Toy Story 3

It. Is. AWESOME! Please, please, PLEASE, I urge you all to see it. Its not crap like Shrek 3 or any other ‘3’s, its just as fantastic as the previous 2.

I’ve realized that I’ve kind of grown up with Andy. I was 4 when the first came out, 8 when the second one did and now Andy’s going to college and so am I. I still have my Jessie doll! I have my stuffed toys on my bed still.

Some of you may feel you’ve outgrown Toy Story but trust me, you haven’t. When I saw it in the cinema about an hour ago, parents were laughing, cheering, going “oooo” just as much as the kids were! Maybe even more than the kids! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much! And I also nearly cried at one point because it actually gets incredibly emotional! But then its broken with laughter and all is well.

It’s a shame about the new characters because they’re bigged up so much by the posters and promotional material and yet they hardly say anything except the cuddly bear [smells like strawberries!] and Ken [who is NOT a girl‘s toy]. Like, I was looking forward to Whoopi Goldberg’s character because I love her but she has, like, 3 lines! So don’t expect much from them.

Its all about those characters that we love and their new environment; daycare. Me and my mum did volunteering at a nursery a couple of months ago and I was pointing at the screen when the young ones where chucking the toys around and licking them and everything, going “that’s exactly what its like!” Then my mum spotted that the car-phone that helps Woody is actually in a toy box at my nana and granddad’s house back in England! And when Ken’s ‘Dream House’ came on screen with the lift/elevator on the side, both my parents poked me saying “you had that!” Except mine was Barbie’s dream house. And I didn’t have a Ken. I had my brother’s Action Man. And I soon replaced Barbie dolls with Spice Girl dolls [one of which I still have *so cool*]. Oh, and me and dad agreed that the scary doll baby is real because I think everyone has seen the baby doll with one dodgy eye that looks like it could easily kill you.



This movie isn’t in Empire’s Top 500 as I think the movie was released a few months after the list was made. Its just such an amazing movie, its definitely in my top 10 favourite films ever. I almost know all the words, very close! Just a few more watches and I’ll know them! Its such a magical film that leaves me feeling so happy! For those who don’t know, this movie is about Giselle [a soon-to-be (Disney) princess] movie from 2D Disney world to real world New York. It kind of makes fun out of the classic Disney movies with the princesses [which I still love at 19] but at the same time is almost like a tribute to them. It points out the flaws in them but also highlights what’s so awesome about them.

  • It begins with the ultimate happy-film actress, Julie Andrews as our narrator. She tells us the classic plot of a wicked step-mother who wants to keep her crown from her step-son. Its all in fabulous 2D in all its beautiful 2D glory! I don’t mind the 3D that every movie is shown in now-a-days but there’s just something magical about Disney 2D, it makes me feel like a little kid again.
  • Giselle is such a sweetheart! A lovable, ignorant soon-to-be princess. Its all about finding her one true love and true love’s kiss for her. She breaks into instant song about True Love’s Kiss with the help of the classic woodland creatures. There is one line of the lyrics to the song that already take a little stab at the Disney movies; “For lips are the only things that touch.” Aha. Ahahahahahahahahaha.
  • “Oh, it’s you.” “Yes, it’s me. And you are?” “Giselle.” “Oh, Giselle! We shall be married in the morning!” My favourite line of this entire movie. It just sums up the ‘romance’ in Disney movies perfectly.
  • The Evil Queen looks just like Susan Sarandon! The animation of them looking like their actors is spot on.
  • Our non-Disney leading man is a lawyer which is just genius! Disney is all about love, marriage and happily ever after! There’s never divorce! Its just so perfect!
  • (more…)

    The Princess and the Frog

    10.18pm [May14] – I actually finished watching this film over an hour ago but I am so wrapped up in Ashes to Ashes [best TV show EVER] at the moment that I can’t even process my notes into a readable review so I’ll type it up tomorrow once my mind has stopped racing.

    3.51pm [May15] –

  • My favourite character has to be Lottie, the blond ‘princess’ who is Tiana’s best friend. She’s the quirky, hilarious side-kick best friend, as it were and she’s just awesome! I feel that if I, for whatever reason, was to a play a part in a Disney movie like this, I’d want to be the comical friend. Actually, the first time I saw this in the cinema, I immediately thought of my best friend Sarah who I can imagine playing that role perfectly; she’s my Lottie.
  • I loved that they showed that even though Tiana’s family and neighbors weren’t exactly the most rich people in New Orleans, they were part of a big community that was almost like an extended family. Especially that the food it what brings them all together and Tiana’s family shares their gumbo with the neighborhood.
  • I love that they’ve gone back to good old 2D drawing animation. Its just so classic and its what I grew up with so I feel a little connection to it; it makes me feel like a kid again. There is just something so magical about 2D drawing animation that I feel beats 3D animation.
  • Once again, Disney does the 2 classic ‘plot points’ that they always do; a parent dies and they fall in love and marry within 2 days. I feel only Disney can get away with that but it still makes me laugh. If anyone has seen Enchanted [a great Disney film that takes the piss out of Disney films, its fantastic, I love it so much] then you’ll remember “What’s your name?” “Giselle.” “Oh, Giselle! We’ll be married in the morning!”
  • The music! Oh, the music is fantastic! I love jazz! The songs are so damn catchy and I have actually got 3 of them on my iPod!
  • Shadows are a huge part of this movie and I love the way they made the shadows have their own characters. However, ‘don’t be scared of your own shadow’ is bullcrap in this movie as the shadows are ‘the friends on the other side’ and are as scary as hell! I swear, me and my mum, when we saw this at the cinema, were shocked by how scary it is!
  • It’s a big step for Disney to finally give us a black princess [even if she is a frog for over 70% of the film] and they managed to make only one verbal comment about race when Mr. Henry Fenner and Mr. Harvey Fenner [who are realtors, I’m guessing] say something like “a woman of your background wouldn’t be able to cope”. But then there’s no racism from then on unless you want to really get into it and think of what things represent and blah blah blah, whatever, I don’t like reading about how racist and sexist Disney is because I know it is and I just don’t want it ruining my memories of Disney.
  • The love story is a classic one, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, boy fancies girl, girl is a bit oblivious to boy, boy REALLY fancies girl, girl fancies boy, they marry. The most realistic love story, I think you’ll agree. However, it is a storyline that I personally love.
  • The butler to the prince, Lawrence, is English. Obviously. He’s English because he’s a butler and he’s an evil butler so therefore but the two together and you get English.
  • “ITS NOT SLIME! IT IS MUCUS!” I don’t know why but this line just cracks me up. Actually, there are tons of lines that made me laugh, its actually a really funny film! Though, of course, not as funny as Robin Williams’ Genie.
    Loooove Mama Odie, she’s the fairy godmother of the movie and sings the best song in the whole movie.
  • The voodoo dolls! Scariest. Things. EVER.
  • 132/212


    Oceans [Disney Nature]

    5.05pm – Dad won me and mum have a chance to go to an advanced screening of the movie Oceans! I’ve decided to make this one of my movies for my 212 but don’t expect an indepth review as I’ll be in the cinema and won’t be ablet to write notes!

    11.04pm – It was the first preview screening I’ve ever been to and I just love how more enthusiastic Americans are about cinema. In England, we wouldn’t dare have a little dancing thing in front of the screen before the film started, we wouldn’t go into a round of applause once the film finished! I love, love, LOVE American cinemas, they get so into it! Anyways, here’s by [crap] review for a great movie;

  • Me and my mum love nature programs so I think that’s why we loved this movie; its just a feature length nature program.
  • Visually, its wonderful. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t CGI and that it was all real. Its so amazing how beautiful nature is.
  • It was nice to hear a British voice. Pierce Brosnan was great as a voiceover man and his script was good too. It was informative without being too complicated or too patronizing.
  • Ever since I first started showing interest in wanting to be a part of the film industry, I’ve been making up loads of film ideas. One of my first ideas was to get nature footage, like this movie, then add comedic voices to them. Then BBC did Walk on the Wild Side which is basically my idea but TV form. So, as I was watching this movie, I kept thinking about what lines I would give the animals which made the movie quite funny to me [I amuse myself sometimes!].
  • THE BABY TURTLES! Oh my God! The baby turtles are born in sunlight and they’re so cute and we’re put under false hope that they’ll be ok and then the damn birds come in and eat them all [except one, thank goodness!] and oh my God, its worse than the opening to Saving Private Ryan!!
  • There’s an incredibly cute part where the mummy walrus is holding the baby walrus just like a human would and its soooo cute!! Me and mum were just ‘aw’ing the whole way through.
  • They show what humans are doing to the ocean and there is a disgusting clip of all the rubbish that’s in there. It’s a big kick in the balls and will make anyone recycle! It’s a great way of getting people’s attention for Earth Day.
  • From a wannabe filmmaker’s point of view, I loved that they showed how it was all filmed during the end credits. I also loved that they pointed out that sharks aren’t that scary if you don’t bother them! There’s a fantastic clip of one of the divers swimming along side the shark and the shark just doesn’t care.
  • It’s a lovely film and I think you should all see it when it comes out on the 22nd of April [Earth Day]!



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