The Princess and the Frog

10.18pm [May14] – I actually finished watching this film over an hour ago but I am so wrapped up in Ashes to Ashes [best TV show EVER] at the moment that I can’t even process my notes into a readable review so I’ll type it up tomorrow once my mind has stopped racing.

3.51pm [May15] –

  • My favourite character has to be Lottie, the blond ‘princess’ who is Tiana’s best friend. She’s the quirky, hilarious side-kick best friend, as it were and she’s just awesome! I feel that if I, for whatever reason, was to a play a part in a Disney movie like this, I’d want to be the comical friend. Actually, the first time I saw this in the cinema, I immediately thought of my best friend Sarah who I can imagine playing that role perfectly; she’s my Lottie.
  • I loved that they showed that even though Tiana’s family and neighbors weren’t exactly the most rich people in New Orleans, they were part of a big community that was almost like an extended family. Especially that the food it what brings them all together and Tiana’s family shares their gumbo with the neighborhood.
  • I love that they’ve gone back to good old 2D drawing animation. Its just so classic and its what I grew up with so I feel a little connection to it; it makes me feel like a kid again. There is just something so magical about 2D drawing animation that I feel beats 3D animation.
  • Once again, Disney does the 2 classic ‘plot points’ that they always do; a parent dies and they fall in love and marry within 2 days. I feel only Disney can get away with that but it still makes me laugh. If anyone has seen Enchanted [a great Disney film that takes the piss out of Disney films, its fantastic, I love it so much] then you’ll remember “What’s your name?” “Giselle.” “Oh, Giselle! We’ll be married in the morning!”
  • The music! Oh, the music is fantastic! I love jazz! The songs are so damn catchy and I have actually got 3 of them on my iPod!
  • Shadows are a huge part of this movie and I love the way they made the shadows have their own characters. However, ‘don’t be scared of your own shadow’ is bullcrap in this movie as the shadows are ‘the friends on the other side’ and are as scary as hell! I swear, me and my mum, when we saw this at the cinema, were shocked by how scary it is!
  • It’s a big step for Disney to finally give us a black princess [even if she is a frog for over 70% of the film] and they managed to make only one verbal comment about race when Mr. Henry Fenner and Mr. Harvey Fenner [who are realtors, I’m guessing] say something like “a woman of your background wouldn’t be able to cope”. But then there’s no racism from then on unless you want to really get into it and think of what things represent and blah blah blah, whatever, I don’t like reading about how racist and sexist Disney is because I know it is and I just don’t want it ruining my memories of Disney.
  • The love story is a classic one, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, boy fancies girl, girl is a bit oblivious to boy, boy REALLY fancies girl, girl fancies boy, they marry. The most realistic love story, I think you’ll agree. However, it is a storyline that I personally love.
  • The butler to the prince, Lawrence, is English. Obviously. He’s English because he’s a butler and he’s an evil butler so therefore but the two together and you get English.
  • “ITS NOT SLIME! IT IS MUCUS!” I don’t know why but this line just cracks me up. Actually, there are tons of lines that made me laugh, its actually a really funny film! Though, of course, not as funny as Robin Williams’ Genie.
    Loooove Mama Odie, she’s the fairy godmother of the movie and sings the best song in the whole movie.
  • The voodoo dolls! Scariest. Things. EVER.
  • 132/212