Citizen Kane

I’ve finished watching ‘Die Hard’, I watched ‘Carman’ the opera for my first volunteer work alone in America, eaten my weight in M&Ms and watched ‘Citizen Kane’. I know I’ve just been on my butt all day but I am TIRED! This review may seem a bit crap compared to the movie itself which, I’m so freaking happy to say, is brilliant. I’m always so scared with this classic films that I won’t like them and therefore be ashamed to call myself a film nut. Hurrah, I loved it! So, enough drabble, time for the review.

For us young ones, I’ll write the synopsis as most of us under 20 have heard of the film but never seen it. This film is told via the memories and stories about Charles Foster Kane [a character based on real-life newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst]. It shows his life, going from a cheeky, confident, happy young man to a lonely, sad old man. Its done with ‘flashback’ though I don’t like to call it flashback as that would mean its fact rather than someone’s memory which, over the years, could very easily be manipulated or forgotten.