‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Godfather’ A.K.A. THE FINALE

I’VE DONE IT! I actually managed to watch 212 films in 7 months! BOOYA!! However, I will not feel like I’ve fully completed this challenge until I type up my so-called ‘reviews’. I now have 43minutes to type all four of today’s movies up. Guess I kind of regret not typing up The Shawshank Redemption when I had the chance [I had a nap instead >.<]

Anyways, 3 of these films were amazing, guess which one wasn’t so *eye roll, glares at TheFilmFan* [lol joking, by the way]. Now, seeing as time is short and I now have 41 minutes left, these reviews might be short, brief, bullet points and I may miss some key points, especially in Shawshank, Oldboy and Godfather. At least this time I have a genuine excuse for my crappy reviews! 40 minutes to go!

Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver

I thought there was no point doing three separate posts as I pretty much watched these movies back to back to save time. I have one more film to watch tonight and it will probably be Fight Club which I will review separately.

The Godfather Part II

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I didn’t like this movie. Well, I liked 1/3 of it and its only the 1/3 that involved Robert De Niro.

There are two storylines, storyline A is Al Pacino as the new Godfather and his ‘problems’, storyline B is Robert De Niro as Al Pacino’s dad, Vito, and how he ‘rose to power’. I cared nothing for storyline A. I didn’t give a damn and it bored me. There was too little of storyline B, and it was the only storyline I cared about. I really wanted to know how Vito went from his family being murdered by a Don to becoming a Don himself; how did he become something he hates? That’s what’s interesting, not who tried to kill Michael [Pacino]. Well, that’s my opinion anyways and I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who completely disagree with me but everyone to their own opinion.


Its about the ups and downs of a TV network and a crazy anchorman. This is a very good movie, filled with powerful speeches and fantastic uses of lighting. If there are any film students reading this, I’d write this one down if you think you’ll have to do a paper on lighting in movies, this would be a great example/movie to analyze.

  • Strong, powerful, passionate lead female role. The woman is the perfect example of female workaholics. I loved that she could only really understand real life through television speak. Her love interest [which is so wrong but I’ll get to that later] has to explain their romantic situation through storylines, acts and episodes.
  • The romance. Its just… so forced and out of the blue and just crap. Its like they shot it all then were like “crap, we need something for the women… lets just stick them two together, yeah, that’ll work”. Well it didn’t! Its painful and crap.
  • The lighting is fantastic. Its almost like its showing how TV intertwines with their real lives, they have spotlights. Its weird to explain and I’m sure if I were still in film class I’d be able to explain it better but it is really good.
  • “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”
  • This film is filled with fantastic, energetic speeches. Normally, when you think of speeches you think that it’ll be boring but the acting and liveliness makes it so fascinating. Also, the topics of the speeches and the actual words do seem a bit like hippy speech [if you know what I mean] but because of the way they’re shouted takes away the hippiness. Sorry, that’s a crap explanation but I’m not sure how else to put it lol.
  • I thought that it was very interesting and oddly good that the fact that the anchorman is insane is actually a ‘B’ story rather than an ‘A’ story. Its was just a little plot in the background. I don’t know why I liked that but I did.
  • I could tell every now and then that Peter Finch [CRAZY!anchorman] is British because you can hear it in some of his words.
  • The ending! OMG! I should of seen it coming- well, I did but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast and so vividly!!!
  • 126/212


    To Kill A Mockingbird

    It’s a good film but its just not my cup of tea, to be perfectly honest. I just didn’t really enjoy it yet I can see why it’s a classic, if that makes any sense? I only made a few notes, sorry!

  • Nice opening sequence with the close-ups of child things, mainly arts and crafts. Obviously, now having watched the whole movie, I understand why they’re so special. You get the feeling in the beginning that they’re kind of special anyways.
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t write any more notes until the last 40 minutes when it actually started to get remotely interesting to me. The court scene was what woke me up, however I think this is mainly the books fault rather than the film. I thought that the people saying she had been severely beaten on the right side of her face which means the beater must have been left handed and seeing as the convicted, Tom Robinson [a black man], can’t use his left arm due to an accident he had once, its pretty obvious that he didn’t do it and that the dad did it [who wrote his name with his left hand]. Its so simple yet brilliant. But, like I said, that’s more the book’s doing rather than the movie. If you hate racism, like my brother who, if he was watching this movie with me, would of gone total ape-shit over the result of the trial, you probably would too. Its so horrible knowing that this kind of discrimination happened and still is happening, to a degree. Its so horrible.
  • Fantastic acting by Brock Peters [who played Robinson] and Gregory Peck [who was the main guy, the dad] has the most gorgeous voice ever! I could listen to it all day! Its so smooth and soothing!
  • The ham costume is so cute and funny. However, it made the supposedly horrible scene quite comical because she’s a ham.
  • So yeah… sorry for the short review, didn’t really feel that much of a connection to this movie.



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