Some Like It Hot

3.40pm – I wasn’t supposed to watch this till July but I’m in such a Marilyn Monroe mood. I know I keep saying this but I am sorry if the review I write is crap, I’m really not with it today, somethings not quite right but I’m not sure what… its been a rough 4 or 5 days for my body.

7.48pm – Loved, loved, LOVED this movie! I could easily watch it again right now which has only happened once in my challenge [Cloverfield].

  • Love the super jazzy music at the start! I find its important to have quick music when the credits are at the beginning because then I don’t dread watching the rest of the movie because I’m bored already.
  • The cop car had cops actually on the car and clinging onto it!
  • I know this may sound weird but this is one of the best plots I’ve seen for ‘drag’ because most of the time there’s some lame excuse for the characters to be in drag but with this one, I didn’t roll my eyes once!
  • Tony Curtis has girly eyes anyways, that’s why he’s more convincing than Jack Lemmon. However, I must say that its amazing what a wig and make-up can do! At one point, Curtis just had to put a wig on and he looked [slightly] female!
  • Boys pretending to be girls is a comedy that will never EVER get old for me. “Keep telling yourself you’re a girl.”
  • I think one of the many things that makes this movie so amazing is the chemistry between Curtis and Lemmon. They play best friends perfectly, I completely believed them, they just bounced off one another!
  • The silver dress that we first see in I Wanna Be Loved By You is… quite a dress… only Marilyn Monroe could wear it and not look slutty. I, of course, loved all of Monroe’s costumes in this movie, particularly because they showed off her normal, female figure! There is a shot where Sugar [Monroe] is running down the street and its just the image of glamour; Monroe wearing diamond earrings and a fur wrap with palm trees behind her.
  • I have “I Wanna Be Loved By You” and “I’m Through With Love” already on my iTunes before watching this movie! Love those songs!
  • I thought Curtis’ ‘English’ accent was horrible but it actually made it funny! I normally hate poor English accents but I didn’t this time!
  • Quotes that I wrote down: “I’m engaged!” “Who’s the lucky girl?” “I am!”, “The omelet is about to hit the fan” and “I’m a man!” “Well, nobody’s perfect.”
  • This movie is surprisingly violent for a comedy! All the shooting!
  • I thought that it was both lazy and clever that they had Sugar be dumb so that she wouldn’t yell at Joe/Josephine when she found out she’s a he and he’d been lying.
  • Loved this movie, think it may of actually made it into my top 10 favourite movies of all time!



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    1. I loveeeee this movie so much!

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