The Thin Red Line

10.06pm – I’ve got about 50min left of the film and I had a look on my stats here and I’ve had over 3,000 views! Hurrah! Thanks everyone for visiting!!!!!

11.02pm – I suppose this film is good… I don’t know, I just found it boring because it was mainly about men’s feelings. The voiceovers were poetic in an emo kind of way. I found myself thinking “oh just quit your bitching” which is the totally wrong thing to say as war is a terrible thing and does terrible things to people’s minds. It was just so damn depressing! “The only time you should start worrying about a soldier is when they stop bitchin’.” I loved this line because its actually how I felt and I feel awful that that’s how I felt when I watched this movie. Its was just the voiceovers that were just… depressing. Some guy blew his butt off and that was unintentionally funny. It was sad to see how young some of the soldiers were. It was interesting to see the ‘bad guys’ being captured and seeing how terrified they were. All the actors seem to have huge foreheads. There are some beautiful shots but some just felt like they were there to make the film longer. However, I did feel a little more emotion when one of the soldier’s wife sent him a letter for a divorce after we’d seen so many flashbacks to their happy life. I really felt sorry for the poor soldier who’s only hope and his muse for getting through the war was his wife. I actually wrote in my notes “OMG that bitch!” so yeah…

It wasn’t my cup of tea, to be honest. And it may saw George Clooney in the credits but he has 1 speech and its about 10 sentences long. If you hate Sean Penn, don’t want this movie. Erm… that’s about it. Its alright and I can see why its considered great but it just wasn’t for me. Sorry!





This is an incredibly interesting and well written movie. Its all about this group of people and how they’re all linked and what is happening in their lives. I can’t describe exactly why its so well done… their stories link and we have the introductions at the same time, the climaxes at the same time and the endings at the same time… sorry, this is crap, I just can’t put it into words. Its just written so incredibly well.

My favourite storyline was Jim/Claudia. They both need someone and they’re both be good for each other. Not that the other storylines aren’t really good and make you think because they do, I just found myself really getting into the Jim/Claudia.

My favourite part of the movie was when the characters sang along with a song and the lyrics matched their situations. I loved that so much as its something that I would do in a movie. I’m constantly listening to music and thinking about a movie around it or how it relates to characters and stuff.

If frogs freak you out, don’t watch this!

Sorry, I know it’s a short review but it is a very good movie and I’d recommend you all watch it. And this is coming from a girl who hates it when dramas run longer than 2 hours; this runs for 3hr 8min and I wasn’t bored once.



Boogie Nights

  • Its got John C.Reilly in it! Yay! He’s great in every scene he’s in, love him! “People say I look like Hans Solo.”
  • Mark Wahlberg doe not look 17, nice try though.
  • Eddie’s [Wahlberg] mum is so horrible in this movie and I know that there are mums out there that do act that way towards their child and it makes me love my mum even more for being so wonderful to me. There is a bit of a ‘mum theme’ going on as Eddie longs for a loving mother and its weird because he finds one in Amber [Julianne Moore] and get they have sex for the camera. It sounds weird but that doesn’t actually loose the motherly-love which is just WEIRD! How the hell did Anderson [director] do that?!
  • If you’re a curvy or big girl, this movie will make you feel just that bit more fat because there’s a lot of skinnies in this movie but that’s expected as those were the body types of the porn business in those days.
  • This movie shows you two sides to the porn industry; the nice, polite, friendly/family side and then the down side. The down side takes a long time to get to and should have been brought in sooner and a lot more on it as it just felt like Anderson went “oh yeah, you do get addicted to drugs when you do crack, oops, must slide that in there”.
  • Tehehe, he’s called ‘Dirk’ and all I could do whenever his name was mentioned was think of Team America [Derka derka, Mohammed Jihad].
  • Aw, poor Scotty! He’s so confused and looks so in love. Sad face.
  • There was a quite interesting small scene where the Colonel [the main funding guy] says a line about why he had child pornography. We often to hear why the peadophiles do/watch what they do so I thought it was interesting to hear it from their point of view. It was still incredibly sick and disgusting and made me want to vomit but you don’t often hear them, you just hear about what they did.
  • If you watch this movie, be prepared for a whole lot of coke snorting. A LOT. Its horrible to watch.
  • I know that there are scenes needed to give some characters more depth but I felt that they weren’t needed as we understood the characters perfectly before.
  • There was a good editing scene where it cut between two sexual scenes; Jack films Rollergirl in a limo with some guy who turns out to be the guy who bullied her in school and Eddie with a guy. Both scenes take a turn for the worst and end in violence and it was very interesting to see the different sides.
  • The film spans over 70s and 80s and the only way you can really tell is by the clothes and thanks to watching Ashes to Ashes [which is back for a third season soon! Yay!] I knew the era had changed to the 80s.
  • It’s a good film and a good idea but it runs on for too long and there’s not enough about the dark side of the drug addition. Maybe I’m expecting too much Trainspotting but whatever, there didn’t seem to be enough on it.



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