‘What People Have Said…’

Its been updated with what people have said after I finished my challenge. Look to your right, at the links.

Its been nice not having to watch and review any movies these past 2 days but its oddly weird not having a movie on a list to watch >.< I’ve been busying myself with family tree stuff and writing letters to my friends back home. I’m going to try and sleep as much as I can because once college starts, I doubt I’ll get any sleep for 2 years!

Thanks to anyone who took an interest in my challenge and ever looked or read any of my crap-excuse-for-a-review. Thanks to those who took the time to comment. I hope that my challenge has inspired you to watch a few movies yourself or even your own challenge like Julie Powell did for me.


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Last day of the challenge!

Its my last day of the challenge!!! I watched Shawshank Redeption this morning [which was brilliant] so that’s out the way and I shall review it at some point today along with the last 3.

I knew that Laura and my cousins and Auntie flying over from England to spend a couple of weeks with us was going to set me and my challenge back so its amazing that I only have to not watch 2 movies because there wasn’t enough time for them to get here. So I won’t be watching Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of the Lost Ark. I asked around on Twitter and I got two new movies that people have recommended.

I shall watch ‘Oldboy’, recommended by filmthreat [via Twitter] and ‘Mallrats’ by TheFilmFan [also via Twitter]. So, I shall watch them two then my final film of the Godfather which DID arrive here on time. Lets hope I can finish them all by 11.59pm tonight!!!



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BIG sorry

In case anyone is wondering or cares or anything, I probably won’t be watching any movies for a couple of days because with my friend Laura here [she flew all the way from England to be with me for 10 days!!!], we’ve been out doing stuff during the day, leaving us both too knackered at night to watch any movies.

I will try my best to complete this by July 31st. I may have a mental breakdown and damage my wellbeing. Here’s hoping!!


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Interview with me!

A brillient site called WhoHub sent me a link to their site via Twitter! It a place where you can do an interview! So, here is my interview:


Obviously, feel free to ask me any questions you may have!


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I can’t believe its taken me 151 days to realise that I can add this widget thing so you can all subscribe to this blog! So yeah, look to the right and you should see ‘Subscribe!’ Just enter your email and you’ll recieve notifications of new posts/reviews!

Happy Memorial Day!


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Shameless Plug #2

I made a short animation to celebrate South Park’s 200th episode and its on the South Park website AND its the most viewed thing on there! HURRAH! So, go have a look please! Its the 3rd down on the video section, its called ‘Girl Day’!


[contains swearing and female problems]

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Hurrah! I’ve had over 2000 views of my blog! And I think only half are my mum! Thanks everyone for viewing, nice to know there is someone out there watching ^_^

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Happy Academy Awards Day!

I’m a sucker for the Academy Awards, I think I’m at the age where I can appreciate the awards and what they represent but also really care about what people are wearing!

I’m 2 movies behind on my challenge so I’m watching 2 today then probably 2 tomorrow and then I’ll be back up to date. In honor of the Academy Awards, I’m going to rent The Hurt Locker from Redbox [such an awesome creation] as it is nominated this year for Best Picture and its the only one that’s out on DVD that I haven’t already seen [I’ve seen Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, Inglourious Basterds and Up]. I really wanted to watch Precious today but its not out till Tuesday! Sad face. Gah! The Redbox site lied! It said that the Redbox near me would have The Hurt Locker and when I got there, it didn’t! So I think I’ll be watching One Flew Over the Nest which is on my list of 212 films but it was further down and I was scheduled to watch it around April but I’m moving it forward.

So yeah, I’ll be trying to watch Speed and One Flew Over the Nest before 6pm when E! starts doing the redcarpet for the Oscars so wish me luck!!


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Some thoughts by me…

PLEASE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, LEAVE ME A COMMENT OR A TWEET OR IF YOU’RE A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK, PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO LET ME KNOW YOU ARE READING! And if you have any thoughts… at all, I just need feedback. I don’t quite know what to do right now. This may sound cheesy but I feel like I’ve reached a pivitol point in the blog/challenge. So please, any comment will do.

And no, mum, you don’t count lol. Nor you, dad. Sorry!

9.12pm – Ergh. I really can’t be arsed today but I’m already a film behind so I can’t afford to take a night ‘off’… I’m starting to wonder whether this ‘challenge’ is going to ruin my watching of movies. Maybe 212 is too many and I should just go for 100 so I don’t completely go mental and never watch a movie again. We’ll see… think I may just read Julie & Julia for a bit, that always boosts me a bit…

9.19pm – Or maybe I could just try to watch as many movies as I can in 7 months, rather than just have a fixed number… that wouldn’t make it much of a challenge I guess…

9.54pm – I’ve had a thought and a quick read of Julie&Julia. Julie didn’t cook everyday so I think its OK to let myself have a night ‘off’ tonight and then watch 2 movies one day and then 2 movies another day. Maybe a break is what I need to bring back my determination.

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Here’s a little shameless plug!

I thought it would be OK to share with you all my own short movie! This is my first ever movie that I directed, filmed, wrote and edited myself. It stars my wonderful, amazing, totally awesome friend Jane and she’s wonderful, amazing and totally awesome because she let me do all this shit to her! So she’s wonderful, amazing, totally awesome Jane who totally saved my ass.

Anyways, I did this for a film competition in my home town back in England where I got given a film title [Step Backwards], genre [slapstick] and prop [cactus] and had 5 days to make a 3min movie and this is the result. By the way, the end credits are a bit off because I removed mine, Jane’s and my brother’s full names as I don’t like posting them.

Once again, Jane is wonderful, amazing and totally awesome.

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