‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Godfather’ A.K.A. THE FINALE

I’VE DONE IT! I actually managed to watch 212 films in 7 months! BOOYA!! However, I will not feel like I’ve fully completed this challenge until I type up my so-called ‘reviews’. I now have 43minutes to type all four of today’s movies up. Guess I kind of regret not typing up The Shawshank Redemption when I had the chance [I had a nap instead >.<]

Anyways, 3 of these films were amazing, guess which one wasn’t so *eye roll, glares at TheFilmFan* [lol joking, by the way]. Now, seeing as time is short and I now have 41 minutes left, these reviews might be short, brief, bullet points and I may miss some key points, especially in Shawshank, Oldboy and Godfather. At least this time I have a genuine excuse for my crappy reviews! 40 minutes to go!

Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver

I thought there was no point doing three separate posts as I pretty much watched these movies back to back to save time. I have one more film to watch tonight and it will probably be Fight Club which I will review separately.

On The Waterfront

This film is about Marlon Brando, a mob and shipping. It’s a good movie but I don’t see why it won so many Oscars. I know it’s a classic and all that but it never gripped me. I love the romance because I’m a sucker for the bad boy/goodie-goodie two shoes girl thing. However, I feel that you can’t have a romance storyline like that overshadowing a gangster storyline. In my opinion, it over shadowed it, immensely. I do love a good gangster movie [that’s why I’m so excited to finally finish this challenge because I’ll finally get to see Godfather for the first time] but there wasn’t much to it. I didn’t feel much fear to the mob at all. It just didn’t work for me. It is, however, a good movie and I can appreciate why its in so many people’s top movie lists.

  • Tough guy is actually kind of sweet, awwww, that’s what we girls like!
  • I did want to slap the blond at one point. She wanted to stay but her parents worked every day to get her to school. She did say she was grateful for it all but clearly not grateful enough to actually go through with it and not waste her parent’s time and effort which looks like it left them in poverty.
  • (more…)

    Superman: The Movie

    I really enjoyed this film! I’m shocked by how much I like it! I think its because I thought Snoreville- sorry, Smallville had ruined Superman for me but it hasn’t! Hurrah!

  • The opening credits felt like Star Wars on acid even though Star Wars was released 2 years later.
  • The ‘bad guys’ being trapped in the mirror didn’t help my initial reaction of ‘this is going to be crap’. I’m sorry, I just thought it was a crap idea.
    I LOVED the glowing costumes of the people of Krypton.
  • BABY!Superman is soooo adorable!! I could watch the baby scenes over and over again. And he’s wrapped in a cute red, yellow and blue shiny blanket! If I wrap my child in a shiny blanket, will it fly as well? Don’t think I should experiment that theory… Anyways, I loved that there was some real depth to this movie, especially with the real parents of Superman saying their goodbyes. I think they captured the emotions perfectly, I totally felt what they felt, it almost made me cry! Then the planet blows up and I first thought it would have been funny to have a few shots of the baby laughing as he flew away but the more we saw the planet be destroyed, the more out of place I thought that scene would be so thank goodness they didn’t. BABY!Superman is then no longer BABY!Superman but TODDLER!Superman and is just as adorable! I loved that he instantly opened his arms up to his new parents when he crashes onto Earth. Then he lifts up the car with the cutest, cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen!
  • There’s a lovely shot of mother and son in the cornfield. Not only is the landscape beautiful but it managed to capture their wonderful relationship without words.
  • Two words; bad wigs.
  • What is it with superheroes working for newspapers?! Mix it up, come on…
  • I loved that Clark Kent is such an adorable, clumsy, nervous and polite man. I sense this is where Hugh Grant got the inspiration for most of his characters [before Bridget Jones when he turned into a (sexy) tosser]. Also loved Clark Kent’s huge glasses! However, Jerry Siegel [the writer of the Superman comics] should of made a bit more effort for his identity as its pretty unbelievable that no one would recognize him just because he hasn’t got his glasses on and has bucket loads of gel in his hair! You’re probably thinking “then why is him flying and having super-human strength believable?” well, its far more bloody believable than having glasses as a disguise.
  • When Superman first reveals himself, I thought the reactions from the public were far more realistic than say Spider Man. In Spider Man they just accepted him and pointed going “oooo” but in Superman, they all look at him like “WTF?!” which is what people would normally do! Sorry, I just like it when there’s a bit of realism.
  • I liked the swimming pool in the station set. Thought it was totally cool in a James-Bond-meets-Day-After-Tomorrow kind of way…
  • “I never drink and fly.” Wise words there, Mr Superman.
  • Superman is polite like Clark but has a bit more confidence and a lot more flirtatious! And the amazing thing is, its not cheesy! Well, it’s a little but not as cheesy as you’d expect! Kind of Saundra-Bullock-Rom-Com kind of way… but better, obviously.
  • Even the flying looks awesome for 1978! It looks pretty damn acceptable! Better than some of the shit we’ve seen lately in cinema, actually.
  • OK, it was all going really well and I was loving it until Superman flew around the world, made it spin the other way and therefore reversed time. I’m sorry but I hated that. That just felt like bullcrap to me.
  • Honestly, teenagers and young adults, this movie is not as crap as you’d think it would be. Its actually very entertaining and is the perfect blend of superhero, sci-fi, romantic comedy and drama. It actually makes Spider Man look a bit pants which I thought could never happen!