Batman Returns

I’m going to review this ‘live’, meaning I’ll be reviewing it as I watch it because I probably won’t have time tonight to write the review as its my brother’s birthday and we’re going out to see the 4th July fireworks.

This is the first time I’ve seen this movie so bare with me, lol. I might be shocked or ask questions that people who’ve seen the film will know about.

  • OH NO! That poor baby! Oh… wait… he’s a mental baby. Still feel bad that the parents chucked him into the river/stream/sewage system! Now, who is this baby? Is it going to be the villain of this movie? Or is it, in fact, Batman?! We don’t know! Ohhhhh, its the villain!!! I think I’d become a villain too if I had been dumped in the sewer by my [so-called] parents!
  • The music is done by none other than Danny Elfman who does practically all of Tim Burton’s films so the music alone makes me all giddy because its one of the many signs of a Burton film and Burton films are always awesome!
  • Aw! Its Christmas!! Damn it! Now I wish it were December!!!
  • Oh. My. God. Christopher Walken looks AWESOME! I just love the hair!! And his eyes are a gorgeous green!!
  • Aw! Poor Michelle Pfeiffer! Talked down to and mocked by the male staff. No wonder she turns too… or is Catwoman good? I don’t know… *shameful*
  • OMG its Achmed the Dead Terrorist! On motorcycles!!
  • Batman just stands up with the Batsignal behind him and he looks cool but also goofy. I don’t know whether its meant to… I suppose the TV and comics were goofy so Burton has to keep some of the goofy-ness in it but also make it look so cool which is what Burton does best! Little example, when that evil devil minion is blowing/breathing fire, Batman just turns the Batmobile around and blasts him with the jet engines!
  • Wow. Danny DeVito as the Penguin is fantastic. Villains must be such fun to play because you can completely engross yourself in them and that’s exactly what DeVito does. All I see is the villain, I don’t see the actor once! Suppose his penguin make-up helps as well. Its amazing how they make him look penguin but in a human way, incredibly clever! The nose, the sunken eyes, the teeth, and even his walk! However, I do find walking penguins hilarious so I do chuckle when he walks.
  • … really?! The cat bites her finger and she becomes Catwoman!? Pfeiffer does make a good ‘just-been-killed-but-now-I’m-turning-into-a-crazy-catwoman’. The make-up is great and her actions and everything!
  • Why do nerds make sexy superheroes? I would actually say that Catwom’s suit is sexier than Wonderwoman… probably because it shows nothing but shows everything! And Pfeiffer has gorgeous eyes, you need that for a female in a mask.
  • Batman, I’m sorry to say, is a boring superhero. I’ve found myself, whilst watching most Batman movies, that I’m far more interested in the villains than Batman. He just bores me tirelessly.
  • Haha! He’s a horny penguin…
  • There may be more to this review as I’m only at the 1hr15min mark [have to leave for parade & fireworks], just so you know!!!

  • I hate the Batman/Catwoman love thing, its too forced. Plus, Pfeiffer is giving all the energy and chemistry but Michael Keaten is just blunt, but I think that’s more Batman’s fault.
  • The Penguin is making a speech about being mayor and bad stuff happens so the crowd suddenly start throwing food at him. “Why is their always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?” LMAO! OMG loves it!
  • Its a Masquerade Ball and Batman & Catwoman are the only ones not wearing masks! I love it!!
  • HAHA! The Penguin is trying to be menacing but you can’t be menacing saying “ok… get in the duck!” Its a shame that this movie has only started to make me truly laugh out loud in the last 26 minutes.
  • I think the Penguin is probably one of the worst villains ever, purely because I think there is nothing worse than harming children. He plans to kidnap the first born sons of families and drown them, it makes me sick to my stomach!
  • Evilness is represented in two ways; penguins and the circus. I can see why the circus would be evil and terrifying but penguins? Really? They’re the cutest things ever, even with rockets strapped to their backs in order to kill kids. The penguin army does seem to be scraping the barrel a little. I suppose that’s what its supposed to be like because The Penguin is at his wits end because nothing is going his way.
  • What the hell?!?! He took his mask off?!?!?! Batman doesn’t do that!!!
  • I don’t think Christopher Walken deserved to die! He was bad but he wasn’t totally bad.
  • 184/212



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