I think I’m the only film nut who dislikes Hitchcock movies. I understand why his movies are classics and stuff but it just does not do it for me. I was bored the whole way through and almost fell asleep. Mum liked it though, she says that maybe you have to be a certain age to like his movies.



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Planet of the Apes

7.45pm – I don’t mind watching this movie but I really just want to watch one of these movies on my list and not have to worry about notes. However, I will try my best but I don’t promise anything. Sorry.

10.06pm – It took a bit of getting into but I ended up really liking this movie. I only made a few notes but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it.

  • The beginning was incredibly slow and boring, just three guys doing a lot of walking. Then they’re like “oh, look, life!” “Yay! Lets dig it up!”
  • I love the idea of monkeys being the higher-being. I thought it was incredibly clever and interesting to see it the other way round. I remember thinking “oh my God, you don’t just shove a woman into a man’s cage and expect them to ‘mate’” but then I realized that that’s actually what we do to apes. It’s a movie that really got me thinking. The whole thing [except first 30 minutes which just bored me] was perfectly written.
  • The make-up is extraordinary, except the mouths but I can let that go. You can totally tell how the character is feeling, even through the heavy make-up.
  • I laughed out loud a few times; when Taylor [the human] threw the paper airplane and the ape’s reaction to it. Don’t know quite why but I thought that was funny. Also, the classic three monkeys were ‘seen’ in the court scene “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Ooo, by the way, that court scene was one of the best court scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie, I wasn’t bored once!
  • I feel so stupid for not seeing that ending coming. Its so obvious and yet I was like “OMG NO WAY!”
  • Yeah, see, that review/my notes don’t give the film justice at all. I would watch it again if I could just skip the first half an hour.




    This movie was totally not what I expected. I didn’t realize it was so heavy on the romance! Its an alright film, I just can’t believe its on the top of so many guys favourite movie lists. I only made a few notes, sorry

  • Love Rocky’s hat
  • Rocky’s fridge has doughnuts, cupcakes and chocolate. Sounds like what I’ll have in my fridge when I live away.
  • His two turtles are called Cuff and Link. That’s just pure genius, I love it!
  • 4am, eats raw eggs and wears a grey jumpsuit. I think if you just said those words, people would know exactly what movie you were talking about.
  • Damn Team America had me laughing during the montage in this movie… “And anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage (montage)… Even Rocky had a montage (montage)…”
  • 190lbs?! He’s only 50lbs heavier than I am! Bloody hell…
  • At the end, I wanted Rocky to win, purely because the other guy is a total douche bag. And their faces at the end of the fight, oh my God, ew.
  • 86/212


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    Cool film! I really enjoyed it! Should of rented it on DVD so could of watched it with my dad, I think he may like it. Serenity is a cross between Star Wars, Indiana Jones and 28 Days Later with some comedy thrown in.

  • Fantastic CGI, quite beautiful in some parts.
  • I love the soundtrack! Its so different to other sci-fi movies, its… I’m not sure how to explain it but I loved it, its not all orchestra-style, I think I heard acoustic guitar and stuff…
  • At the beginning, after the title appears, it felt like I was watching a TV show but gradually it turned into a movie.
  • There were a few ‘laugh out loud’ moments which I loved, they’re highly quotable; “Way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck, ’til some idiot killed it. [to Inara] Yes, I’ve read a poem. Try not to faint.”, “I won’t get et! You shoot me if they take me! [Mal aims pistol squarely at Jayne] Well, don’t shoot me first!”, “This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then – explode.”, “Do you want to run this ship?” “Yes!” “Well… you can’t…” and “Doctor, I’m takin’ your sister under my protection here. If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears.”
  • It has fun with the classic sci-fi script: “Remember, if anything happens to me, or you don’t hear from me within the hour… you take this ship and you come and you rescue me.” “What? And risk my ship?” “I mean it. It’s cold out there. I don’t wanna get left.”
  • “In all that time on the ship… I’ve always regretted… not being with you.” “With me? You mean to say… as in sex?” “I mean to say.” “To Hell with this. I’m gonna live!” tehehe, gotta live for sex!
  • Its got the guy from Numb3rs in it!
  • The ‘bad guy’ is English, obviously.
  • I thought it was very interesting and clever that during the big CGI fight scene towards the end, that some of it was shot like it was a hand-held camera! It felt more real that way, I loved it!
  • The character River was annoying throughout most of the film but then at the end, she’s actually pretty kick-ass.
  • “No more running… I’m aiming for mischief…”



    Sophie’s Choice

    It could have been made soooo much better! Me and mum decided that the beginning and end needed to be a lot shorter but keep the middle where she’s in the camp the same. I know this movie is supposed to be a classic but I was just begging for it to end. The pink house was pretty, Meryl Streep is still awesome, the make-up in the camp scenes was fantastic, the little girl playing Streep’s daughter did some brilliant acting and 2hrs 20min is too long to find out what Sophie’s big choice was. There, that’s my review. I’m sorry, but I’ll never watch it again, its just too damn boring.



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    The English Patient

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    Some Like It Hot

    3.40pm – I wasn’t supposed to watch this till July but I’m in such a Marilyn Monroe mood. I know I keep saying this but I am sorry if the review I write is crap, I’m really not with it today, somethings not quite right but I’m not sure what… its been a rough 4 or 5 days for my body.

    7.48pm – Loved, loved, LOVED this movie! I could easily watch it again right now which has only happened once in my challenge [Cloverfield].

  • Love the super jazzy music at the start! I find its important to have quick music when the credits are at the beginning because then I don’t dread watching the rest of the movie because I’m bored already.
  • The cop car had cops actually on the car and clinging onto it!
  • I know this may sound weird but this is one of the best plots I’ve seen for ‘drag’ because most of the time there’s some lame excuse for the characters to be in drag but with this one, I didn’t roll my eyes once!
  • Tony Curtis has girly eyes anyways, that’s why he’s more convincing than Jack Lemmon. However, I must say that its amazing what a wig and make-up can do! At one point, Curtis just had to put a wig on and he looked [slightly] female!
  • Boys pretending to be girls is a comedy that will never EVER get old for me. “Keep telling yourself you’re a girl.”
  • I think one of the many things that makes this movie so amazing is the chemistry between Curtis and Lemmon. They play best friends perfectly, I completely believed them, they just bounced off one another!
  • The silver dress that we first see in I Wanna Be Loved By You is… quite a dress… only Marilyn Monroe could wear it and not look slutty. I, of course, loved all of Monroe’s costumes in this movie, particularly because they showed off her normal, female figure! There is a shot where Sugar [Monroe] is running down the street and its just the image of glamour; Monroe wearing diamond earrings and a fur wrap with palm trees behind her.
  • I have “I Wanna Be Loved By You” and “I’m Through With Love” already on my iTunes before watching this movie! Love those songs!
  • I thought Curtis’ ‘English’ accent was horrible but it actually made it funny! I normally hate poor English accents but I didn’t this time!
  • Quotes that I wrote down: “I’m engaged!” “Who’s the lucky girl?” “I am!”, “The omelet is about to hit the fan” and “I’m a man!” “Well, nobody’s perfect.”
  • This movie is surprisingly violent for a comedy! All the shooting!
  • I thought that it was both lazy and clever that they had Sugar be dumb so that she wouldn’t yell at Joe/Josephine when she found out she’s a he and he’d been lying.
  • Loved this movie, think it may of actually made it into my top 10 favourite movies of all time!



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    Hurrah! I’ve had over 2000 views of my blog! And I think only half are my mum! Thanks everyone for viewing, nice to know there is someone out there watching ^_^

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    The French Connection

    I think the only reason I’m not going to say that this was really boring is because it reminded me so much of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. And I only wrote two notes which were ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘happier than Gene Hunt’. I know that The French Connection is probably one of the inspirations for Life on Mars but I saw that first so I link them. It is unfortunate, I guess, that I’m too young to know some connections from one movie to another or links in TV shows.

    This is basically my review for this movie because I didn’t really right anything down for it. Its basically just a long TV crime show. And Gene Hackman was great, as he always is.



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    Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

    “Everything is a gift of the universe.”

    My apologies if this review doesn’t make any sense but I am yet again at the stage where I’m thinking “why the hell did I agree to do this challenge!?” Plus, I don’t think any review I make will give justice to this movie.

  • The costumes in Precious’ daydreams are fabulous! The costumes and Precious’ happiness make those daydreams an escape for the audience, not just for Precious. Its wonderful to watch because I want Precious to be so happy and it was nice to witness her with all this confidence and happiness that she doesn’t have in real life.

  • I love the narrating of this movie, that we see it almost 100% from Precious’ point of view. We’ve had a few movies like this where there are bad kids/kid and their school stuff but its mainly from the teacher’s “how do I reach these kids?” point of view. It made a nice change to hear the from the teenager’s side.
  • I can’t believe Precious was suspended for being pregnant. Its quite disgusting.
  • The mother, Mar, says the most horrid things that you could say to your daughter or anyone for that matter. However, as I think about it after hearing Mary’s ‘excuse’, I can now see where the hatred comes from. There is no excuse in the world for that Mary says to her daughter but at least now I understand.
  • Precious looks at photos and TV shows to get the encouragement she will never get in real life.
  • The teacher, Ms Blue, looks like JLo.
  • Precious thinks that if she were white, it would all be OK.
  • All I can say is nice try Mariah Carey.
  • The poor first baby has downs-syndrome. I thought that this was key because if a baby has the same gene and stuff, it is going to come out with some kind of disability.
  • It was horrible to see that Mary can be nice and civilized when the social worker is there.
  • There was a good clip where the camera is rotating around Precious and in the background, on the walls, you see these projected clips from history, to show how much Precious has learned. And to make the moment even sweeter, she says she going to teach her babies this stuff too.
  • Its so lovely to see Precious happy and laughing in real life with her new friends. To be honest, any moment when Precious shows the slightest sign of being happy is a fantastic moment. I just felt so much love for this character, I wanted to help her and hug her so badly.
  • Precious just gave birth, she comes home from the hospital and her mum is like “make me a drink”. Oh my God, I was livid!! Then Mary THROWS THE NEWBORN BABY into the nearest chair and throws something at Precious. Oh my God, I felt sick with anger and sadness. It never ceases to amaze me what movies can do to a person. I was like “RUN, PRECIOUS, RUN AWAY!” and she did and then she falls down the stairs and I jumped and put my hand over my mouth, praying that the baby was OK and he was, he was fine, but then Mary throws the damn TV down the stairs and oh my God, if you felt nothing in that scene then you are a heartless piece of work, you are just as bad as Mary if you felt nothing. I’m sorry, that’s harsh but bloody hell, I’ve never felt like that during a scene in a movie.

  • I thought it was very clever when Precious gets told some bad news and she goes straight into her daydream of happiness.

  • The man who was supposed to love Mary loved her daughter, that is why she hates her so much. That’s a very powerful scene, when Mary explains herself.

  • Mo’Nique deserves every award she won, she truly was the monster.

  • For Precious girls everywhere. It makes me so sad to know there are more Precious’ out there. I feel so blessed and lucky to have the family and life that I do. This movie has made me appreciate it all so much.
  • Any movie that can make you feel things and do things that you’ve never done for any other movie is a fantastic one. This is a truly wonderful film that completely engrosses you in it. I recommend you should probably watch it alone or with someone you’re willing to either cry with or you’re not afraid to scream at the TV in front of them. You will feel emotions you’ve never felt for a movie before.



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