To be honest, I didn’t like this movie until the last 40 or so minutes, then I REALLY didn’t like it. I think its an age thing. I think I’m too young, immature and naive to care about the plot or understand/like the genre of film noir.

I can appreciate the cinematography which was brilliant throughout and had me taking mental notes for my own future films. I loved that no one was ever in the center of the screen, there were different angles, long shots to close ups in one take and so on. It was superbly shot, is what I’m trying to say.

The plot bored me because I don’t care about water [think I’ll care once I have to pay the water bills!] and found myself not caring about who killed the guy. It was too slow for my 2010 mind.

Jack Nicholson is probably the only reason I didn’t fall asleep entirely, though I’ve seen him in far better roles. Also, his chemistry with Faye Dunaway was amazing.

It started to go downhill when it was revealed who the father of Catherine was and it was all ‘ewwww!’ and then Dunaway got shot in the eye which was gross and the grandfather took Catherine and both me and mum were like ‘noooooo!!! Someone stop him!!!’ and Nicholson just walked away! Crap ending. Sad ending.

Sorry if you think this movie is a classic as I’m sure most people do but I personally didn’t. If you’re a teen, I’d recommend you wait a little longer before you watch this. Adults, feel free.



PS: I’m 1 film ahead of schedule! Hurrah! I’m volunteering tomorrow for over 8 hours so I don’t know if I’ll feel up to watching and reviewing a film after that but we’ll see! Also, I want to be ahead as my good friend Laura is flying over from England Sunday afternoon and I doubt she’ll want to spend time whilst she’s here watching films with me.


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