Blade Runner

I’ve never seen the last 10 minutes of this film! I’ve seen the rest a couple of times but never the ending, how weird! Anyways, I watched this with my dad as this is one of his favourite movies and its nice to watch a movie with someone who loves it. I think I don’t love it as much as my dad because of the time difference and I’ve been completely spoilt with sci-fi/CGI movies that I wasn’t impressed by it. Well, I say that but I can appreciate that back then [1982] it was pretty amazing and, actually, I was impressed by the landscape parts, where we see the ruin that is now LA. It does make you wonder whether we’ll all be living in constant smog and rain in 9 years time [the film is set in 2019].

I can tell it was filmed in the 80s because even though the cars can fly, they have 80s computer screens. Also, everyone is dressed so over-the-top futuristic but with 80s hair. Ooo except Rachel, the love interest, because she’s dressed up like someone from the 50s, its so pretty and retro! She looks kind of like Katy Perry meets Dita Von Teese.

The voiceover is incredibly cheesy and the script is awful! The storyline is good and that’s all due to the book but the actual script itself is terrible. Thankfully there isn’t much script. The music is cheesy too, all the jazz sounds sound like a really bad ‘love scene’ from a crap movie!

The lighting, on the other hand, makes up for a lot of it. There is something about the lighting in this movie that is amazing and I think its that that helps us get the actual feeling of futuristic. It sets the mood, the location, even the history because sometimes they’re like search lights giving the impression that something terrible happened there.

Harrison Ford might not be the word’s greatest actor but he has the world’s greatest lop-sided grin.

Sorry, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie but I’ve seen better *runs away* It might also have something to do with the fact that the first time I saw this was in history class so its a little bit tainted with bad memories!




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  1. Hey again,
    Maybe you haven’t noticed?, I left a comment on your blog ‘psyched’.

    I like this movie, I recently reviewed Blade Runner myself and included a summary of the long ‘making of’, which you or your dad might be interested in reading:

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