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PLEASE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, LEAVE ME A COMMENT OR A TWEET OR IF YOU’RE A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK, PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO LET ME KNOW YOU ARE READING! And if you have any thoughts… at all, I just need feedback. I don’t quite know what to do right now. This may sound cheesy but I feel like I’ve reached a pivitol point in the blog/challenge. So please, any comment will do.

And no, mum, you don’t count lol. Nor you, dad. Sorry!

9.12pm – Ergh. I really can’t be arsed today but I’m already a film behind so I can’t afford to take a night ‘off’… I’m starting to wonder whether this ‘challenge’ is going to ruin my watching of movies. Maybe 212 is too many and I should just go for 100 so I don’t completely go mental and never watch a movie again. We’ll see… think I may just read Julie & Julia for a bit, that always boosts me a bit…

9.19pm – Or maybe I could just try to watch as many movies as I can in 7 months, rather than just have a fixed number… that wouldn’t make it much of a challenge I guess…

9.54pm – I’ve had a thought and a quick read of Julie&Julia. Julie didn’t cook everyday so I think its OK to let myself have a night ‘off’ tonight and then watch 2 movies one day and then 2 movies another day. Maybe a break is what I need to bring back my determination.

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  1. I know I don’t count but you are doing great!!

  2. You are doing good 🙂 Keep it up. A quarter of the way there 😛 Going to blockbuster to look for films today actually… suggestions?:P

    And don’t say I don’t count… I’m Jodie. I always count.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Very intensive film watching – but a brilliant idea, keep going -You are on a mission and you will not regret it. I have a list of around 100 film classics that I wish to see and I think it will probably take years:(

    I managed 2 old fims at half term (Hitchcock) and Dorain Gray and The time Travellers Wife.

    Tell your Mum that I actually got to watch my vid of Its A Wounderful Life (yes, I cried!)

    Going to read some of your posts and look if you have a post on Avatar, cannot wait to see The New Tim Burton film!! (the only Kids films I like)

    Take care and keep going:)


    • Thanks Victoria for your words [and many comments!]! It means a lot. I haven’t reviewed Avatar because its hard to write notes in a pitch-black cinema lol. But if you want my opinion, it was pretty awesome visually but… that was about it… I dunno, I felt it lacked something but whatever, everyone to their own taste. I’m seeing Alice in Wonderland for my birthday treat ^_^ can’t wait!!! x

  4. Question- At this point what is your top 5 all time top films?

  5. Hi Kate, Sounds like some challenge try Jaws. IT is an all time classic and needs to be watch preferably without a cup of coffee in your hand!!!! Avatar is also a good film really enjoyed it. Alice in wonderland in 3D is a must see film. My son has been to see it and says its brill.Good luck keep the popcorn filled up and expect your weight to increase in the 7months but you will have seen some brilliant films

    • Jaws is gonna be one of the last films that I watch [along with The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Godfather]. Avatar was visually awesome but lacked everywhere else to be honest. And I’m seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D as a birthday treat on Saturday!! Can’t wait to see it!

      Hope all is well with you!! Mum says hi! xoxo

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