Lost In Translation

  • I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again; I love Bill Murray. I love this style of acting and comedy.
  • I loved the typical Japanese jokes, especially the short jokes, like when Murray was in the lift and he was surrounded by small Japanese men. And the tiny shower! Also loved the jokes about mis-translation and miscommunication like with the prostitute and the ripping tights!
  • I thought it was very interesting to see how the people that worked at the hotel and with the advert people were so nice and kiss-ass to Murray‘s movie star character Bob. I wonder if all ‘celebrities’ get treated like that in hotels.
  • 3 minutes in and we see the image that’s on the poster for this movie. I thought it was clever that they chose that image for their promotional material.
  • The themes for this movie are interesting, at least to me in my current state; loneliness, alienation, insomnia, existential ennui and culture shock. When I say my current state, I mean that I’m in a different country and am currently experiencing some of those themes but not all of them so there’s no need to worry, mum! I think its because of where I am right now is why I enjoyed this movie because I can relate to the characters. I think relating to characters is so key in making a movie and keeping the audience’s attention; there has to be some of the character in the audience.
  • I loved that in Bob’s photo shoot for the advert [the reason he’s in Tokyo], you can see that his suit is pinned at the back so that it fits better! The reason I loved that they showed this is because the audience, and ‘normal’ people aren’t supposed to know that that’s what they do to make the clothes look so good on celebrities! Very ballsy in my opinion!
  • Beautiful shots of Tokyo. I love cities, with their skyscrapers and everything. I’m not much of a country girl so I think that’s why I love the shots of this wonderful city.
  • Aw. The relationship between Bob and Charlotte [Johansson] is sweet in a weird ‘he’s-too-old-she’s-too-young’ kind of way. I did love how they both just light up when they’re around each other. And I love the hug at the end; there’s just so much emotion in it! It’s the most emotional hug I’ve ever seen on screen.
  • To be honest, this ‘review’ doesn’t do the film justice. It’s a great movie and I recommend it to all!



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