A Matter of Life and Death

“This is a story of two worlds, the one we know and another which exists only in the mind of a young airman whose life & imagination has been violently shaped by war.”

  • The opening is a bit like those weird videos you used to have to watch in Science class. However, The voice over guy has such a great voice that it has me totally interested! There’s no point starting a movie like a science lesson unless the voiceover man has a voice that could read the Yellow Pages and you’d still be hooked. It was a very positive opening.
  • I know it’s a technique used to make women more ‘beautiful’ and it was used a lot with Marilyn Monroe because she looks terrible some days, but there’s no need for the camera to go so out of focus that it leaves the audience wondering if they’re eyesight has gotten worse.
  • The movie makers were very clever in only mentioning ‘heaven’ twice considering its all about life after death and that the place the dead went to was ‘heaven’. I am not a religious person and therefore I love this idea of life after death because there’s no God and no Jesus and stuff like that. The dead are given pretty white wings but that’s about as religious as it gets. Its about the theory that you continue your life after you die but its in a more pleasant world. And you get free Coca-Cola up there!
  • Colour is a great tool when it comes to life and death movies. In this one, death is in black and white and life is in Technicolor. That’s appropriate for this movie because its all about life being more wonderful and loving than death. Another example is Corpse Bride where life is miserable and therefore is very dark and grey colours but death is bright colours and full of life and jazz music. It depends on the topic of the movie and it worked very well for this movie which celebrates life and love [but death isn‘t too bad, you just have to wait for your friends and family to join you].
  • Another part of the death theory expressed in this movie is that when you die, you get given a guide to help you on your way to peace. This movie is about when your guide gets lost and can’t find you. The pilot was supposed to die and move on but his guide, a Frenchman [Conductor 71], can’t see him in the English fog; “Your time was up. But I missed you because of your ridiculous English climate.”
  • Hats off to most of the actors because almost all of them had to stay perfectly like they were frozen in time, and I tried to spot them moving and I didn’t.
  • “Ah, these English! What is the good of kissing a girl if she does not feel it?”
  • The women’s tear on a rose is given as evidence in the pilot’s case as proof that the woman loves him. Incredibly romantic and poetic.
  • Now… there is A LOT of America vs. England. Well, mainly America dissing England and pointing our all things wrong with England and all of England’s mistakes. Unfortunately I can’t remember a lot of it as I was interrupted at that point in the movie by a family matter. But I think England won eventually so hurrah! But its still very interesting to me as I’m an English girl in America. I’ve received mainly praise for being English but I wonder how they’ll act come 4th July when they celebrate getting their land back from *cough* us…
  • At first I didn’t like the ending but then it took a twist and it was all happy again! Incredibly romantic and cheesy but it works because of when the film was made.
  • Very good film, I’ll probably watch again some other time and I think you should too.



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    Planet of the Apes

    7.45pm – I don’t mind watching this movie but I really just want to watch one of these movies on my list and not have to worry about notes. However, I will try my best but I don’t promise anything. Sorry.

    10.06pm – It took a bit of getting into but I ended up really liking this movie. I only made a few notes but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it.

  • The beginning was incredibly slow and boring, just three guys doing a lot of walking. Then they’re like “oh, look, life!” “Yay! Lets dig it up!”
  • I love the idea of monkeys being the higher-being. I thought it was incredibly clever and interesting to see it the other way round. I remember thinking “oh my God, you don’t just shove a woman into a man’s cage and expect them to ‘mate’” but then I realized that that’s actually what we do to apes. It’s a movie that really got me thinking. The whole thing [except first 30 minutes which just bored me] was perfectly written.
  • The make-up is extraordinary, except the mouths but I can let that go. You can totally tell how the character is feeling, even through the heavy make-up.
  • I laughed out loud a few times; when Taylor [the human] threw the paper airplane and the ape’s reaction to it. Don’t know quite why but I thought that was funny. Also, the classic three monkeys were ‘seen’ in the court scene “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Ooo, by the way, that court scene was one of the best court scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie, I wasn’t bored once!
  • I feel so stupid for not seeing that ending coming. Its so obvious and yet I was like “OMG NO WAY!”
  • Yeah, see, that review/my notes don’t give the film justice at all. I would watch it again if I could just skip the first half an hour.