The Apartment

I watched it, it was lovely, it has a great unique storyline and is something I’d recommend to all. Can I leave it at that? No? Ok… sorry, I’m just soooo tired!!! Stayed up watching 2001 A Space Odyssey last night then woken up early because everyone thought I had to be awake at 8.

This movie is about a guy who lends his apartment to his bosses in order to kiss their asses and get a promotion.

… I’m sorry, I’m at the stage of tired-ness when you just can’t think straight. It is a great movie though with some fantastic acting and such a great storyline. The main male character is such a sweetheart and the ending is great because it leaves it open so the audience can decide what happens to him, his love interest and his life.

Too. Tired. Head. Dropping onto desk. Eyelids. So heavy. Just trust me, it’s a lovely movie that I think you should see, it’s a lot better than the majority of the crap that’s on in the cinema these days [except Toy Story 3, obviously].





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