‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Godfather’ A.K.A. THE FINALE

I’VE DONE IT! I actually managed to watch 212 films in 7 months! BOOYA!! However, I will not feel like I’ve fully completed this challenge until I type up my so-called ‘reviews’. I now have 43minutes to type all four of today’s movies up. Guess I kind of regret not typing up The Shawshank Redemption when I had the chance [I had a nap instead >.<]

Anyways, 3 of these films were amazing, guess which one wasn’t so *eye roll, glares at TheFilmFan* [lol joking, by the way]. Now, seeing as time is short and I now have 41 minutes left, these reviews might be short, brief, bullet points and I may miss some key points, especially in Shawshank, Oldboy and Godfather. At least this time I have a genuine excuse for my crappy reviews! 40 minutes to go!

The Shawshank Redemption

  • Feel sooo sorry for Andy! Its obvious from the start that he didn’t murder his wife and her lover. It must be terrible to have to go through the ordeal of your wife cheating on you, her death and then being framed for her death and sent to prison.
  • Morgan Freeman is one of my favourite actors. We first see him walking through a doorway and he out-acts everyone just by walking.
  • It was horrible when all the new people walked into the prison, the atmosphere just stank of regret and shame. Not a single one of them was proud to be in there.
  • Red [Freeman] manages to sum up ‘The Sisters’ perfectly in just a few words: Andy: “I don’t suppose it would help if I told them that I’m not homosexual.” Red: “Neither are they. You have to be human first. They don’t qualify.”
  • Red: “Maybe its because I’m Irish.” LMAO!
  • Them all drinking ice-cold beer and Andy doing people’s paper work makes them feel like free men; Red: [narrating] “We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders and felt like free men. Hell, we could have been tarring the roof of one of our own houses. We were the lords of all creation. As for Andy – he spent that break hunkered in the shade, a strange little smile on his face, watching us drink his beer.” To be honest, my review could simply be just quoting all of Red’s narration which is some of the finest script writing I’ve ever heard. Also, Freeman has the greatest voice ever!
  • Its so sad to see that some people are in prison for so long that it becomes there home and they know nothing else. They become so used to it that they can’t survive back in society. These guys may be criminals but you do fall in love with each and everyone one of them [except the Sisters, obviously].
  • Andy teaches a teenager/young adult basic education and the kid thinks he’s messed it up and screams at everyone. Then, whilst Andy is in the box for a month for [I think] playing music over the tannoy system, its revealed that the kid passed!! YAY!! Then something bad happens.
  • When your best friend looks suicidal and he’s in the cell down your lane and you can’t do anything to stop him, it would probably be the longest night for you too.
  • I love that he doesn’t get angry that he didn’t take him with him or told him about it. He’s just so happy that he went. That’s true friendship for you. “I guess I just miss my friend.”
  • He kept his promise! He went to find the box and went to him! Awwww! Best friends forever!!! Totally made me cry!!
  • HOPE


    Right, 24 minutes to go!!!! Ahhhh!!!


  • “One time my cousin Walter got this cat stuck up his ass.” Is the opening line and that’s about as good as the script gets, by the way. It’s a very goofy movie and a cult classic but I wish I didn’t watch it as my 3rd to last movie.
  • I don’t know why the women are complaining! I’d love to be propose to in front of Jaws at Universal Studios!! But that is coming from the girl who just watched 212 movies lol.
  • The slapstick is well timed because even though its goofy and all, it oddly works well.
  • Ben Afleck always makes me laugh. At him, of course, not with him.
  • Butt hand. So. Unbelievably. Gross.
  • Stan Lee is in it!! Oh and Earl and Randy from My Name Is Earl!
  • 210/212

    21 minutes!!! AHHHH!!!


  • The movie is Korean and it shouldn’t of been dubbed into English, they should of just stuck with subtitles because it just looks ridiculous and comical dubbed. Also, the tone and acting in the voices don’t match the acting on screen.
  • The moral of this story is to not loose your drunk friend.
  • I like the clock opening credits.
  • OMG!! He has ants in him?!!?
  • EWWWW!!! He’s sewing his hand!!!!
  • EWWWWWWWWW!!! He just ate a live squid!!!!
  • The corridor fight scene was awesome, so well shot and choreographed!
  • They kidnapped him because they wanted to make him crazy?! Now THAT is a great storyline!! This whole movie has a fantastic storyline but a crap script.
  • Be prepared for “wait-what?!!?!” moments and some incredibly shocking moments that actually make sense. It’s a very good movie, trust me, you get over the dodgy dubbing quickly.
  • 211/212

    17 minutes!!!!!!!! COME OOOOON!!

    The Godfather

  • The opening speech is very powerful, the acting of it, the script, everything was brilliant. And then the scene was made better by the amazing Marlon Brando who got so much better with age!! He’s just mind-blowingly amazing in this film, I genuinely think that even though the storyline is really good, Brando made it work!
  • The Godfather’s first speech is about loyalty and friendship, themes that continues throughout this movie and the others. “Be my friend?” I know that’s supposed to be a heartbreaking line but it made me laugh.
  • My dad pointed out that whenever the mob would get together for a funeral or wedding, the cops would arrive and take notes of all the license plates on the cars because then you’ve practically got a list of who’s in the mob.
  • “My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”
  • The blooded sheets and the horses head, probably one of the most iconic scenes from this movie. Pretty damn terrifying!
  • I ended up really loving the Don!! I genuinely didn’t want him to die when he gets shot! I was like “please let him live!!” I don’t know whether this was because I love the character or because I hate Al Pacino’s Michael and if the Don died then it would just be Michael in the movie and I had him in the second movie and he bored me shitless! And he still bored me in this one. I would say that’s the only thing wrong with this movie, the character of Michael. Pacino is a great actor and all but not even he could make the character good.
  • Louis Italian/American restaurant looks EXACTLY like the restaurant in my home town back in England that we used to go to!!
  • The fight with Sonny [Don’s son] and the son in law is crap! Its supposed to be all hardcore but it looks like it was done by drama students!!
  • He got married!?!?! Without his family there?!?!?! Oooooooooo!
  • It was lovely to see the Godfather cry. And the way Brando did it was perfect for that strong man. Just perfect.
  • It was some brilliant casting when it came to Michael’s son. He looks just like Pacino!
  • This is going to give it away a little but whatever, I don’t care with 8 minutes to go!! Anyways, I love that the Godfather died playing with his grandson rather than assignation. And then the next scene is the Christening, death and birth. And with the most beautiful baby EVER!! Then it got even more awesome with the editing when Michael is asked if he renounced Satin and the it cuts to all these murders happening, it was just perfect!
  • 212/212




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