Stand by Me

I’ve wanted to see this film since Family Guy did a spoof of it. Unfortunately, because I saw Family Guy first, I kept laughing throughout the movie as I kept remembering things from the episode. Anyways, the film is about four friends who make a trip to find and see a dead body of a kid their age. It’s a surprisingly very sweet film about friendship. It is ruined by Kiefer Sutherland and his blond hair but we can [eventually] ignore him.

  • Be prepared to see ‘twelve year olds’ [the characters are 12 but the actors were 14, 15 and 16] smoking and swearing. However, it is done in a very realistic way, especially as some of them don’t know how to hold a cigarette properly.
  • They may be a year from being teenagers but they have some pretty rough lives already. Chris [River Phoenix] comes from a family of criminals and alcoholics, Teddy [Corey Feldman] was nearly killed by his own mentally-unstable father leaving him with a deformed ear and mental problems of his own, Vern [Jerry O’Connell] is the fat kid who is the butt of every joke and then there’s Gordie [Wil Wheaton] who is ignored at home and feels he is hated by his father who seems to wish Gordie had died rather than his ‘perfect, quarterback‘ brother [John Cusack]. I totally felt for these boys, I just wanted to hug them all.
  • This movie is the perfect example of superb teenage acting that we just don’t get these days. Phoenix and Feldman in particular were extraordinary. The other two were great as well but I was blown away by Phoenix and Feldman; Phoenix was amazing in the scene where he confesses that he’s nothing like his criminal family and that he’s scared of being stereotyped as one, and Feldman was fantastic when the junkyard owner starting talking shit about his dad and… my God, he truly looked crazy, it was amazing. But we don’t get acting like that these days, those Twilight kids, Disney ones and even though I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I’d say only Rupert Grint is the decent actor in that series. I don’t know… I feel we’ve lost proper teenage acting.
  • The pie story! OMG so disgusting but funny at the same time, reminded me of the racist woman from Little Britain.
  • I loved the scene where the boys [except Gordie] take turns on patrol at night because it really shows their characters; Terry talks to himself and acts like he’s in the war [which his dad was in and made him mental], Vern flinches and points the gun at any sound and Chris just sits there, not bothered at all.
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    A Man for All Seasons

    This movie is about Sir Thomas More and his struggle with Henry VIII and the Roman Catholic Church. Its more interesting than it sounds!

  • Cardinal Wolsey [Orson Welles] looks a little like he’s possessed, he looks rather evil! I don’t know whether this was on purpose as the people who agree with the King getting divorced are portrayed as the bad guys but it made it seem more obvious to me.
  • Robert Shaw looks far more like Henry VIII than the modern actors who’ve portrayed him. Especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Seriously?! Also loved Henry’s costume! I love gooooold.
  • Paul Scofield is amazing in this film, the acting is superb and even though I’m not religious, I totally supported him.
  • “Cromwell, are you threatening me?” “My dear Norfolk… this isn’t Spain.” Tehehe.
  • More’s [Scofield] daughter is called Meg. I kept chuckling as all I could think of was Family Guy.
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    12 Angry Men

    The movie is about a jury made up of twelve men as they discuss the fate of an 18 year old boy. Sounds boring but believe me, its far from it. I would actually go as far as saying its more entertaining than the CSI stuff we have on TV.

  • The opening scene is set in the courtroom but its only about a minute or so long. Then, the ending scene is outside the courthouse and onto the streets. Everything in between is on one set, the jury room. That’s a pretty bold move for a movie but somehow, it works. Anyway, when it fades from the courtroom to the jury room, it’s a very long fade so that the convicted-boy’s face looks like its in the jury room, almost to symbolize that the boy is forever present in that room.
  • Except for the very, very end, the men don’t have names, they’re simply numbers. I love this because therefore we don’t get distracted or confused by names, we just know the characters by face. Also, its done so subtly that you don’t realise they don’t mention names till the very end when two characters finally go “what’s your name?”
  • The acting and speech is incredibly realistic. The way they speak doesn’t sound scripted and they do talk over each other, just like in real life. And there is a man who has a cold and therefore we hear coughing ever now and then.
  • So, all the men just want to go home and say he’s guilty except one man who says they should talk about it as its about a boy’s life. I suppose that shows that humanity isn’t as sweet as we think it is.
  • I love all the contradictions in this script! Some of the men make prejudice judgments and when they’re either proven wrong or something along those lines, I found myself going “oooooo you got owned!” I’ll list a few of my favourite examples; a few of the men make comments on the fact the boy is from the slums and everyone from the slums are murderers and theives. Then, one the men says that he’s from the slums and the guys are like “oh, no, no, we didn’t mean you…” I think that has happened to everyone, when you’re talking about a ‘type’ of person and someone in the room or even a friend is one of them. Awkwaaaard! Yes, that’s it, there are loooads of awkward moments but they’re brilliantly awkward. Like, when the elder jury member 9 talks about how the old man [the witness] wants attention as he’s probably been a nobody all his life, one of the other men is like “how do YOU know?” and then there’s a pause and its like “aw, he’s like him! Aw, poor man…” I can’t quite describe it but its all just written so well!
  • Juror 10: “Bright? He’s a common ignorant slob. He don’t even speak good English.” Juror 11: “Doesn’t even speak good English.” Ooooo owned again!!!
    Juror 3 is the last one to change from guilty to non-guilty, he’s the most arrogant of the lot to the point where its so frustrating to watch him. So, when they’re talking about what the old man saw, Juror 9: “He said fifteen seconds. He was very positive about it.” Juror 3: “He was an old man. Half the time he was confused. How could he be positive about anything!” And I went “OOOOO YOU JUST ADMITED YOU WERE WRONG! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and then Juror 8 says that even if someone yells that they’re going to kill someone it doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do it and Juror 3 is like “yes, you do!” and then later on in the film he gets angry at 8 and screams “I’ll kill you” and I was like “OOOOO YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!” Seriously, you get really into this movie.
    There is a… I don’t know why I think its particularly a beautiful scene but I just love the way it was staged. Juror 10 starts a racist rant, one by one the other jury members stand up from the table and move away, eventually having their back to the racist man. 10 realizes that people aren’t agreeing with him when everyone but two other people have their backs to him. He is then told to ‘never open his mouth again’ and is therefore shunned by the rest of the group. I just thought it was amazingly staged and wonderful to watch. Incredibly clever.
  • The ending, where they go down the stairs and into the streets was a bit of a shock reminder that these men are complete strangers and will probably never see each other again. After all the arguments and conversations, they will just go their separate ways. I just found that incredible…
  • For the ending credits, they show the character’s faces with the actor’s names as we’re never told the characters names except 2 at the very end but we’re still more familiar with their faces than names.
  • I don’t know if this review makes any sense at all but it is truly an incredibly good movie. If there is a film student reading this, you should watch this movie if you’re writing an essay on scriptwriting, this is the perfect example.



    A Matter of Life and Death

    “This is a story of two worlds, the one we know and another which exists only in the mind of a young airman whose life & imagination has been violently shaped by war.”

  • The opening is a bit like those weird videos you used to have to watch in Science class. However, The voice over guy has such a great voice that it has me totally interested! There’s no point starting a movie like a science lesson unless the voiceover man has a voice that could read the Yellow Pages and you’d still be hooked. It was a very positive opening.
  • I know it’s a technique used to make women more ‘beautiful’ and it was used a lot with Marilyn Monroe because she looks terrible some days, but there’s no need for the camera to go so out of focus that it leaves the audience wondering if they’re eyesight has gotten worse.
  • The movie makers were very clever in only mentioning ‘heaven’ twice considering its all about life after death and that the place the dead went to was ‘heaven’. I am not a religious person and therefore I love this idea of life after death because there’s no God and no Jesus and stuff like that. The dead are given pretty white wings but that’s about as religious as it gets. Its about the theory that you continue your life after you die but its in a more pleasant world. And you get free Coca-Cola up there!
  • Colour is a great tool when it comes to life and death movies. In this one, death is in black and white and life is in Technicolor. That’s appropriate for this movie because its all about life being more wonderful and loving than death. Another example is Corpse Bride where life is miserable and therefore is very dark and grey colours but death is bright colours and full of life and jazz music. It depends on the topic of the movie and it worked very well for this movie which celebrates life and love [but death isn‘t too bad, you just have to wait for your friends and family to join you].
  • Another part of the death theory expressed in this movie is that when you die, you get given a guide to help you on your way to peace. This movie is about when your guide gets lost and can’t find you. The pilot was supposed to die and move on but his guide, a Frenchman [Conductor 71], can’t see him in the English fog; “Your time was up. But I missed you because of your ridiculous English climate.”
  • Hats off to most of the actors because almost all of them had to stay perfectly like they were frozen in time, and I tried to spot them moving and I didn’t.
  • “Ah, these English! What is the good of kissing a girl if she does not feel it?”
  • The women’s tear on a rose is given as evidence in the pilot’s case as proof that the woman loves him. Incredibly romantic and poetic.
  • Now… there is A LOT of America vs. England. Well, mainly America dissing England and pointing our all things wrong with England and all of England’s mistakes. Unfortunately I can’t remember a lot of it as I was interrupted at that point in the movie by a family matter. But I think England won eventually so hurrah! But its still very interesting to me as I’m an English girl in America. I’ve received mainly praise for being English but I wonder how they’ll act come 4th July when they celebrate getting their land back from *cough* us…
  • At first I didn’t like the ending but then it took a twist and it was all happy again! Incredibly romantic and cheesy but it works because of when the film was made.
  • Very good film, I’ll probably watch again some other time and I think you should too.



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    Sex and the City 2

    I’ll admit that I was a latecomer to Sex and the City; I was 7 when it first aired. I got really into it last year when I saw a few episode on the English channel Five and kind of got hooked. I bought the film then got the DVD set for my birthday so I’ve watched every episode at least once. Even though they’re not my age group, I still fell for those 4 women. Also, I saw my friends in those women which therefore made me love it even more because it felt like I was looking into the future except there’s five of us, not four [and in case you were wondering, I see myself as a mixture between Miranda and Carrie, Sarah is Samantha, Laura is Charlotte and Lucy and Ana are a mix between Carrie and Charlotte.]

    I have seen the first movie so many times that I know all the words, I’ve tried to copy Carrie’s outfits and I have my own version of her iconic gladiator heels that she wears at the beginning [mine from New Look, not Dior]. So, I could not wait for this movie, I’ve been excited about seeing it for weeks. And… it didn’t disappoint.

  • The clothes are fabulous, I loved every single outfit that Carrie wore [she’s my favourite, in case you hadn’t noticed!]. The clothes and the set are so extravagant that it turns a romantic comedy into an escape from reality. Some people don’t like the fact that the clothes cost thousands, especially in our financial state, but its amazing because we can dream about it and see these women look amazing. Its escapism in a realistic way. I love it, anyways. Also, the closet in this movie got a gasp from the audience and I was one of them; I demand a closet like that. I will buy a two bedroom apartment and turn the spare room into a closet. I will. I don’t care what you say, I am. By the way, my favourite in the film is the dress she wears on the poster, the blueish-yellowish one, its so beautiful and I would like it, please. Thank you.
  • I love the gay wedding. I’m a huge supporter of the gay community and I hate, hate, HATE that gay marriage is still illegal in several states. Its disgusting. This is 2010 for Pete’s sake. You can’t help who you fall in love with. No one should be discriminated for being in love. I don’t know if its just because I’m a big supporter but I felt the movie was making a statement. And the Liza Minnelli scene is incredible.
  • The airplane! OMG the airplane! The inside is just… wow, it makes me want to marry a billionaire. Its so fabulous and is, once again, escapism for the audience. I’m sorry, I just love seeing fabulous lives.
  • Omid Djalili is in it! Hurrah! Love him. He’s not a comedic character but I still love him.
  • Aiden!!! My favourite of the Carrie’s lovers. Obviously, Mr Big is awesome but I just loved Aiden so much.
  • OK… I will admit that I saw this movie on my own as I have no one to go with over here in America. Like I said, the characters remind me of my friends back in England. So… there came a moment when I realized how alike they were to us and… well, I started to cry. I started to cry into my M&Ms as I thought of my girls back in England and how much I miss them. I cried for a lot of the movie, to be honest. The friendship in this movie is so powerful. Be prepared, if you’re away from your friends, best not see this movie or you’ll be crying into your popcorn too.
  • I think there was a group of mum’s next to me in the cinema because when Miranda and Charlotte start talking about motherhood, some of them started cheering or laugh hysterically.
  • Gov from Hollyoaks is in it!!! I loved Hollyoaks back in England and I had to stop myself screaming and pointing at the screen going “ITS GOV!!! GOV IS IN A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!!” Hollyoaks people NEVER get into Hollywood movies! Well, what’s-her-name got two lines in Dark Knight but you couldn’t tell it was her. Gov got loads of lines and had the screen to himself!!! Good on him! Go Hollyoaks!
  • I love American audiences and this is why; there is a scene where Samantha is surrounded by angry men because she has little clothing on and condoms are all over the floor [its disrespectful to them] and she just starts screaming at them and everyone in the cinema started cheering! Its just… you don’t get that in England! I love how involved American audiences get! Love it! That’s what its all about!
  • However, I would like to say a little something… that there’s hardly any New York in this movie. I feel that that is where they went wrong, because its Sex and the CITY. Its supposed to be about New York just as much as the characters.
  • Please, ignore the ‘proper’ reviews. This film is as amazing as the first. It’s the TV show on sparkle-covered speed.




    12.15am – I’ll type up the review in the morning, bit tired at the moment. However, I can say that it is a very good film and I advise you all to watch it.

    5.44pm – Sorry if none of this makes sense or means nothing to you but I’m pretty down at the moment, sorry.

  • Epic music.
  • I love the love story.
  • Funny gladiator school owner, glad he won an Oscar. “What? Wait a minute. Crassus here? Varinia, my red toga with the acorns. And some chairs in the atrium. Second-best wine. No, the best, but small goblets.”
  • Love the gorgeous female costumes.
  • Laughed that the women chose the cutest gladiators to fight.
  • The accents are weird, some are American, others are English, its just confusing.
  • Very tanned men. VERY tanned.
  • Tony Curtis is looooovely in this movie.
  • This movie has the original upside-down kiss.
  • If you want a movie that has very little costumes and a whole lot of man-thigh/legs… this is your movie.
  • The crowd/battle scenes are amazing because you know its not CGI and that there are actually that many extras on the field.
  • The dead baby totally broke me but then my spirits lifted when I saw one of the surviving babies and how adorable he was when he mum was cheeky and squirted goat milk in his face.
  • The dead bodies are horrible, it really puts the whole battle into perspective.
  • The ending is heartbreaking, hopeful, joyful and annoying. Made me cry like a baby, it was beautiful and so sad.
  • Sorry, crap review but it is a very good film and I think you should all rent it.



    The Thin Red Line

    10.06pm – I’ve got about 50min left of the film and I had a look on my stats here and I’ve had over 3,000 views! Hurrah! Thanks everyone for visiting!!!!!

    11.02pm – I suppose this film is good… I don’t know, I just found it boring because it was mainly about men’s feelings. The voiceovers were poetic in an emo kind of way. I found myself thinking “oh just quit your bitching” which is the totally wrong thing to say as war is a terrible thing and does terrible things to people’s minds. It was just so damn depressing! “The only time you should start worrying about a soldier is when they stop bitchin’.” I loved this line because its actually how I felt and I feel awful that that’s how I felt when I watched this movie. Its was just the voiceovers that were just… depressing. Some guy blew his butt off and that was unintentionally funny. It was sad to see how young some of the soldiers were. It was interesting to see the ‘bad guys’ being captured and seeing how terrified they were. All the actors seem to have huge foreheads. There are some beautiful shots but some just felt like they were there to make the film longer. However, I did feel a little more emotion when one of the soldier’s wife sent him a letter for a divorce after we’d seen so many flashbacks to their happy life. I really felt sorry for the poor soldier who’s only hope and his muse for getting through the war was his wife. I actually wrote in my notes “OMG that bitch!” so yeah…

    It wasn’t my cup of tea, to be honest. And it may saw George Clooney in the credits but he has 1 speech and its about 10 sentences long. If you hate Sean Penn, don’t want this movie. Erm… that’s about it. Its alright and I can see why its considered great but it just wasn’t for me. Sorry!



    Shrek Forever After

    Wait. Wait till it comes out on DVD. Its not worth the money to see at the cinema. I’m a huge fan of the cinema but I’m not paying $8.50 [matinee] to see a 2.5 out of 5 rating film. The third and forth Shrek films are no where near as good as the first or second. Third was a bit crap and I know that because I saw it in the cinema when it came out and I haven’t seen it since. Anyways, the storyline for the fourth is great, its just a shame that they spent more times on Shrek’s eyelashes than on jokes. I laughed about 3 times and I know two of those laughs were Puss in Boots and his fatness. The first film had a short, angry guy which was funny, in the forth they have another short, angry guy but who isn’t funny. No matter how many wigs he has on. Donkey was poorly used and Shrek was too soppy for my liking.

    I don’t know… I found myself disappointed. I’d recommend you wait and rent it in 5 months.



    The Great Escape

    This is the first film I’ve watched with popcorn at home! I love the smell of popcorn, smells like a cinema. Obviously. Anyways, very good film, I really liked it!

  • The theme tune! What a song! Everyone knows it! I knew it and I’ve never seen this film before! I loved that its associated with England, especially as we often whistle it at football [soccer to you yanks lol] matches.
  • I love that the whole story line is based on a true story. Its incredible! Its so well written and I had to remind myself that it actually happened.
  • The beginning conversation is a bit funny because its basically some Nazi person going “don’t escape” and the English guy is like “well, we’re gonna”.
  • The mumbling! I’m sorry, I know the sound equipment isn’t like what we have now but I couldn’t hear or understand a single word any of them said! I had to ask my dad loads of times what was being said or what was going on.
  • “Steve McQueen plays the American guy who is dropped into British films in order to make them sell [in America]” – Eddie Izzard. He may be joking but its totally true! American’s are still a bit edgy when it comes to a full British cast! Another example, for the young ones, why do you think Renée Zellweger was in Bridget Jones’s Diary?
  • The camp is incredibly clean and actually looks like a pretty decent place to live compared to what I’ve seen in other movies. However, my mum reminded me that the prisoners were generals or people of high rank so therefore they were treated a bit better.
  • Unfortunately, I am only 19 and therefore saw things before this film so I kept thinking about Chicken Run and that this movie has people from Jurassic Park, 8 Simple Rules and CSI.
  • I love that Squadron Leader Roger Bushell [Jurassic Park guy] was so willing to try everyone’s ideas, the bird lessons, a non-camp costume designer, the 4th July celebrations [considering they got independence from the British *cough*], the friendships and team work, and the mention of claustrophobia. The friendship and teamwork got me the most because I really bonded with the characters and I was on the edge of my seat hoping they’d escape and that they’d stay ‘escaped’. I think if I felt nothing for the characters then the movie wouldn’t of worked.
  • I know I’ve been quoting Eddie Izzard a lot in recent reviews but its just because he’s been popping into my head because I’m starting to see films that he mentions in his routines. Anyways, I remember Izzard mentioning the geography is a bit off in this movie; “Remember Jim Garner nicks a airplane in that film and he flies to Switzerland and he gets about 20 miles away from it- in an airplane! And Steve’s on a fucking motorbike and he gets there! Before him!”
  • The credits are nice, with the character’s names and then their nicknames. Gives it a nice personal touch.
  • Dedicated to those fifty.



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