Once Upon a Time in the West

One of the downsides to doing this challenge is that I’ve seen too many westerns. I’m now to the point where I feel that when you’ve seen one western, you’ve seen them all.


The Magnificent Seven

7.51pm – This shall be first movie, for this blog, I watch with my parents, brother is out somewhere… dunno where… good thing actually because I don’t think I’d be able to stand his closed-minded comments!

11.19pm –
I’m going to cut straight to the chase here without those little [useless] introductions that I do. The Magnificent Seven is a great movie because of the narrative/storyline and some fantastic acting. It’s a sweet, classic story of a leader given a task, he finds the best of the best and they take on their challenge. This film was based on the movie Seven Samurai [which I will be watching at some point!] and it’s a storyline that has been used countless times because it is practically fool-proof. If you like the Ocean movies, you’ll like this one, and you have Steven McQueen instead of Brad Pitt and Yul Brynner instead of George Clooney. Now that I think about it, the two modern ones are incredibly similar to the old classic actors, which I think will help modern audiences [especially teens and young adults] enjoy this film more as they have something to relate to modern life. Brynner was amazing, my parents warned me of this and I totally see what them mean; he takes complete control of the screen and has this presence that would make the audience do and believe whatever he says. McQueen was pretty good too, can see why he‘s still so famous. There is one character that made me annoyed but in a great way because he’s actually supposed to be annoying! And those in England will recognize the name; Chico. Americans, look up ‘Chico Time’ on YouTube. Chico [the character] is the annoying ‘pretty boy’ young man who thinks he’s amazing and one of the ‘big boys’. I love that we get to see glimpses of the other ‘seven’ and they’re all grinning, rolling their eyes and bowing their heads to stop themselves from laughing.

I’m a child of the 90s and therefore kept grinning and pointing at the TV whenever I saw something that reminded me of Bug’s Life. This whole film seems to of been Bug’s Life’s inspiration and I have to be careful what I say because my dad was like “Bug’s Life is like Magnificent Seven, Magnificent Seven is not like Bug’s Life”. The storyline is practically the same and I really loved seeing one of the ‘seven’ surrounded by kids, just like the ladybug in Bug’s Life. I’m sorry! I’ll stop mentioning that film now. Sorry. I couldn’t help but make the references.

I wasn’t particularly impressed by anything else, it all seemed pretty average but then again, I have nothing negative to say about it. It’s a nice classic, v.enjoyable!