The Year of Living Dangerously

Meh. Its pretty crap but it has some good moments or at least moments I could comment on.

  • The beginning narrator/Mel Gibson’s camera man sounds like someone from South Park. Then about half-way through watching the movie I was my brother’s taxi service and when I came back I had a look on Wikipedia about the movie and found out that Billy [the camera man] is played by a woman; Linda Hunt! She is fantastic, I didn’t think for one minute that Billy was portrayed by a woman. Hunt is brilliant and kind of what acting is all about; becoming someone else. I think I read somewhere that Hunt was the first woman to win an Oscar for playing a male character and she totally deserved that.
  • This seems to be the only movie ever were Mel Gibson actually looks good. He also sounds so different with the Australian accent. He’s still very hairy though. His arms are like gorilla arms.
  • Its horrible seeing what people in 3rd World Countries will do for money, then its even worse when you see the Western people actually pay them to be degraded.
  • I felt no connection to the any of the characters except Billy and the mother and child who he visits and gives money and food. Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver’s characters are just blegh. I just felt nothing towards them and their ‘love story’, it was just crap. I didn’t buy their ‘oh, we love each other but we can’t be together’ bullcrap. It was just crap!!! But, like I said, I felt a connection to the mother and child Billy sees and its so horrible because the poor child is really sick, probably because of their poor living conditions. I’ve said this a few times in my reviews that I love children so seeing this poor boy so ill was heartbreaking. I think that there is nothing worse than a dying child, especially when the death could be so easily avoided if they had money. I gave $2 out of my birthday money to a charity outside Wallmart today and the woman was so grateful and I smiled for hours. Watching this movie and seeing these poor people [especially children] in such poverty makes me so sad and yet so thankful that I am so blessed to be where I am now, that I have a computer, that I have food and water just down stairs and money in my bank account. This movie makes me want to help them. There was a clip where the people are fighting for rice and there are children eating rice off the floor and then in the next scene, Billy asks why the journalists don’t tell ‘the real story’. If you are reading this then please, please, PLEASE, be grateful for what you have. There are people out there who would kill to live in a house and have clean water and food. Whether you’ve broken up with your boyfriend or your best friend just betrayed you or something, just remember that there are worse things that could happen to you.
  • I thought it was good that they would have a scene based on the poverty then cut to the rich people and journalists having parties. The contrasts are horrible to watch because it’s the truth.
  • This movie will make you feel grateful for what you have, but aside from that, you’ll probably feel nothing. It’s a bit of a crap movie. I think the only reason it got onto Empire’s top 500 movies is because of the realistic portrayal of poverty [I think it was probably real footage] and Linda Hunt’s Academy Award winning performance.



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    Rebel Without a Cause

    7.50pm – Time to watch my first ever James Dean movie! How bad is it that I’ve loved films for so long and never seen a James Dean movie!! The shame!

    11.20pm – I really enjoyed this movie! Its not your typical high school movie! Yeah we’ve got the normal angst but its deep and realistic and the reaction isn’t just “I HATE YOU AND I HATE MY LIFE”. Well, it is but there’s more depth. And there’s a psychopath in it! Wahey!

  • I haven’t seen James Dean in a movie, I’d only ever seen images and those images did not do him justice! These were my exact notes on first seeing him “OMG HE’S CUTE!” Anyways, Jim [Dean’s character] falls quite gracefully to the floor to a wind-up monkey and its so cute watching him wind the monkey back up and hold it and then try and tuck it into ‘bed’ with a newspaper and a leaf. He’s clearly drunk but he’s an adorable drunk, kind of like a 5 year old again. And then he tries to sleep next to the monkey in the middle of the road. I don’t know why but I found this whole beginning to be hilarious even though I know that if any other actor did it, I probably wouldn’t find it as funny. Except Robin Williams, obviously, who could make drinking orange juice funny.
  • Jim gets taken into the police station and they try to take the monkey away but he’s so cute and says ‘no!’ and they let him keep it. Then he starts to imitate the sirens on the cars. It sounds lame but its pretty funny. I didn’t expect to laugh in this movie, though to be honest Jim being drunk is the only really funny part but whatever.
  • We’re kind of introduced to this boy who’s at the police station because he killed some puppies so we know immediately that he’s a psycho but I actually forgot for the rest of the movie because he seems so normal and just wants friends. Then shit breaks loose in the last 20min and you remember he’s mental. It’s a clever storyline, I think there should be more psychos in normal high school movies rather than the horror ones.
  • I loved how Jim’s first day at his new high school was shot. Its just so awkward and I just cringed in my seat for ages! I really felt like I was there and living a first day too. There’s this really horrible group of people [The Dickheads as I like to call them, every school has them] who think they’re funny by being horrible to people but they’re just funny to themselves. Anyways, they’re on this school trip and The Dickheads make jokes and Jim joins in [doing the same joke style as they were doing] and they rip him for it! Its horrible, I just wanted to hug him! And to top it off, the lead guy tries to slash him open with a knife! Thank God my brother’s first day wasn’t like that. I suppose the British accent helped him a bit!
  • This movie’s underlining theme is about families, especially father and child relationships. We have Jim who’s parents argue until his father gives in and that angers Jim because he wants to see his dad be a man and grow some balls. Then there’s the leading lady, Judy, who just wants to be loved by her father but he never shows emotion to her. Anyone who’s had family problems can relate to this and I think that they would relate to the characters and their emotions.
  • The Dickheads challenge Jim to this car race thing and when he arrives, the main guy Buzz is surprisingly civil to him even though about 5 hours ago, he was slashing him with a knife. I thought it was very weird and out of place until Buzz says that he actually likes Jim but that the other group people need ‘entertainment’ so that’s what this is about. Which is fair enough, but it would have been better to of said that earlier rather than me going “wait, what?” for five minutes.
  • There was one part that I really didn’t like which was that Judy and Buzz were dating then he dies [sorry] and she gets over him in an instant and falls in love with Jim. I know it’s a movie and it needs to be done quick but jeez, Disney would do better than that!
  • I laughed again when Jim, Judy and psychopath/Plato are in the abandoned mansion and Plato looks like he’s pretending to be a house salesman and Judy and Jim are ‘newly weds’. it’s a cute little roleplay which shows James Dean’s comic side which I think, if he’d lived a little longer, he should of gotten to show in a whole movie. There was one line that really made me chuckle which was he’s on the diving board [which is over the abandoned pool which they pretended was a nice area to lock the children up in] and he pretends to wobble and shouts “AH! FILL UP THE POOL!” and falls. Sorry, I know I keep saying this but it is funnier on screen than I’m making it out to be. it’s a shame Dean didn’t get to flex his comedic muscles in movies, he would have been brilliant.
  • I think the character of Plato could of fallen completely on his face but he was written perfectly, in my opinion. He has all the subtle hints [I suppose killing puppies isn’t that subtle…] of a psycho but you forget because he just seems like a normal boy who just wants a friend and someone to look up to. It felt like something out of Criminal Minds only less gruesome.
  • I’m so glad that I can now say I’ve watched a James Dean movie and I’m even happier that I can say that I really liked it! I thought it was very cleverly written and Dean was awesome and cute.



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    Brief Encounter

    9.56pm – OK, I’ve put off watching a film for a little too long now and I can’t afford not watching one today as I’m already a film behind. *sigh* I’ve stopped listening to South Park commentary and I’ll now get my ass in gear and watch Brief Encounter. Thank God its only 1hr 26min long.

    10.03pm – Right, I’m closing Facebook now as Ana is online and is distracting me. Shame, such bad timing, miss her so much. Anyways, *slaps self* watch the damn movie! Wait, what’s Ana doing awake at 3am?!!

    10.06pm – Oh for Christ sake, my mobile just went off with an email saying that Ana had commented on my little video plugging this site and that “And it’s sooo nice to actually be able to hear and see you” and now I’m all teary eyed! Ana, if you’re reading this, damn you and your sweetness!!! Right. Gonna stop now and just watch this damn movie before I totally loose the will to live.

    12.40am – This is a surprisingly good, sweet film! I don’t know why I was so surprised… I guess I read the synopsis and saw the poster and I think I saw a clip in films studies once and I wasn’t that ‘impressed’ by it. But now I’ve seen the whole thing, I can make a proper judgment.

  • The first shot is of a train station where a majority of the film takes place and almost becomes a character itself. It’s a sweet thought that a train station can mean so little to me but so much to two other people.
  • We’re in a little café type thing in the station and we see a couple who are clearly having a ‘moment’ and some bossy, chatty woman bursts in on their table. She’s clearly very unwelcome and I think its very polite of the couple to allow her to stay. I would of made some sort of excuse to leave!
    HAHA! The annoying woman may be annoying but she bought two big bars of chocolate for her train ride home which is exactly what me and my friends used to do whenever we went on the trains to London on drama trips!
  • This film did feel a little like an American had made it as its totally what the Americans think us English are like and that’s what our little ‘world’ is like. I know that it probably was like that back in the 30s but it just makes me laugh. The characters have incredibly posh accents that would put the Queen to shame! They’re incredibly polite and apologize for everything. Don’t expect that now-a-days. Don’t expect “oh, do forgive me, you go first”. Expect “oi, watch where you’re f*****g going”.
  • The whole film is narrated by our main woman, Laura, and its her thoughts. We first hear her exact thoughts at that exact moment then we hear her thoughts like she’s rehearsing to tell her husband a story. It’s a very clever idea/technique though I wonder if that was in the book as well [I wonder how many books have been made into movies…]
  • Wow, the Boots shop back then had a library!! You wouldn’t get that now! Blimey, imagine if it was still a part library! My mum would earn so many points on her Boots card!!
  • I think what made this movie [I keep typing ‘picture’ because that’s what they kept calling movies in the film!] work so well is that the two main actors, Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, have fantastic chemistry together. They just give this presence of being completely made for each other!
    Tehehe, I loved that Laura sees a ‘picture’ every Thursday! Couldn’t afford to do that now but what a lovely thought! I’d love to go to the cinema every Thursday! When I get mega rich for my amazing editing skills [*eye roll*], I will.
  • “Don’t panic but Bobby [their son] has been hit by a car”. Sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh. How can you NOT panic?
  • I thought it was very sweet but painful as well when the husband didn’t jump to the conclusion that Laura was having an affair when she mentioned having lunch and seeing a movie with another man. He trusts her completely which makes the affair just that bit worse.
  • I really liked that this movie showed affairs in a different light. I suppose we really only see it in the media and in stories that it’s a really bad thing with bad feelings and bad thoughts when its not always like that. This shows that two people can fall in love again. I think it was Sex and the City that said you can have 2 true loves.
  • There’s a part where you see Laura’s fantasies in the reflection of the train window. I can’t really describe why I liked it… I suppose because I think it would actually be nice to be able to see your daydreams in a reflection. I’m a big daydreamer so I think that’s why I liked that part a lot.
  • I thought it was a clever little touch to have a couple running in the background all laughing and shouting like our main characters did before, when our main couple is discussing about breaking up. Its almost like these affairs will never stop and that they may seem happy at one point or another but they will always end in tears and heartbreak.
  • We see the beginning scene again but we see it in a completely different light. Now we know why they’re so sad and so gutted when the woman interrupts. Its amazing how some pieces of information can totally transform a scene. Then, after our main man leaves, Laura runs after him and before, at the beginning, we just saw the annoying woman buying chocolate but now, we see that she was about to commit suicide. The scene is now very dark. Like I said, its amazing what knowing something else can do to an atmosphere.
  • Laura’s husband says something that makes you think “does he know!?” and feels like an almost stab in the heart because he’s so lovely. He says “thank you for coming back home”. Ouch!
  • It’s a lovely film and will make anyone who’s having an affair very happy but also warn them of the dangers ahead. Its totally a classic movie about romance. I don’t think I’ve seen another movie with a similar storyline… there should be, really, I think a modern version would be very interesting if its done properly!

    50/212 oooo that was number 50!!! Wow. I’ve watch 50 films now! How cool and nerdy!


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    Before Sunrise

    This film is probably one of the best romantic films ever. There’s no fancy cinematography, no special effects, no cheesy script and no Matthew McConaughey.

  • We have this ordinary pair of people, a man and a woman, who meet on a train. Average circumstances with average people. For me, being so young, I can relate to this movie a lot and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. They have the awkward first conversation, they continue to be realistically awkward as the movie continues as we have to remind ourselves that the movie takes place over one night/morning.

  • The guy says “I like talking to you.” Boys, if you’re reading, take notes. A girl loves nothing more than hearing that you like talking to her. It is always running through my mind when I’m talking to a guy [friend or more] that I’m boring him. When a guy says that he enjoys talking to you, it makes us so happy! Because the girl in the movie is so plain-Jane and normal that I relate to her and therefore I go “YAY! He likes talking to her!”

  • Like I mentioned before, the script is very realistic and so is the acting. It almost feels like its improvised though I read that it isn’t. They talk about the type of things two strangers trying to know each other would talk about and they have the nervous laughter that we all do. Its beautifully awkward in a way we can all relate to. I think that the ‘storyline’ for this movie would of bored me to tears if the script and acting weren’t so brilliant. Its so incredibly realistic, I don’t think I get this point across enough!

  • The girl is normal, average looking. She hasn’t got make-up on, her hair isn’t all fancy and she’s wearing clothes that are comfy and perfect for traveling in. She looks like I would on a train, or my friend or the woman next to you. The guy is good looking and a bit of a pretty-boy but they are ‘real’ too! What makes me love this is that I feel like I’m average looking [shut up mum ^_-] and seeing a guy fall in love with her and talk to her like she’s the only one that matters gives me some hope. It could be false hope as it is a movie but still. It’s a little hope.

  • OK, there is one scene with a palm reader which pisses me off but I think the screenwriters did a perfect job on showing how full of BS palm readers and fortune tellers are. The woman says to the girl that she is a traveler and a stranger to this town. Well, yes, she has a French accent and she’s in Austria. The palm reader then says she’s a feminist and a strong woman. This could be seen by her lack of make-up, hair styling and non-fashionable clothes. Anyone can tell she’s clearly making a statement that she doesn’t care about her appearance which is the stereotype of feminists. It just makes me laugh. My mate Sarah loves these things and totally believes in it and she went to a fortune teller who said “you want to buy a new pair of shoes that you‘ve had your eye on for a while” which isn’t that hard to guess as Sarah is a woman and we like shoes. She then said “and they are purple.” This is what made Sarah convinced she was psychic. However, if you looked at Sarah and saw her [dyed] dark purple hair and dark clothes, it doesn’t take that much to see she’d like the colour purple. Sorry, totally off topic here but it just gets on my nerves. Fine if you believe in it and all but I want to do what Dara O’Briain wants to do and shove psychics/palm readers in a bag with homeopaths, astrologers and priests and beat them with sticks.

  • This movie is all about dialogue. What moves everything forward, what makes this movie such a great, realistic movie is the script. The couple get to know each other by non-stop talking; asking questions and telling stories. There is a scene which really rubs it in your face that this movie is about talk. We see little clips of people talking at different tables in a bar/restaurent. Most are speaking German, a few are speaking English. I don’t speak German yet I found myself fascinated by the German people speaking. I can’t really explain it but you just start to wonder what got these people to start talking and what are they talking about? What is the talking leading to? How did these people meet?

  • There’s a really cute scene just after we ‘overhear’ the other people’s conversations. The girl says that she’s going to rehearse what she’s going to say to her friend in Paris who she’s not going to be able to have lunch with because she got off the Paris train. She talks to her ‘friend’ who is played by the guy and she explains what’s happening, what’s happened and her feelings towards the guy. Its such a brave, adorable way to confess your feelings to another person. Even more adorable is that he does it too and the girl ‘plays’ his friend.

  • There was one part that I felt ruined it slightly as it wasn’t very realistic. The guy asks the barman if he can give them a bottle of wine and he’ll send the money to him once he’s back in America. The barman says yes! What the hell! That would never happen! It ruined it because it was all so realistic up until that point.

  • The guy wears a leather jacket that squeaks. Its distracting and painful to hear. Like nails on a chalkboard.

  • The penultimate scene, we see shots of the many places the couple went to and stopped to talk. They were so romantic at night with the couple but when we see them in daylight, empty, it just looks like a regular spot. However, the more I think about it, the more I disagree with my ‘regular spot’ thought. They actually look romantic as we know what occurred there. Its strange that it took me a while to think this. Suppose we can interpret these shots differently.

  • The last scene is so lovely. They say goodbye and so separate ways. You’d think that as they stared into the distance, thinking of one another, they’d start to cry or look sad as they’ll probably never see each other again. But no. They smile. Its soooo sweet because you know they’re thinking about their moments together and their insanely long talk. It gives the ending a happy feeling as they focus on the good times rather than the current sad moment.
  • It’s a romance that anyone can relate to. Even if you’ve never experienced talking non-stop to someone or never been in love, you will still relate and really enjoy this movie.



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    Moulin Rouge

    I adore this film so much. Its so much fun, its beautifully shot and is an incredible blend of comedy and tragedy. Oh, and it has one of my favourite soundtracks and favourite song of all time. I bow to you Baz Luhrmann, you did it again.

    For my A Level Film Studies course, I studied Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy and the style of Red Curtain Cinema so I know a little about it and now you will too. There are three rules to Red Curtain Cinema; have an underlining myth or story that the audience recognizes so they know how its going to end, set it in a heightened created world that seems very far away and theatrical yet still familiar and keep the audience in contract so they don‘t forget they‘re in a cinema and they can participate. The underlining myth/story for Moulin Rouge! is the orphan story; the journey from youthful idealism into the underworld, confronting the notion that there are things you cannot control. The heightened created world is 19th century Montmartre, Paris and to keep the audience in contract, the characters burst into song to allow the audience to participate in the story. These characters may be in a different time zone [and country] but they sing modern songs with theatrical/musical twists. Luhrmann and Craig Armstrong managed to turn these popular songs to fit with their story in such a perfect way that you tend to forget the original versions. You have such ‘remastered’ songs as The Sound of Music, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Roxanne, The Show Must Go On and Your Song. Thing is, you will either love these new versions or hate them and stick to your loyalty of the originals. I, for one, LOVE THEM! I have the soundtrack and have listened to it countless times. My favourite song from the movie [and of all time] is El Tango De Roxanne. Its so powerful and moving that you find yourself stopping what you’re doing and imagining the film with the tango dancers and The Duke with Satine. I’ve actually paused writing this review so I can listen to the song again!

    Sorry, back to the review. This movie is so colorful and vibrant. It has all the colours of the rainbow, though I’d say the main focus is probably red. I think there’s red in pretty much every scene that’s not a sad scene. In my eyes, the red symbolizes the love, it is always there. It will leave you wanting to sing, dance, fall in love and cry all at the same time. It has one of the most heartbreaking endings I’ve ever seen in a movie, even more heartbreaking than Brokeback Mountain. I could never watch the ending of Moulin Rouge! with my family because I didn’t want to cry in front of them! But it’s a good thing! It just shows how powerful this movie is and how strong these two character’s love is. We feel so connected to the characters that we burst into tears at this tragic ending. It’s a perfect tragic comedy that would make William Shakespeare proud.

    Throughout the movie we get a sense of theatre and imagination not only through the characters bursting into song but because of the settings and editing. In Elephant Love Medley [an amazing blend of modern songs], at one point they’re in the elephant house type thing then the next minute they’re singing and dancing in the clouds with the Eiffel Tower poking through and a opera-singing moon. The editing gives it a fantasy-like feel as there are a lot of jump-cuts [where the scenes don’t ‘flow’ from one clip to another narratively] and fast-motion. Everything is over the top like the theatre should be, everything from the costumes, the lighting, the singing and The Duke’s evil moustache.

    Do you believe in beauty? Freedom? Truth? Love? Nicole Kidman singing whilst being the most pale woman in the world? Ewan McGregor looking incredibly hot whilst singing with one of the most beautiful male voices ever and you can’t help but think “OMG Obi-Wan Kenobi can sing!”? Are you one of the few people in the world who hasn’t seen Moulin Rouge!? Watch this movie. Its one of the most visually and narratively beautiful movies you’ll ever watch. And it has some incredibly catchy tunes that you won’t be able to help but sing!

    And remember…

    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.



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    Brokeback Mountain

    I’m rather ashamed to say that I’d forgotten just how beautiful this film is. Both visually and narratively [which I don’t think is a word, well it is now!]. Everyone knows it as a the ‘gay cowboy’ movie. It is so much more than that. If you already have that thought in your head then you probably won’t appreciate this film very much. If you are to watch this film for the first time, keep an open mind and your homophobia out the door.

    You only see about three scenes of real homophobia. However, you do get glimpses of homophobia in a whole lot of scenes. What I mean by glimpses is that the homophobic behavior isn’t huge and it isn’t directed at neither Jack nor Ennis. The three scenes are the flashback to the man Ennis‘s dad shows him, Joe Aquirre’s reaction to Jack wanting work after he saw him and Ennis ’passing the time’ on the mountain and the one at the end which I don‘t want to say even though me saying that has probably given it away!

    Our first shot is of the scenery. The scenery plays such a key role in this movie. There are quite a few shots that are either completely scenery or over 2/3s. Ang Lee uses a technique which I love; only having the characters take up a small part of the screen, and I mean a small part, like they’re a dot or something. You never forget where these characters are. Brokeback Mountain is a character in itself. It’s the character that brings Ennis and Jack together. Its so stunningly beautiful that it would make you fall in love too. Add the charming music of acoustic guitar and orchestral strings and you’d probably fall in love with the nearest object.

    We have the boys first meeting, I think they’re supposed to be about 19 or something. Anyway, they’re together, looking at each other [kind of, Ennis is mainly looking at the ground] and you can already see sparks. [Cowboy] hats off to the pair of actors; Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. I honestly don’t think two other men could of done those roles. They have such fantastic chemistry that makes you completely believe in them and sense the love without their speech. A lot of their love isn’t expressed through words [Ennis isn’t that great with words!] and you can still feel it. The characters are also not your stereotypical ‘gays’ [though its pretty obvious they’re not gays and that they’re bisexual] as there’s no campness or femininity that is often associated with homosexuals. They’re just two normal men who fell in love, no Elton John or Cher needed. They also portray the characters in such a wonderful way that you know all about their character after just a few seconds of them talking. We see their first talking scene to each other and we know all about their characters; Ennis is the strong silent type which is probably due to his parents death and Jack is the talkative lovable one.

    The two characters are up in the mountains and their love blossoms in a very realistic way. They don’t just think “oo, I must be gay, lets get it on”. There’s struggle, there’s confusion and inner conflict. As they realize their feelings for one another, they both produce different feelings towards it. You have Ennis who is first in denial then he accepts it but is very cautious about it. This is because of a man his dad showed him and therefore knows that if they lived together, in this world and time, they’d surely get killed. Jack embraces it very quickly, almost like he’d expected it or felt it for most of his life. He really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, as long as they’re together and happy. You have the serious, realistic partner and the helpless romantic partner, the two sides that every story needs. There’s a scene that I think captures what they do to each other in terms of how they make the other person act. Ennis talks about… erm… actually, I’ve forgotten what he talks about but Jack smiles at him and Ennis is like “what?” and Jack replies, still smiling; “Friend, that’s more words than you’ve spoken in the past two weeks.” Ennis smiles back and says “hell, that’s the most I’ve spoke in a year.” Jack brings out the sociable side of Ennis, and also manages to get him to open up to Jack which, to Jack, is the greatest thing of all. Its pretty obvious from the start that Jack worships the ground Ennis walks on and its so adorable!

    Obviously, I can’t review this movie without mentioning certain tent scenes. The first one is interesting and you may have to tilt your screen to actually see what’s happening. Its something that would probably shock people as its nothing, I don’t think, most of them have ever seen before. I think I should stop commenting on that scene now. Onto the next tent scene which is filled with a little more romance! This is scene shows just how insecure Ennis is yet how willingly he is to get help in accepting his love. Jake as Jack has this face that he pulls that it just so full of love that you half expect hearts to float around it. So much in that second tent scene is said without actual words. Their actions and facial expressions say it all. Jack does whisper to Ennis that its OK as words of comfort which just adds to the love!

    Another example of how far these men have come is when Jack touches Ennis’s cheek after many years of them meeting. The first time Jack did that, when Ennis had hurt himself and was bleeding, Ennis nudged him away and tried to clean himself up. The second time we see Jack stroke Ennis’s cheek again, Ennis lets him and takes great comfort in it. It was very cleverly done, so clever that I’d only just spotted it and I’ve seen this film about 8 times. Further more, there was another scene which was a flashback that I felt gave another insight to these men’s love. In the flashback, Jack is standing by the fire and is almost falling asleep. Ennis comes up and hugs him from behind, muttering about how he was sleeping standing up like a horse and then starts to hum a little tune him mum used to do for him. Jack is so relaxed and at ease in the arms of Ennis. It’s an envious sight, I can tell you now. Exquisite, but makes you envy them and their love.

    There is so much more that I could review about, such as the brilliant use of make-up and costume to have them all age and the fabulous performances by the ladies Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway but I’m feeling a little tired and my fingers are starting to hurt from writing notes and typing! Just take my word for it, they were amazing. I’d love love LOVE to end about talking about the ending scene which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and loving scenes I’ve ever seen that always makes my eyes water and my chin wobbly but I feel that it would ruin the ending for those who haven’t seen the movie. And it all ends on a sentence that isn’t quite finished yet it doesn’t need to be;

    “Jack, I swear…”

    RIP Heath Ledger, gone but never forgotten.



    Romeo + Juliet

    Oh, how I do love this film! I have watched this film countless times for English work about 5 years ago, had it as my main project [along with the rest of Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy] and obviously, I watch it in leisure. I could review the film without watching it tonight but I’m worried that I might miss a few things out and, of course, I want to watch it again.

    This opening is by far my favourite opening of any film I’ve ever watched. It is thanks to this beginning that I knew [and still know] the prologue of this play in time for my performance in it in secondary school [I was the nurse, in case anyone was wondering!]. In this movie, we are told the prologue twice; once from a news reporter on a television set and second, by the priest to a montage filled with newspaper cuttings and clips from news reports showing the devastation the Montague’s and Capulet’s have caused. This is a fantastic beginning because most people would ‘turn off’, so to speak, at the sound of the Shakespearian language but mix it with guns blazing, helicopters everywhere and some action, and you have the audience’s attention. Not only because we enjoy a little action, but because it’s the total opposite of what you would stereotypically see in a Shakespearian ‘play’.

    A lot of people are thrown off by the Shakespearian language and probably wouldn’t want to see this film from fear of not understanding and therefore feeling foolish. This film will not leave you feeling foolish or unintelligent. I don’t quite know how Luhrmann has done it but he’s managed to make the audience understand every sentence. Maybe it’s the actor’s tones of voices or their actions but there is something that makes us still understand. Not once have I gone “wait, wait, what did he say? What does that mean?”. Everything is modern except for the speech but who needs speech? It may sound beautiful and poetic but you don’t need to know exactly what they’re saying to get it. Look at the silent movies!

    I wrote one thing down which is something I’ve always loved is that even though they talk about swords, the guns are named after the types of swords that come up in the character’s speeches. I also love the demolished cinema that’s in middle of the beach. Its not a theatre, apparently, according to the production designer, which I originally thought it was. I think it would make more sense for it to be a theatre as the big fight scene between Romeo/Mercutio/Tybalt is done on the ‘stage’ part, giving it a very theatrical feel to this classic scene. All to their own interpretation, I guess.

    The party scene was costumed in a way that shows you exactly what the characters are like. We have Juliet, the angle, Romeo, the knight, Tybalt, the devil [who got his horns from Claire‘s] and Lord Capulet as Caesar. These costumes describe to us their personalities. For example, Lord Capulet is Caesar because he is power hungry and thinks he’s above everyone. All girls may say they like an astronaut [which is what Prince was dressed as] but what they really want is a knight to rescue them; Romeo.

    The cinematography, the editing, the set design and the lighting make this film a work of art. You could pause it at any moment and be stunned with how beautiful it is. It is, visually, a breathtaking film. And what could be a more beautiful scene than when Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time through that fish tank. Its such a stunning scene with the fish tank symbolizing that they can never be together, there will always be something in their way. Its also set to one of the most beautiful songs ever, Kissing You by Des’ree. it’s a perfect choice of song for this [and the following] scenes. Then we have an equally gorgeous scene; the kissing in the pool. The combination of a handsome pool, lighting and underwater kissing make this scene so wonderful. Also, the kissing looks so natural! It sounds weird but you have those movie kisses that make you feel a little uncomfortable and you can tell is very fake but this kiss [well, the many kisses and make-out sessions] is so filled with love! And kissing in the water is just sweet anyways. Oooo, almost forgot, there’s another adorable scene which is usually a saucy one; the love scene. They’re so delicate with each other which makes a change to the usual ripping each other’s clothes off. Juliet examines Romeo’s wounds with such love that makes you look at your man and think “why the hell do I not care when he gets hurt?’. It’s a sexual scene but is the true meaning of ‘making love’.

    Because of the spacing of these scens and days, you forget that they’ve actually only just met! They met, got married the next day then died the day after that! Incredibly unrealistic but that’s Shakespear’s fault, not Luhrmann’s. It just makes me laugh. Anyway, they get married in the grooviest [in the most realistic way] church with a kid who has one hell of a singing voice. Religion, especially Catholic, is forever seen in the movie. Nowadays, people have posters of rock stars or models but in this film, its all Jesus or the Virgin Mary. There is one painting on the wall in the Church of Jesus but it looks a little like David Beckham. Its weird. Funny, but weird. There are two ‘types’ of religion in this movie. You have the normal religion with church and Mary and stuff but then you have the other ‘type’ which gives into the sins a.k.a. Verona Beach, where some of this movie is set. Praying to God for good health and praying to God that this next prostitute will be a cheap one. Its strange as the ‘good guys’/Montagues as stationed at Verona Beach whereas the ‘bad guys’/Capulets are covered in images of the Virgin Mary. You’d think it would be the other way around.

    There are two heartbreaking scenes, in my opinion. You have Romeo running towards his friends, about to announce he’s married but Tybalt ruins that. Romeo tries to make the peace for Juliet’s sake but Tybalt rejects him. It’s the whole seeing Romeo so happy and joyful only for his face to fall dramatically. The other is, of course, the classic ending but we’ll get to that. You’d think that Romeo learning that Juliet was ‘dead’ would be one but its not because you have no time for your heart to break as you’re spending so much time screaming at the screen “SHE’S NOT DEAD! SHE’S NOT DEAD! LOOK BEHIND YOU! OPEN THAT DAMN LETTER!”.

    Then we have that great finale. The church is filled with candles which I can’t help but think that its just plain stupid as its clearly a safety hazard and just dumb. [I’m being sarcastic. A few things I say are sarcastic and sarcasm isn’t something you can really portray on the internet unless you specifically say its sarcastic. Just so you know.] They talk about each other, especially Romeo, like they’ve been married forever, not just a day. He dies, her hands find the gun and we end with an aerial shot of our star-crossed lovers in a position we found them in in a previous scene [the morning after]. We are also given a montage, just to tug those heart strings a little more. The montage shows how they fell in love and how happy they were [and could have been]. Its lit in a way that’s almost dream like. You feel a sense of relief that they can finally be together. Then we’re drawn away from this and brought back to reality as we see the dead bodies covered up and parents in grief.

    This ends our film. However, as the television reporter ends her ‘broadcast’, I came to a sudden conclusion that this film was shot like it was a documentary or an actual television report. Luhrmann wasn’t trying to recreate the story. He was trying to retell it in a way that got to more people. He was simply reporting what had already happened. I love this, I really do. There’s no point trying to redo such a classic. Retelling it is a better, and more dignified way. This is why I adore this film.

    For never was there a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.