Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver

I thought there was no point doing three separate posts as I pretty much watched these movies back to back to save time. I have one more film to watch tonight and it will probably be Fight Club which I will review separately.


Jackie Brown

This is probably going to be my shortest review yet. Jackie Brown has a groovy soundtrack, Samuel L. Jackson says the ‘n’ word and m****r f****r far too many times and has freaky long hair, and Robert De Niro can make any scene awesome even if the character is totally boring. Seriously, that’s all I can really say. Its an alright film to watch if you’re totally bored. Its weird but I can describe it as being like the cooking channel when you don’t like cooking; you’ll watch it because you’re bored. It’s a good storyline and all but it doesn’t spark any kind of emotion from me. Well, that’s a little wrong as Samuel L. Jackson’s freaky long hair made me feel a little queasy. Oh, and if you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t watch this movie because you’ll be right back on 40 a day, this movie is non-stop chain-smoking. I think I even got a bit of secondhand smoke just watching it.



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