The Godfather Part II

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I didn’t like this movie. Well, I liked 1/3 of it and its only the 1/3 that involved Robert De Niro.

There are two storylines, storyline A is Al Pacino as the new Godfather and his ‘problems’, storyline B is Robert De Niro as Al Pacino’s dad, Vito, and how he ‘rose to power’. I cared nothing for storyline A. I didn’t give a damn and it bored me. There was too little of storyline B, and it was the only storyline I cared about. I really wanted to know how Vito went from his family being murdered by a Don to becoming a Don himself; how did he become something he hates? That’s what’s interesting, not who tried to kill Michael [Pacino]. Well, that’s my opinion anyways and I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who completely disagree with me but everyone to their own opinion.

The beginning is sad and I found my eyes welling up with tears, even without knowing the family who are being killed. They clearly love each other and don’t look like they have a bad bone in them. It’s a beginning that really shows that once someone crosses the Mafia, everyone suffers. I cheered when little Vito runs away and escapes to America with a bunch of other people on a boat. They all look at the Statue of Liberty [which has my brother’s birthday on it >.<] and, to these people, it is the pure sign of freedom. Vito’s family is murdered, some in front of his eyes, he moves to a different country and then gets smallpox. I think he’s one of the rare people who can say ‘FML’ [f*** my life, to you old people ^_^].

The lighting in this movie is great, especially during storyline A [I’m going to keep referring to it like this, just so you know]. Most of the scenes Michael’s in are very dark, with little light, which [in my opinion] is a metaphor to what Michael does.

This is a silly note but you should all know by now that I adore babies. There’s a cute shot where Vito’s baby is sitting on the new carpet and he’s crying his eyes out and throws himself on the floor. Don’t you just find it adorably funny when babies throw hissy fits!

Zzzzzzzzzzzz… oops, sorry! 1.42mark and I fell asleep. Yes. That’s right. I fell asleep. I think it was only 8.30pm as well and I normally don’t sleep till 1 or 2am. I think that’s a sign that storyline A truly bored me. I’m sorry, its probably because I haven’t seen the first Godfather [that’s my last film of this challenge] or something like that but I just didn’t like it! *runs away from Godfather fans*

Grrrrr! The Don in storyline B pisses me off!!! He’s just a big bully!! And he’s supposed to be a Christian?! I doubt there is anything in the Bible that says bully people into giving you money to ‘protect them’ from yourself. He get’s his comeuppance when Vito kills him. And its actually a very funny death but I think I may just have a cruel sense of humor. Vito becomes the Don but he’s done it in such a way that is almost dignified. He helps people, he’s great with words… he’s almost like a superhero because people come to him for help from bad people [even if, at this early stage, its just bad landlords].

I thought it was very good to show that the Corleone family [storyline A] are under investigation, it makes it more realistic. There’s no way you can be the head of a Mafia and not be under investigation. However, its incredibly clever how its done because Michael is never fully involved, he just gives orders through other people.

The guy who plays Fredo looks a lot like De Niro so great casting there! To be honest, there is one good thing about the whole movie and that is that there wasn’t a single bad actor in it. I don’t think De Niro deserved an Oscar for this role because he was hardly in the movie but what he did do was brilliant but I think that’s because I’m a little biased as I’m a De Niro fan!

“I don’t want anything to happen to him, not while mother’s alive.” This is a line, if you’re watching it for the first time, that will stick in your head. It’s a deadly line. He’s showing compassion but at the same time, he’s really not. Then when the mum does die and you see Fredo on the boat with one of Michael’s hitmen you remember that line… then you see a montage of other people’s assignations and suicides and you just know what’s going to happen. That’s some great editing right there and the only good part about storyline A. Actually, no, that’s a lie. I also liked the fact that Michael’s wife, Kay, had an abortion. Now that is one hell of a plot point to put in a Mafia film where family is everything. As soon as Kay says it was an abortion, not a miscarriage, I got really tense and couldn’t keep my eyes off Michael who you could see was on the verge of going mental. You don’t ‘kill off’ the Godfather’s unborn son. Oooooo that’s just bound to make him go ape.

I think this film has one of my favourite movie deaths in it. Vito [storyline B] finds the man who murdered his family, Don Ciccio. He stabs him and moves the blade across his chest. I, too, actually found myself feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was like “woooooow, good one!”

The parallel between storylines A & B were good because it showed that Vito went into the ‘business’ for the right reasons and for good, Michael just does it because… well, actually, I don’t know why he does it. Vito always kept his family together and family always came first, Michael drives his family away [to the point of the abortion].

Ending is crap. Yes, it shows the true different between his father and himself [one has family, the other doesn’t] but it left me going “what?! That’s it?! Bullcrap.”

I’ve seen a few snippets of reviews for this film from other people and I know its considered an extraordinary film. I’m fully prepared to go into the witness protection program.




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