Cannibal! The Musical

If you’ve been reading my reviews or know me personally, you’ll know I love South Park and I’m huge fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Cannibal! The Musical is an independent movie that the pair made in college with their friends who were also in film class. Its about the infamous ‘cannibal’ Alferd Packer who is huge in Colorado [they even have Alferd Packer Day.] Packer takes a group of men from Utah to Colorado which eventually ends with all but Packer dead and partially eaten. I know, it’s a typical black comedy musical.

  • The comedy in this is just amazing, its so witty and clever and something most comedies lately have been lacking. Its so original! Obviously, its similar to South Park but minus fart jokes. No… wait… now thinking about it, there are two fart jokes but they are at the expense of Trey Parker’s ex-fiancé so its funny. Its goofy and smart at the same time. I’ve watched this movie over 10 times and I’m still laughing.
  • There is some gore in this movie so be prepared for blood and tongues and feet and arms and brains.
  • I think I found this movie really funny because I know the background stories and I know the cast. I laugh at the judge because he’s played by Randy Parker [Trey’s dad] and therefore I think of Randy from South Park and I’m like “oh my God, he is actually like that!” I’ll share some more behind-the-scenes stuff with you as the review goes on.
  • Like I said, the movie is made by Parker, Stone and their film student friends. This was before their South Park fame so they had to raise the money for funding themselves, everyone worked for free and if you weren’t in front of the camera acting, then you were doing something behind the camera. For example, Robert Muratore plays Frenchy Cabazon on screen but whenever he wasn’t, he was the cameraman/director of photography. I doubt you’d be able to get any Hollywood actor to do that. I can see why they all chose to be the cast and crew because, lets face it, you can’t trust actors. Anyways, Parker is one of my heroes and I really look up to him because not only does he star in this, he wrote it, directed it, was the sound designer, and wrote all the songs. I just love the teamwork!
  • Parker decided to make this film after he caught his fiancé Liane with another guy. He then named Packer’s horse after her. Knowing this makes a lot of the dialogue about Liane hilarious because you know they’re stabs at the woman; “everyone’s ridden your horse, Packer…”
  • Shpadoinkle. Not only a great word but also a great song. Parker wrote such fantastically catchy and hilarious songs for this movie [all but 1 I have on my iPod]. I can assure you that you’ll be humming the tunes for days after watching this. Oh, and Trey Parker has suuuuuuuch a nice voice!
  • One of the characters is Mormon so there are a few underlining jokes about Mormons. Which are funny. And knowing Mormons, you guys will probably laugh too.
  • Tehehe, Stone’s hat is the same as Kyle’s in South Park. Tehehe, that makes me smile every time. Then I crack up when he finally takes the hat off and Stone is wearing this huge red afro.
  • That’s All I’m Asking For is another great song, all about what they want to do with the gold that they dig in Colorado. There is a reprise later in the movie when they’re dieing and its not such a cheery tune anymore but hilarious all the same.
  • The characters are brilliant. They’re all either a bit slow or just too kind and ignorant which makes them great for comedy. We also have Frank Miller [Jason McHugh who is a co-creater with Stone and Parker] who is kind of the audience and realizes that they’re just weird people. We have Shannon Wilson Bell who wants to be a Mormon priest, James Humphrey [Stone] who is just a bit thick, George Noon who’s horny, Israel Swan who’s the nicest man on Earth and then Alferd Packer who is also nice and a bit slow.
  • The landscape shots are surprisingly beautiful, Parker really took full advantage of his surroundings. To future filmmakers, film outside with landscape because it makes your film look like a bigger budget than it is.
  • Naked guys around a fire is still funny. “Just do what I’m doing. Just pretend like you’re laying next to a nice soft woman.” “What?” “I’m just imagining old Mr. Miller here as a nice tall blonde-” “Oh, goddamn it! I want another partner!”
  • When I Was On Top of You is probably one of the best songs for obvious reasons. I want this to be my wedding song.
  • “Fudge, Packer?”
  • Love that the Native Americans are Japanese people. Genius. And, little fact, they were Japanese students that were at Parker’s college and Parker actually dubbed them over with his own voice [he took Japanese as one of his majors]. Also, the translations for their Japanese is incredibly funny and it’s a shame they don’t do subtitles for them.
  • Trapper Song! Another great song! My favourite part is… I think its called the bridge but I’m not sure but I just love the melody to is, its almost Middle Eastern, very pretty. Also, its not Robert Muratore [which is pretty obvious] but its Parker. Again. That man could of just made the whole thing himself.
  • The only downside to this movie is Polly’s song which just bores me and I felt it slows the film down but I can see why its in there.
  • The movie has some pretty gross parts but the worst is the Cyclopes with his eye juice. Ewwwww! Its so gross!!! Funny but gross! I find myself hiding behind my pillow!
  • The dream sequence is great because it looks like its totally taking the piss out of what serious film students would do. Also get to see Parker and Muratore in tights.
  • IKE!
  • The makeup is incredibly good for a student film! The knife really looks like its in his head, the twig really looks like its in his eye and the pick really looks like its pierced the skin and ripped his heart.
  • Hang the Bastard! is a great ending number, especially the lyrics ‘it’s the end of the show and we all can go home!’
  • I know I did loads of quotes for Anchorman but this movie is filled with them so shut up and read!




    7.08pm – Notepad is on desk, pen in one hand & a Cream Egg in the other! I am ready to watch this after putting it off for so long.

    9.15pm – Wow. I have a love-hate relationship with this movie. Oh, and if you don’t like seeing sex or anything remotely sexual on screen, this is the biggest no-no EVER!

  • The opening credits are these green lettering that look like they’re from an 80s’ computer screen and they go by really fast and totally buggered my eyes up!
  • 0.28 – 2.55 is just one shot of our main character, Joe, asleep to a rather groovy song. What is one screen is boring so I found myself looking at my Cream Egg and dancing in my seat as I ate it.
  • This is what I loved about this movie; the camera and editing techniques. It had a feeling of a mixture of a home video and being really artsy, if you know what I mean… like the home movie of an artist. And it has jump cuts and short cuts and they’re separated with quick white light and I just loved it! Unfortunately, there was only two other things that I liked about this movie but from a wannabe filmmaker’s point of view, I found the techniques to be very interesting and inspiring.
  • Crap acting from everyone. Pure crap. A squirrel could of done better. A dead squirrel could of done better.
  • He needs to get $200 for his wife’s girlfriend’s abortion. That’s just about as confusing as the movie gets but it doesn’t get any less confusing. His wife wraps laced ribbon round his penis and says it looks pretty. Its just… something I’m not used to and therefore its f*****g weird.
  • The first scene I enjoyed was this really long one where Joe is playing with his son [which is the actor’s real son] and the baby is so damn cute! Joe helps the kid eat a cupcake and it reminded me of the only video we have of me as a baby which is of my 1st birthday and there’s a part where my dad is helping me with Smarties. However, in the movie, Joe was naked. My dad was not. Once again, its pretty weird though I know its supposed to be ‘artistic’. Its just weird.
  • I made a note that a 28.27 ‘OMG I’m so freaking bored.” And I think I was bored for another 20 minutes after that.
  • Then, hurrah, we finally get an interesting character who has a bloody personality! Jackie Curtis just made this film for me. He’s fabulous and looks fantastic. He’s a transvestite but his make-up is quite subtle and really complimented his face. Anyways, he cracked jokes and stuff and was the only good character in the whole damn thing.
  • Short review for a film that I just didn’t feel a link too. I’m just not artistic or stoned enough to enjoy it. Sowwy Andy Warhol!



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    I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while. During LOST’s seasons 1 and 2 [y’know, when it was actually good] I loved the character of Claire and loved Emilie De Ravin so that was the main reason I wanted to see this. That and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. As a former film studies student, I really liked this film. I don’t think its for everyone, to be honest but it really works if you do, if you catch my drift. If you are currently doing film studies and you need a movie to analyze, this is your film. I can assure you that by analyzing Brick, you’ll get a lot to write about and very high marks.

  • First shot is of a teenager/young adult who is looking, in shock, at a dead body of a blond woman. Questions immediately popped into my head; who are they? Why is she dead? Do they know each other? What happened? It’s a great opener as it gets the audience interested straight away. Then there’s a phone call in the beginning is quite powerful and it sparks more questions! I don’t know why but I’d get the feeling that it gives the audience a bit of a wakeup call because normally, the beginning sets it all up in a ‘this is our character, this is their life, then this, then this,’ but this goes straight into being confusing. In a good way, not LOST-season-4 way. Sorry. This post may turn into a LOST bashing, I’ll try to avoid it!
  • I’m a huge Heath Ledger fan and I love that Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks exactly like him! Its like having him back on our screens! Obviously, Gordon-Levitt is a different actor in his own right and Ledger has a slightly different screen presence but if you just pause the film, you can pretend he’s Ledger.
  • I loved all the different camera angles. Not a single scene was shot the same, they were all at different levels, different angles, different techniques, and so on. You’d think with so many varied techniques that you’d think that maybe he was trying to hard to be ‘artsy’ but its not like that at all, it really works and its makes it all so interesting. I also loved the used of jumpcuts and fade in/fade outs. They’re simple techniques that you can accomplish on Windows Movie Maker but they’re effective. I love fade in/fade outs if they’re done properly. Sometimes it can look lazy but if done right, it can add a whole new layer of atmosphere. I also loved the use of lighting, especially when the sun would reflect off the camera lens. Its works in noir films like this. Sorry, technical film crap ends here!
  • Throught the beginning [and throughout the whole movie, really] I was constantly thinking “so how will this link to Emily’s [Emilie De Ravin’s character] murder. We figuring it out with our main character, Brendan which is one of the most American boys names ever. Seriously, you’ll never get an English boy called Brendan. Or Trey. So American, I love it.
  • Normally, if the opening shot is something in the future, its re-seen at the end so we go “OOOOH! So that’s how it links” but not with this one. We see the opening shot again only 24 minutes in. That’s good because we know what’s happened, we see what happens after that opening shot then we see the aftermath. However, the aftermath is still finding out why the hell she died but its still good. Confusing but good.
  • Now, we have this how ‘detective’ story going on which we’re used to seeing in like CSI or Numb3rs or something and its even cheesy in them shows so you’d think with Brendan only being in high school and try to solve a murder in a drug circle would be just awkward to watch. However, this movie, I don’t know how, does it right. It doesn’t feel cheesy at all. It feels totally real and believable. At least that’s how I felt though I may just be ignorant. It just didn’t feel like I was watching some crap child detective show. On the other hand, I believe it was bad casting and a bit of bad directing that didn’t make the ‘bad guys’ all that scary. You have Pin and Tug. Pin is the brains behind the drug circle and Tug is like his little bodyguard type person. Anyways, Pin isn’t terrifying at all, he’s actually quite laughable and Tug just looks like the kid from Home Alone and has a funny walk. These two could have been casted so much better. They just weren’t scary at all, just pathetic wannabes. I suppose they are but I just get the feeling like the director was trying to get you scared of them and it just falls flat on its face.
  • It does get a bit confusing about 1hr 26 minutes in but you slowly start to understand. Just a little warning there.
  • I think that this is probably what the director was trying to do but whatever. I thought it was good that Tug’s thugs and Pin’s ‘men’ where all given milk to drink as they waited for Tug and Pin to sort something out. I felt this was a little reminder that these are teenagers and not adults. I suppose it is kind of easy to forget that drug circles can be quite young.
  • I loved one particular part of a scene very much which was when Pin, Tug and Brendan are in the basement and suddenly they hear loads of commotion up stairs and their eyes look up at the ceiling and follow the sound as it makes its way from one side of the room above them to the other side. The other side is the side that has the only entrance to the basement so it’s a hint that they’re coming for them. I just thought it was brilliantly shot and let the audience use their imagination of what was happening upstairs.
  • I liked this movie visually, the storyline could have been a tad bit more simpler and there could have been a bit better casting but all in all, it was a good movie. And like I said before, if you’re studying films, this would be a good film to study.



    Official Rejection

    12.27pm – I have a little opening today as I got some timing wrong with posting back the Netflix movies and the next movie is being shipped today. So, seeing as the director of this movie [Paul Osborne] has been so supportive of my blog, I’ve decided to review his movie, Official Rejection, today! I’ll do it after lunch so I don’t get interrupted. My apologies if the review is a little off but I’m still not feeling 100% well today.

    5.28pm – I’m so happy that I liked this movie. There’s nothing worse than writing a bad review for someone who’s been so nice. But hurrah! I really enjoyed it! I think it helps that I love films and want to be in the film industry. Also, Scott Storm is really funny and makes the whole thing more entertaining.

  • It’s a documentary so don’t expect Hollywood-like camera work or stuff. Its better than some of the camera work I’ve seen most people do, for instant the camera doesn’t actually shake that much which is great. Don’t want a Cloverfield when its just about film festivals. Anyways, the fact that it’s a documentary makes me feel like I’m watching TV without adverts. I’m just ignorant to documentaries and I only link them with TV so my apologies!
  • I loved that guy’s shirt whose name I’ve totally forgotten who wrote that book. But anyways, his shirt says “Your movie sucked anyway”. I want one! I feel bad that I don’t remember his name as he was just bursting with personality and stuff which is something you don’t normally get when you interview people for a documentary. You see these people and they talk about the chosen subject and you don’t feel connected to them at all. But with a lot of the people interview in this one, I felt a connection because these people had freaking personalities and obviously love what they do.
  • I loved the cartoon titles, they were cute and funny. ‘Film Festival Basics’ made me feel like I was in class but it, thankfully, didn’t have that dreaded class feel where you watch a tape in class and the people are so unbelievably cheesy that you just switch off and start doodling on your work. Not that I ever did that, mum and dad…
  • “This is the stuff you don’t think about when you’re making a movie” which is exactly what this movie is about and is so fantastic because it does NOT gloss over anything about the post-production. I found it to be very insightful and as a kind of warning if I ever were to make it into a film festival for some reason.
  • I confess, when all the festivals were rejecting the movie they were trying to ‘sell’, I found myself going “well, maybe the film was just shit, move on, get over it” but then I think of the only film I’ve ever made that got ‘shown’ and how pissed off I would have been if it hadn’t been, after everything I went through. So now I feel bad about thinking that.
  • I mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again, Scott Storm is so freaking funny in this movie/documentary. He’s the director of the movie they’re trying to ‘sell’ and he totally makes the movie watchable. He has this fantastic personality and perfect comic timing that makes you just want to hang out with him always. He’s just awesome.
  • This movie is filled with great advice for wannabe young filmmakers and I’ll be forcing people I know who are these people to watch this movie just so they know what shit they’re in for! If you are a student and you’re doing a film degree of some description, watch this movie, you will find it incredibly insightful.
  • Paul Osborne’s [the director] 3 year-old son is adorable. I love kids so a little sprinkle of a kid in this made me like it just that bit more. Bit of the cute-factor! Also loved it when he was giving out the cards that say ‘my dad wrote the movie Ten Till Noon and all I got was this stupid card’. Its cute but its also a fantastic advertising tool! No one can turn down a kid handing them a card, especially one that jumps up and down in celebration when you take the card!
  • I think the main reason this film worked so well, especially with me, was that you almost become friends with the people in it. You go on this journey with them and you laugh with them and laughter is so important to me. I wrote a few funny things down that you probably won’t find funny until you watch this documentary which you will. You will watch it. “I hope to show my breasts to get people to see the movie”-the big guy. “ Always drink Phill’s coffee!” “I broke the Riverside coaster!!!” Its just memorable crap that I could imagine remembering with my friends.
  • I love that this movie showed that there isn’t any competition or hard feelings if someone else’s movie gets into a better place than yours does. They work together! They help each other out and its so lovely and reassuring to see.
  • I liked this shot where you see that someone has written an ‘advert’ in the snow on someone’s car. Clever!
  • Ok, there was one person that really pissed me off which was that guy who had that stupid sticker on his forehead that was stapling posters of this independent film festival everywhere. The woman filmmaker had a point, that they should put up all these posters of their festival OVER THE TOP of the posters of the actual independent movies. Its ridiculous and hypocritical and just shows that they don’t give a shit about the movies, just want as many people to be there and as much money as possible which is bullcrap. There are other ways of doing it rather than vandalizing the filmmaker’s posters.
  • I loved the part about the swag and it made me think of my first [and only] swag bag. I entered a film challenge back in my hometown in England where we were given a title, genre and prop and 5 days to make a 3 minute movie which would then be shown to everyone. I went through a bit of hell trying to sort it out because Laura is bloody useless sometimes!!!! Sorry, anyways, I made a great movie with my great friend Jane who is great because she let me throw sugar, flour, eggs and cake mix at her face and hair. Anyways, I won nothing [which is ridiculous as my film got the most laughs but still didn’t win the ‘most laughs’ award. I’m not angry about it…] but got a swag bag which was actually cooler than the shit the people in the movie got! I got a bottle of shiraz, a Batman shirt, a DVD about motorbikes, an energy drink [which tasted like 10 year old cola], stickers, lollypop [which I gave to my brother because the freaking wrapper had come off in the bag so I was like ‘I ain’t eating that’ but my brother did] and… a glow-in-the-dark Wii controler cover [gave to Sarah because she was the only one I knew who had a Wii] and… some promotional postcards and leaflets from other people that I feel bad about not actually looking at them. So yeah, my swag bag for a small town film competition was far better than what the movie makers in the film got at a professional film festival. They got loads of stuff about Riverside and only one cufflink that had a picture of Riverside on it! Made me laugh!
  • When they finally won an award [a proper one that they could hold], Storm’s like “this is cool, hope I don’t drop it” then he pretends to drop it but the screen goes black and you hear the sound of glass shattering and even though I know it wasn’t real, my hand still shot up to my mouth in shock.
    I’ve realized that I’m practically a programmer. I just watch movies and determine whether I like them or not. I guess I’m just as much of a looser as they are, haha!
  • Oh my God, there’s this whole part about this festival in Chicago which just kept getting worse and worse and I totally felt for the guy who wanted to get his movie shown and how terrible the organizing was. And it was terrible. My God, I felt the pain those guys went through. You have to watch it to know what I’m on about and understand how much pain you will feel. A taster; the list of films and directors [I think that’s what the list was of] that they sent out was 3 years old. And one of the directors was actually dead now. Ridiculous.
  • I really enjoyed this movie and I think that if you’re planning on being in the film industry, whether you want to go indie or not, you should watch this. Its very informative and you’ll have some laughs along the way.



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