Happy Academy Awards Day!

I’m a sucker for the Academy Awards, I think I’m at the age where I can appreciate the awards and what they represent but also really care about what people are wearing!

I’m 2 movies behind on my challenge so I’m watching 2 today then probably 2 tomorrow and then I’ll be back up to date. In honor of the Academy Awards, I’m going to rent The Hurt Locker from Redbox [such an awesome creation] as it is nominated this year for Best Picture and its the only one that’s out on DVD that I haven’t already seen [I’ve seen Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, Inglourious Basterds and Up]. I really wanted to watch Precious today but its not out till Tuesday! Sad face. Gah! The Redbox site lied! It said that the Redbox near me would have The Hurt Locker and when I got there, it didn’t! So I think I’ll be watching One Flew Over the Nest which is on my list of 212 films but it was further down and I was scheduled to watch it around April but I’m moving it forward.

So yeah, I’ll be trying to watch Speed and One Flew Over the Nest before 6pm when E! starts doing the redcarpet for the Oscars so wish me luck!!


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