Leave Her To Heaven

If you want a movie that you can watch with your boyfriend/husband by the fireplace, snuggle up and drink wine but has a twist in it, this is the movie for you. Plus it will drive your man to madness because he’s so bored. Almost like the ultimate revenge! Its all about the romance and how too much love can cause more damage than good.

  • The beginning is all cheesy and polite, completely love at first sight. Its something that you couldn’t get away with in the modern film industry; people would think you were taking the piss.
  • The costumes and make-up are gorgeous and classic glamour. The character Ellen even has full make-up on [vivid red lipstick and all] as she goes for a swim!
  • Gene Tierney [Ellen] is absolutely stunning! The lighting, the make-up, everything just worked for her.
  • The way this movie is shot is beautiful, the colours are gorgeous and you could easily pause it any part of the movie and have it hanging on your wall.
  • At first, I thought Ellen was this elegant woman filled with grace but it turns out she’s actually psychotic. How fun!
  • It’s a nice little film which is weird to say as its quite sinister in places. I probably won’t watch it ever again but I think you should.



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