love that she can’t really string words together except in song. She can also say ‘boo’ [obviously], ‘kitty’ and ‘Mike Wazowski’. Three [four, I guess, seeing as the name is two] words that every 3 year old should know. What’s great about Boo is that she’s not only cute but she soon becomes fearless of monsters! She grabs her monster by the… erm… don’t know what they actually are but they’re like antennas or something… and rides the monster around her room and whacks him with a baseball bat! She may be 3 but I found myself going “WOOO! YOU GO GIRL!” Oo, might interest you to know that one my mum’s friend’s is nicknamed Boo. Don’t know why though…
  • We get a few references to other Pixar movies which is fantastic! When Boo shows Sully her bedroom, she hands him her Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 and I’m proud to say I have a Jessie doll too. Wonder where it is… did I pack it when we moved to USA? I hope so! Anyways, Boo also shows him a Finding Nemo fish which must have been Pixar’s little teaser as Finding Nemo wasn’t released until 2 years after Monsters Inc. I also read that the trailer at the end is the same trailer from Bug’s Life and the pizza car is the same from Toy Story! I love it when films reference other films [especially when its in the family]. I remember once in Skins [which is was a great British TV show till season 3 where it totally fell to shit mainly because I auditioned and they gave me false hope then gave the guy I hate the most in this world a second audition. Bastards.] where Anwar [the dude who’s now more famous for Slumdog Millionaire] is having sex and is listing all of Hugh Grant’s movies and talking about ‘About A Boy’ which starred Nicholas Hoult who played Tony in Skins. Sorry. Totally off topic now. Oops!
  • One of the things I love about Pixar is their ‘outtakes’ at the end of the movie and I think every movie should do this. Even the hard hitting ones should do this. I know people will say “but it ruins the whole thing”. I like a laugh after seeing something serious or depressing so I say bring it on! Like, Lord of the Rings, at the end of those or at least the last one, they should’ve had a gag reel instead of those drawings of the characters. That would’ve been awesome.
  • I was a bit wary about typing up this note but, to be honest, it won’t ruin the movie and everyone’s seen it anyways. I loved that in this movie, they showed that laughter is [10x] more powerful that screams. For me, there is no greater feeling than laughter so I agree with the writers 100% and I think its so cool that the city would now run on laughter. Its such a wonderful thought.
  • “We scare because we care.”



    PS: People are saying they know of my blog thanks to my McDean videos on YouTube. I can’t believe there are still McDean fans out there! Its still going strong?! Its mental, in a good way of course. I keep getting emails from YouTube saying people are still commenting on my videos and people are still leaving comments on my profile! Its been 2 years now, hasn’t it?! Mental. Those who don’t know what McDean is, don’t worry, I can’t even be bothered to go into it lol.

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