The Last of the Mohicans

Good film! Bit weak at moments but its good.

  • As a Brit, I feel terrible that I didn’t know France and England went to war over America. *shameful*
  • Why is it in films about Native Americans, there is always an adopted white person?!
  • I thought it was good to show the two sides of Native Americans, just like there are two sides to white people.
  • I thought it was funny that the English in this movie are portrayed as posh tossers. “Make the world England.”
  • I could totally see where Pirates of the Caribbean got a lot of their cinematography inspiration from.
  • There is a fight just after the middle of the movie between the English and the Hurons and its just crap. The Hurons are really going for it but the English are like “oh golly gosh, what the devil is going on here, I’m awfully confused, old chap.” If anyone saw this movie then went to England now, they’d get one hell of a shock when they realize we’re not actually like that.
  • I loved the sibling-ness about this movie. My brother may be a pain in the ass but I know I’d go ape if anyone hurt him.
  • Yeah… I can’t really see why this movie is in the top 500 films of all time as its not really that special in my opinion. Oh well, all to their own opinion.




    There Will Be Blood

    I’m shocked at how much I liked this movie. Well, I say ‘liked’, I probably won’t watch again for a couple of years but I’d recommend you watch- actually, no… if you feel interested, then you can… don’t know, there is something stopping me from saying that you ‘should’ watch this movie. it’s a good film and makes oil surprisingly interesting but… like, if someone said to me “I’m going to watch There Will Be Blood tonight” I’d say “oh, yeah, good film.” Y’know? Anyways, onto the review so I can stop my mumbling.

  • The first 5 minutes or so are a bit boring [though, now I’ve watched it, I see that it was kind of important/necessary]. Also, there is no dialogue in the first 14 minutes, the story is introduced visually, its quite clever. So yeah, at first I was like “oh God, this is going to be boring” but it quickly turned to interesting so don’t judge it in the first 5 minutes.
  • I loved that when Daniel Day-Lewis’s character fell into the well and when he woke up, he was in serious, actual pain that you would get if you fell into a well. Most movies would have the character get straight back up again and just have a small limp which is not realistic. I fell from a tree once and landed on my back and I was finding it hard to breath just like Day-Lewis’s character did. Then Whitney, who I was with, fell on top of me and that didn’t help either. Thank goodness she weighs like 5lbs.
  • Music is annoying. I hated the music. It hurt my ears and just annoyed me.
  • The baby, oh, the poor little cute baby! The baby knows! THE BABY KNOWS! Great acting by the baby.
  • Day-Lewis sounds like Sean Connery but with an American twang. I like it!
  • In most movies, oil business men are horrible and greedy and nasty but Daniel Plainview [Day-Lewis] is a lovely, nice oil business man. I think that’s what made this movie watchable and not boring, because he wasn’t the stereotype oil business man. And he sounded like Sean Connery.
  • The Pastor is a pain in the ass. I’d whack him with a bowling pin too.
  • I hated [I think I’m supposed to] that the Pastor was like “the oil thing is going wrong because its not blessed” and I’m like “no, damn it, this stuff happens all the time, these are the dangers that come with the job, stop trying to make everything so damn religious!”
  • The Pastor screams like a little girl. This made me very happy.
  • “I’m your brother from another mother.” LMAO! Oh, I can just imagine many young-uns in the audience going “YEAH BOI!”
  • The Pastor is annoying and doesn’t let Plainview [Day-Lewis] tell his side of the story and he’s just so damn annoying!!!
  • There is a very sweet moment for the son.
  • I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! By far one of the most random lines ever in this kind of movie.
  • Oh. Didn’t expect it to end there but whatever, I’ll accept that.
  • 90/212


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