The Third Man

I’ve been trying to delay my viewing of this because its one of my mum’s favourite movie and I wanted to watch it with her. Have you ever watched someone when they’re watching a movie they love? It’s a beautiful sight to me.

Anyways, this is one of the best ‘old-black-and-white’ movies I’ve seen, I wasn’t bored for one minute, its fast paced for a noir movie and the storyline is very interesting; a guy flies over to Venice [post-World War II, its separated into 4 different zones run by winning allies] for a job with his best friend only to find out he’d died. It all seems too fishy though so the best friend goes on a little investigation. It really made me think about what I would do if it were my best friend, Sarah.


Brief Encounter

9.56pm – OK, I’ve put off watching a film for a little too long now and I can’t afford not watching one today as I’m already a film behind. *sigh* I’ve stopped listening to South Park commentary and I’ll now get my ass in gear and watch Brief Encounter. Thank God its only 1hr 26min long.

10.03pm – Right, I’m closing Facebook now as Ana is online and is distracting me. Shame, such bad timing, miss her so much. Anyways, *slaps self* watch the damn movie! Wait, what’s Ana doing awake at 3am?!!

10.06pm – Oh for Christ sake, my mobile just went off with an email saying that Ana had commented on my little video plugging this site and that “And it’s sooo nice to actually be able to hear and see you” and now I’m all teary eyed! Ana, if you’re reading this, damn you and your sweetness!!! Right. Gonna stop now and just watch this damn movie before I totally loose the will to live.

12.40am – This is a surprisingly good, sweet film! I don’t know why I was so surprised… I guess I read the synopsis and saw the poster and I think I saw a clip in films studies once and I wasn’t that ‘impressed’ by it. But now I’ve seen the whole thing, I can make a proper judgment.

  • The first shot is of a train station where a majority of the film takes place and almost becomes a character itself. It’s a sweet thought that a train station can mean so little to me but so much to two other people.
  • We’re in a little café type thing in the station and we see a couple who are clearly having a ‘moment’ and some bossy, chatty woman bursts in on their table. She’s clearly very unwelcome and I think its very polite of the couple to allow her to stay. I would of made some sort of excuse to leave!
    HAHA! The annoying woman may be annoying but she bought two big bars of chocolate for her train ride home which is exactly what me and my friends used to do whenever we went on the trains to London on drama trips!
  • This film did feel a little like an American had made it as its totally what the Americans think us English are like and that’s what our little ‘world’ is like. I know that it probably was like that back in the 30s but it just makes me laugh. The characters have incredibly posh accents that would put the Queen to shame! They’re incredibly polite and apologize for everything. Don’t expect that now-a-days. Don’t expect “oh, do forgive me, you go first”. Expect “oi, watch where you’re f*****g going”.
  • The whole film is narrated by our main woman, Laura, and its her thoughts. We first hear her exact thoughts at that exact moment then we hear her thoughts like she’s rehearsing to tell her husband a story. It’s a very clever idea/technique though I wonder if that was in the book as well [I wonder how many books have been made into movies…]
  • Wow, the Boots shop back then had a library!! You wouldn’t get that now! Blimey, imagine if it was still a part library! My mum would earn so many points on her Boots card!!
  • I think what made this movie [I keep typing ‘picture’ because that’s what they kept calling movies in the film!] work so well is that the two main actors, Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, have fantastic chemistry together. They just give this presence of being completely made for each other!
    Tehehe, I loved that Laura sees a ‘picture’ every Thursday! Couldn’t afford to do that now but what a lovely thought! I’d love to go to the cinema every Thursday! When I get mega rich for my amazing editing skills [*eye roll*], I will.
  • “Don’t panic but Bobby [their son] has been hit by a car”. Sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh. How can you NOT panic?
  • I thought it was very sweet but painful as well when the husband didn’t jump to the conclusion that Laura was having an affair when she mentioned having lunch and seeing a movie with another man. He trusts her completely which makes the affair just that bit worse.
  • I really liked that this movie showed affairs in a different light. I suppose we really only see it in the media and in stories that it’s a really bad thing with bad feelings and bad thoughts when its not always like that. This shows that two people can fall in love again. I think it was Sex and the City that said you can have 2 true loves.
  • There’s a part where you see Laura’s fantasies in the reflection of the train window. I can’t really describe why I liked it… I suppose because I think it would actually be nice to be able to see your daydreams in a reflection. I’m a big daydreamer so I think that’s why I liked that part a lot.
  • I thought it was a clever little touch to have a couple running in the background all laughing and shouting like our main characters did before, when our main couple is discussing about breaking up. Its almost like these affairs will never stop and that they may seem happy at one point or another but they will always end in tears and heartbreak.
  • We see the beginning scene again but we see it in a completely different light. Now we know why they’re so sad and so gutted when the woman interrupts. Its amazing how some pieces of information can totally transform a scene. Then, after our main man leaves, Laura runs after him and before, at the beginning, we just saw the annoying woman buying chocolate but now, we see that she was about to commit suicide. The scene is now very dark. Like I said, its amazing what knowing something else can do to an atmosphere.
  • Laura’s husband says something that makes you think “does he know!?” and feels like an almost stab in the heart because he’s so lovely. He says “thank you for coming back home”. Ouch!
  • It’s a lovely film and will make anyone who’s having an affair very happy but also warn them of the dangers ahead. Its totally a classic movie about romance. I don’t think I’ve seen another movie with a similar storyline… there should be, really, I think a modern version would be very interesting if its done properly!

    50/212 oooo that was number 50!!! Wow. I’ve watch 50 films now! How cool and nerdy!


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