Oceans [Disney Nature]

5.05pm – Dad won me and mum have a chance to go to an advanced screening of the movie Oceans! I’ve decided to make this one of my movies for my 212 but don’t expect an indepth review as I’ll be in the cinema and won’t be ablet to write notes!

11.04pm – It was the first preview screening I’ve ever been to and I just love how more enthusiastic Americans are about cinema. In England, we wouldn’t dare have a little dancing thing in front of the screen before the film started, we wouldn’t go into a round of applause once the film finished! I love, love, LOVE American cinemas, they get so into it! Anyways, here’s by [crap] review for a great movie;

  • Me and my mum love nature programs so I think that’s why we loved this movie; its just a feature length nature program.
  • Visually, its wonderful. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t CGI and that it was all real. Its so amazing how beautiful nature is.
  • It was nice to hear a British voice. Pierce Brosnan was great as a voiceover man and his script was good too. It was informative without being too complicated or too patronizing.
  • Ever since I first started showing interest in wanting to be a part of the film industry, I’ve been making up loads of film ideas. One of my first ideas was to get nature footage, like this movie, then add comedic voices to them. Then BBC did Walk on the Wild Side which is basically my idea but TV form. So, as I was watching this movie, I kept thinking about what lines I would give the animals which made the movie quite funny to me [I amuse myself sometimes!].
  • THE BABY TURTLES! Oh my God! The baby turtles are born in sunlight and they’re so cute and we’re put under false hope that they’ll be ok and then the damn birds come in and eat them all [except one, thank goodness!] and oh my God, its worse than the opening to Saving Private Ryan!!
  • There’s an incredibly cute part where the mummy walrus is holding the baby walrus just like a human would and its soooo cute!! Me and mum were just ‘aw’ing the whole way through.
  • They show what humans are doing to the ocean and there is a disgusting clip of all the rubbish that’s in there. It’s a big kick in the balls and will make anyone recycle! It’s a great way of getting people’s attention for Earth Day.
  • From a wannabe filmmaker’s point of view, I loved that they showed how it was all filmed during the end credits. I also loved that they pointed out that sharks aren’t that scary if you don’t bother them! There’s a fantastic clip of one of the divers swimming along side the shark and the shark just doesn’t care.
  • It’s a lovely film and I think you should all see it when it comes out on the 22nd of April [Earth Day]!



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