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2010 in review

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‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Godfather’ A.K.A. THE FINALE July 2010

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Toy Story 2

9.59pm – We all know Toy Story & Toy Story 2 are totally awesome and we’re all so excited to see the third one in June but I’m gonna watch it anyways. The review will probably be short because, like I said, we all now how awesome it is. Plus this means I’ll only be 1 film behind.

12.25am – Well, that was conclusive; Toy Story 2 is still awesome. The characters [new & old], the actors with the most famous voices EVER, the story, the animation [cross between realistic and cartoony], the humor [for kids and adults], the songs and the outtakes at the end of the movie are all still super awesome. So I shall make this review totally made of quotes from the movie to make myself laugh again and hopefully bring back memories for those who’ve seen it and make those who haven’t jealous!



11.13pm – its a bit late and I’m a little tired but I’m still buzzing from meeting Lauren Conrad and talking to her about jeans and her signing my book and OMG she’s awesome and so incredibly kind and lovely and she never stopped smiling! She was better than I expected! So, enough of my love letter to Lauren Conrad [>.<] I shall quickly post a few pictures I took onto Facebook then go downstairs to watch Big with one of my homemade brownies ^_^

2.27a – Big, to me, is the kind of movie you’d watch if it were on TV. It’s the classic feel good movie. I think the last time I watched it the whole way through, I was about… 16 or 17 or something. I think this is the 3rd time I’ve seen it and it’s a movie that if you watch it every couple of years or so, it remains great.

  • The first shot of the movie is of a computer game. And it is old school. It’s the actual meaning of old school. Makes me chuckle when I watch it and then glance at my Wii. The video/computer game is often associated with boys so we know immediately the age range and sex of our main character.
  • We have the ‘rap’: “The space goes down, down baby, down, down the roller coaster. Sweet, sweet baby, sweet, sweet, don’t let me go. Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. Shimmy, shimmy, rock. Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. Shimmy, shimmy, rock. I met a girlfriend – a triscuit. She said, a triscuit – a biscuit. Ice cream, soda pop, vanilla on the top. Ooh, Shelly’s out, walking down the street, ten times a week. I read it. I said it. I stole my momma’s credit. I’m cool. I’m hot. Sock me in the stomach three more times.” I imminently went onto YouTube and looked up Tom Hanks doing it on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last year and he looks cooler doing it now than he did then which is beyond weird as he’s in his 50s now!
  • The movie’s main storyline is set up very quickly which is a nice relief as most films these days take aaaaaaaaaages to set the movie up. We can tell Josh and Billy are super best friends to the point where they have walkie-talkies and they talk to each other way past midnight. This reminded me of me and my best friend back in England, Sarah. She did phone me yesterday which was incredibly nice. Miss talking to her everyday. Anyways, we know they’re BFFs and we also know that his parents, and everyone around him, treats him like a little kid. Hence, “I wish I was big”.
  • A thing that I kind of liked was that Josh didn’t change into Tom Hanks straight away. We see him in the middle of the night, still YOUNG!Josh so its kind of taunting the audience, going “oooo he hasn’t changed, so this isn’t what changes him into Tom Hanks, what could it be?” or something. Then, in the morning, we see hairy legs over YOUNG!Josh’s bunk beds [why does he have bunk beds when his only sibling is still in her crib?!] and then the classic turning the mirror door and seeing a different face. Was ‘Big’ the first one to do this shot?
  • The mother totally doesn’t accept TOMHANKS!Josh and rightfully so. But BFF Billy does after screaming bloody Mary and TOMHANKS!Josh does the ‘rap’. Also rightfully so. I think my mum wouldn’t believe me but Sarah would know it was me straight away. Actually, I bet my mum would know it was me, she’d just know.
  • Tom Hanks does some [more] brilliant acting in this movie. He talks and does the mannerisms of a 13 year old without going down the annoying, I-Could-Kill-Him-With-My-Bare-Hands Pee Wee Herman path. He also looks fantastic for 32! I thought he was in his early 20s! No! He was 32! What’s his secret?! Though he looks his age [53] now…
  • I loved the scene where TOMHANKS!Josh is playing in the toy shop. Its so cute yet I know if it were an actual 13 year old boy, I’d probably be pissed off with him! I, like everyone else, can’t help but smile at the piano part. Its even better when his manager steps in and plays too! When I think of another character who is the manager or someone high in the staff lader who is in the toy/child business, I think of the dad from Elf. He’s a grumpy guy who’s just doing it for the money and has no interest in children or their books. TOMHANKS!Josh’s boss, however, is the head of the toy company and you can tell he still loves toys, finds them fascinating and doesn’t mind showing his inner child. That’s what a manager should be like!
  • “What’s so special about Baskin?” “He’s an adult.” Oh the irony. I’m trying and trying to word how brilliant this line is. I guess you have two types of “acting like a child”; when you act like a child whilst having the innocence of a child and acting like a child in a immature, throw-your-toys-out-of-your-pram way. I suppose the women in this movie confuse TOMHANKS!Josh’s innocence with being an ‘adult’… I’m probably not making sense or I’ve got it completely wrong but whatever. Its 2.24am. Blegh.
  • I know I shouldn’t but as the movie progresses and TOMHANKS!Josh’s relationship with the woman moves forward, I can’t help but think “HE’S 13! HE’S 13! YOU PEDOPHILE!”
  • So yeah… good movie… unless you have a 13 year old son… then it might gross you out… or I’m just immature ^_^



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    Monsters Inc.

    I love myself a bit of Pixar. I don’t think they can go wrong at all. I’ve either completely fallen in love with their movies or at least thoroughly enjoyed them. And Monsters Inc. is not exception. I loved it the first time I saw it then I saw it again in history class [ it was our last day, Mr Carter couldn’t be bothered either] and I hated it! Now, I’ve watched it again and I have no idea why I left that history lesson hating the movie!

  • The first thing we hear is jazzy music which is always a good sign for me as I love the sound of jazz! I couldn’t tell you anyone in jazz except Glen Miller so I couldn’t say I’m a humongous fan. The opening sequence reminds me of old comedies, very similar to the beginnings of Charade and Seven Year Itch. It made me smile a bit smugly as I know where they inspiration had some from.
  • This whole movie is basically that the monsters are more scared of the children than the children are of them which is such a brilliant idea! “There’s nothing more deadly than a child, one touch could kill you.“ The monster’s reactions are a mixture of taking the piss out of ‘official’ people who overreact to small, stupid things with exploding socks and people being scared of little things. Actually, some of the people’s reactions to it feel a bit like I was reading the Daily Mail [English people will understand ^_-]. I found myself laughing a little at Sully and Mike’s reactions to the child, Boo, as they’re the same reactions I do when I see a spider! Though I don’t chase it around my room with spray with gloves on my hands and those flipper shoes on my feet. I have a spider catcher now.
  • The monster city runs on screams which is another fantastic idea. So that’s the reason why there are monsters in the closet and under the bed.
    The two main characters are brilliant. We have the guy who’s the big, scary guy on the outside but the warmest, kindest guy on the inside with fabulous coloured fur; Sully [John Goodman a.k.a. Fred Flintstone]. Then we have the tiny green monster with one eye who pretends to be the brains of the pair but he’s just self-centered and our main source of comedy; Mike [Billy Crystal]. They make a great comedy duo. Not a very original comedy duo but its still a great one.
  • The CGI in this movie is stunning. The part that always makes me go “wow” is Sully’s fur. The detail they go into and you don’t really see if unless you’re up close to the screen! So much time and effort to create these individual strands of hair! Its just so impressive and amazing. Especially when he’s in the snow and you see the snow on the individual stands of fur. Amazing.
  • Boo is the cutest thing on the planet! She’s the star. Her voice is so sweet and her appearance and movement is so adorable. Its so cute that she keeps calling Sully ‘Kitty’, she doesn’t see a scary monster, she sees a big, cuddly cat which is what Sully really is. I loved it when she was in the restaurant filled with monsters and she shouts ‘boo!’ and the monsters scream for their lives. Its so funny when its opposite. Anyways, Boo is so cute and I love that she can’t really string words together except in song. She can also say ‘boo’ [obviously], ‘kitty’ and ‘Mike Wazowski’. Three [four, I guess, seeing as the name is two] words that every 3 year old should know. What’s great about Boo is that she’s not only cute but she soon becomes fearless of monsters! She grabs her monster by the… erm… don’t know what they actually are but they’re like antennas or something… and rides the monster around her room and whacks him with a baseball bat! She may be 3 but I found myself going “WOOO! YOU GO GIRL!” Oo, might interest you to know that one my mum’s friend’s is nicknamed Boo. Don’t know why though…
  • We get a few references to other Pixar movies which is fantastic! When Boo shows Sully her bedroom, she hands him her Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 and I’m proud to say I have a Jessie doll too. Wonder where it is… did I pack it when we moved to USA? I hope so! Anyways, Boo also shows him a Finding Nemo fish which must have been Pixar’s little teaser as Finding Nemo wasn’t released until 2 years after Monsters Inc. I also read that the trailer at the end is the same trailer from Bug’s Life and the pizza car is the same from Toy Story! I love it when films reference other films [especially when its in the family]. I remember once in Skins [which is was a great British TV show till season 3 where it totally fell to shit mainly because I auditioned and they gave me false hope then gave the guy I hate the most in this world a second audition. Bastards.] where Anwar [the dude who’s now more famous for Slumdog Millionaire] is having sex and is listing all of Hugh Grant’s movies and talking about ‘About A Boy’ which starred Nicholas Hoult who played Tony in Skins. Sorry. Totally off topic now. Oops!
  • One of the things I love about Pixar is their ‘outtakes’ at the end of the movie and I think every movie should do this. Even the hard hitting ones should do this. I know people will say “but it ruins the whole thing”. I like a laugh after seeing something serious or depressing so I say bring it on! Like, Lord of the Rings, at the end of those or at least the last one, they should’ve had a gag reel instead of those drawings of the characters. That would’ve been awesome.
  • I was a bit wary about typing up this note but, to be honest, it won’t ruin the movie and everyone’s seen it anyways. I loved that in this movie, they showed that laughter is [10x] more powerful that screams. For me, there is no greater feeling than laughter so I agree with the writers 100% and I think its so cool that the city would now run on laughter. Its such a wonderful thought.
  • “We scare because we care.”



    PS: People are saying they know of my blog thanks to my McDean videos on YouTube. I can’t believe there are still McDean fans out there! Its still going strong?! Its mental, in a good way of course. I keep getting emails from YouTube saying people are still commenting on my videos and people are still leaving comments on my profile! Its been 2 years now, hasn’t it?! Mental. Those who don’t know what McDean is, don’t worry, I can’t even be bothered to go into it lol.

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    It’s a great movie with two Hollywood greats; Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. This film has more twists and turns than any movie I’ve ever seen!

  • Hepburn and Grant have fantastic chemistry together and just bounce off each other. Their scripted banter is brilliant, very quick and witty, bit like Gilmore Girls though obviously far better and less annoying. Hepburn’s character may look elegant but she’s got a sharp tongue with a cheeky twinkle in her eye.
  • We have three people come into Regina’s [Hepburn] husband’s funeral, all seeming to check whether the body is actually dead and are not there to pay their respects. Turns out, these men want Regina’s husband’s money that they claim is theirs. These three men are quite terrifying in their own ways; we have the tall one with a hook for a hand who’s scary for obvious reasons, we have the short old man who’s scary with words and the average man who’s scary because he’ll use torture without twitching. They hunt Regina down who is helpless as she does not know where the money is and the mad men won’t believe her. Its frustratingly good to watch.
  • I’m a girl who loves fashion so I can’t help but make a note on Hepburn’s wardrobe. As always, she’s effortlessly elegant. I’ll be honest, this is the first Hepburn movie I’ve watched the whole way through but I still know her as an icon. One outfit that really made me go “ooooo!” was her gorgeous bright pink coat and leopard print hat. I really want a pink coat but there’s no point in really owning a coat here in Florida. Though, the past few days have been a bit chilly but not coat weather. Sorry, totally off topic there!
  • There’s one characteristic that Regina has that I think a lot of women can relate to and that is that whenever she’s nervous, anxious or upset, she eats. Obviously, she doesn’t gain a single pound like the rest of us but whatever. It’s a simple thing that many women [and indeed some men] can relate to.
    There’s this weird game that they play in this restaurent/bar thing. One person has an orange under their chin and has to pass it to the next person without dropping it or using their arms. I’ve never heard or seen this game before. It would be fun to do if the person you have to pass it to was someone you fancied but even not, it would be dead awkward!
  • This movie made stamps incredibly exciting! I don’t want to give it away but even people who despise stamps will find the ones in this movie very interesting.
  • There are so many more notes but they’d ruin the movie. This movie relies on the twists and turns of the plot so its best if I shut up. Its on Netflix, on demand so watch it!

    Regina: “You don’t really need these” *tries on his glasses, going cross-eyed* “You really DO need these!”



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    A Little Intro

    Well, I’m Kate, I’m 18 years old and a bit of a film nut. I’d have to be to even bloody consider doing this! I originate from England and moved to Florida about 7 or so weeks ago [30th Oct 2009]. I’m currently on my gap year and therefore have a little bit [too much] spare time on my hands! I love movies and hope to study Film Production at college/university.

    My task idea was given to me by the movie Julie/Julia. But I can’t do a year due to me starting college in August next year so I’ve narrowed it down to 7 months starting from the 1st January 2010. I shall watch a movie every day/night for 7 months and review it online [probably live as well… dunno, have yet to think that through just yet.] Empire Magazine made a list of the top 500 movies of all time and I managed to get the first 212 Well, that’s a bit of a lie as I cut out the ‘horrors’ [I’m sorry, I just can’t watch them at all] and the ones I studied in my A Levels [I cannot watch A Bout de Souffe or Vertigo again. I know they’re classics but I would end up damaging myself and those around me!]. And there were also the ones that Netflix [which I will be using to watch the films] didn’t have which were only about 3 and they were ‘foreign’ films. So I’ve picked out 212 films and dated them to when I’ll watch them.

    So yes. That’s what I plan to do. There may be the occasion where I don’t watch a film but I’ll try and make up for it with two the next day.

    Dust to dust, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, may the force be with you, because you’re worth it, ahmen and out.


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