2001: A Space Odyssey

I’m sorry! I watched the first 51 minutes of this film 10 days ago and have only just found the time to watch the rest of it. Please forgive my short and vague review, I’m so tired as I’ve been going nonstop for over 10 of theme parks and shopping. I know this may sound like a luxury [and I’m so grateful that I can do it and that I’ve been able to be with my great friend Laura and my cousins] but its a whoooooole lot of walking and waking up early and going to be late. What I’m trying to say is that I AM TOO FREAKING TIRED TO WRITE A PROPER, LONG REVIEW!!!

Basically, this film will be incredibly boring to you if you have a short attention span and don’t feel like you can appreciate good cinematography. There are incredibly long shots [some lasting 5 minutes without any editing or even music] with little sound and little dialogue. I really loved watching it because I kept trying to figure out how they made it look like they were defying gravity and how they were walking everywhere and on the walls and stuff. Its just fantastic cinematography that makes you truly believe they are in space.

I loved the ape start, absolutely loved it and thought it was beyond perfect. It kind of went down hill a little from then but I slowly started to learn how to appreciate the style of this movie. Like I said, if you want a movie with something new every second, go watch Die Hard.

The music is amazing, even though there is little of it. It is music that everyone knows but not everyone knows it is from this movie. There are two pieces of music in particular that are very famous. I don’t know what they’re called, I’m sure MoviesAndSongs365 will know. Anyways, both pieces I have witnessed in mainly parodies. I remember one piece from Toy Story [it was something for Buzz] and another in The Simpsons when Homer is in space and he eats the crisps in time with the music. It is incredibly iconic music which is the biggest sign of an amazing composer.

The acting isn’t that great and its kind of poorly scripted but you manage to ignore it.

Erm… yeah, I’m going to leave it at that as my mind just went to mush. I decided to watch this and have only 10 films to watch until I’m back on track. I WAS going to watch A Very Potter Sequel which I’ve been dying to watch for months but I thought this is a little more important… though this challenge and a YouTube show aren’t that important but whatever ^_^



PS: The voice of HAL sounds like Frank from Donnie Darko! Its so weird and slightly disorientating!!


OMG! OK, I admit it that I wrote this review with just over 50 minutes left of the movie to go and now it just got OMG so interesting!!! The computer that runs the spacecraft has a mind of its own!!!!!!! It knows its gonna be shut down and now its going to kill them both!!!! Why did it take so long to get incredibly interesting?!!?

OMG!!! I recognize the whole ‘computer talks to Dave as he tries to shut the computer off’!!! South Park did it when Cartman got the Dawson’s Creek trapper keeper!!! I love it that I now understand or recognize references to these movies in things I’ve seen before!! So cool!

…A star baby? Really? I’m so confused…


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