The Third Man

I’ve been trying to delay my viewing of this because its one of my mum’s favourite movie and I wanted to watch it with her. Have you ever watched someone when they’re watching a movie they love? It’s a beautiful sight to me.

Anyways, this is one of the best ‘old-black-and-white’ movies I’ve seen, I wasn’t bored for one minute, its fast paced for a noir movie and the storyline is very interesting; a guy flies over to Venice [post-World War II, its separated into 4 different zones run by winning allies] for a job with his best friend only to find out he’d died. It all seems too fishy though so the best friend goes on a little investigation. It really made me think about what I would do if it were my best friend, Sarah.

  • Its directed by Carol Reed which is the name of my mum’s best friend!
  • The music is so weird for a noir movie! Its all happy whilst the scenes are very serious. Its very unique and just about works.
  • Awww! His BFF, Harry, told everyone about his, Holly’s, book!
  • The little boy is such a little cutie!!!
  • I love that most of the non-English characters spoke in their native tongue and without any subtitles. Sometimes Anna, Harry’s girlfriend, would translate as she speaks fluent English which is believable. I’ve said it before that I hate it when the characters are, for example, German but they speak to each other in English with a ‘German accent’. Also, you’re probably wondering why it was good there was no subtitles; I feel it was good because we see it almost completely from Holly’s point of view; he doesn’t understand what they’re saying so neither do we.
  • Orson Welles is fantastic in this, he was truly an amazing actor. I love that this movie was written so that we only saw Harry at the end yet he is ‘present’ throughout.
  • I’m going to say another two things about this movie but it will spoil the end if you have never seen it before so I’d recommend you don’t read on unless you know what happens!


    I was so happy when Harry was revealed to be alive! And what a reveal is was! Anna saying the cat only liked Harry and then we see the cat by someone’s shoes then Harry’s face is revealed by the window opening and lit hitting his face. I really love the smile Harry, Orson Welles, gives Holly. it’s a cheeky smile but it also felt like an ‘I’m-alright-don’t-worry’ smile. The way the whole movie was shot and written is very clever because we’re all lead to believe that Harry was dead and because of all the dodgy people and stories, we think he’s probably been murdered.

    Would you shoot your best friend if they were on the run for diluting penicillin and causing sick children/people to stay sick? I know I couldn’t. I’d had them in to the police but I couldn’t shoot her. I don’t know why Holly did it but I guess no one can fully know what they’re going to do in that situation till they’re IN that situation which I hope I, and you, are never in.

    206/212 – 6 TO GO!!!!



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