The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is the first time I’ve seen this movie the whole way through. And I have only one word; huh. Its awesome and all but… y’know… huh…

  • I know they did it all the time back then but the opening credits being so long was just boring.
  • I love that the story is told like those investigation shows.
  • Richard O’Brien’s voice as Riff Raff is funny, me and mum were chuckling away. Also, he’s the dude from Crystal Maze, one of the many shows I grew up watching!
  • Time Warp is such a classic song, everyone knows the dance and it’s a party-favourite!
  • Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is oddly attractive. And wears the best heels ever!
  • I loved that the 4th wall was broken down for this movie as we had some of the characters look at the screen in acknowledgement to the audience.
  • Its Meat Loaf!
  • The silhouette scenes with Frank-N-Furter with the couple [individually] was quite funny and very well shot, I must say.
  • You can totally tell this was on stage before film because the acting is so wonderfully over the top.
  • Magenta and Columbia’s scene where they’re watching Susan Sarandon Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me made me think of me and my best friend in England Sarah, she would be Columbia and me Magenta. Aw, that would have been fun to do.
  • I know the review is short and crap but honestly, I did love it but just couldn’t find the words to describe the movie!




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